7 Best 165hz Monitors

In the grand world of gaming, speed is everything. The last thing you want while deep in an intense video game is your screen stuttering or refreshing at a super low-speed rate.

It ruins the game and could cause you to lose your shot. Not only that, stuttering, flickering and blurring of the screen can cause strain to the eyes.

It isn’t easy picking out a monitor because there are many factors that play into it. Each monitor is best for certain gaming needs so choosing the first one you see is not ideal.

If you are someone who plays speedy games such as sports, racing, first-person shooter and any other fast-action games, you should definitely look into monitors that have a fast refresh rate.

A monitor with 144hz is a very standard option for many gamers, but if you are on the hunt for a new monitor, why not get one with 165hz capabilities? It offers 21 extra frames per second compared to a monitor that is 144hz.

Is it a major difference? Not exactly, though it wouldn’t hurt to have a bit more speed for your gaming purposes. Here are the 7 best 165hz monitors that we chose after hours of research.

  1. AOC C24G1A
  3. Scepter IPS E248B-FPT168
  4. ASUS VG278QR
  5. AOC CQ32G2S
  6. Acer Nitro XFA240Q
  7. ViewSonic VX2718

7 Best 165hz Monitors

1. AOC C24G1A

A curved monitor brings benefits when compared to a flat monitor. With curved monitors, you are able to see the entire screen without having to shift your focus to all parts of the screen.

This screen by AOC is a 24” curved monitor with a nearly frameless design. Three sides of the monitor have an ultra-thin bezel to give more screen space.

With full HD properties and a 1ms response time, you will get an amazing image with fast speed. FreeSync Premium technology aids in removing all stutters or screen tearing to give you one less worry.

Additionally, AOC adds LowBlue Mode to reduce the blue light that can affect and damage the eyes.

This monitor is sleek and has awesome adjustability with height, swivel and tilt. Adjust your monitor to fit your comfy position and play for hours on this AOC monitor.


ASUS brings us another curved monitor that measures 23.6” with full HD properties. The 1ms response time teams up with Extreme Low Motion Blur (ELMB) technology to eliminate ghosting for sharp gaming visuals.

No screen tearing or choppy frame rates thanks to the FreeSync Premium technology that ASUS provides.

With 1500R, not only will you get stunning visuals, you will be immersed and entirely captivated with your gaming experience.

With shadow boost, dark areas will be enhanced and you will be able to see what is in the shadows.

There are 4 different filter settings to control blue light and protect the eyes. No smearing, no motion blur or distortion on this amazing monitor. All of these factors will give you an amazing gaming experience.

3 Sceptre IPS E248B-FPT168

Get top color performance as well as sharp visibility from multiple viewing angles with this Sceptre monitor.

It is a flat 24” with full HD properties to give you great image quality and no blurred images. A

MD FreeSync technology gives you smooth video as well as seamless on-the-spot movement, perfect for the fast-paced games that go well with a 165 Hz monitor.

This monitor helps protect the eyes from fatigue, strain and irritation thanks to the Blue Light Shift technology. A unique feature of this monitor is that it comes with speakers!

They are only office level so they work great for online work calls but might not be the best for gaming.

On the other hand, don’t let that stop you from getting this monitor that will give you a crisp image and stunning color.


If you want great sound, great image quality and speedy fast refresh rate, this monitor is what you are looking for. It is a 27” monitor by ASUS that has full HD qualities and has stereo 2W speakers.

The speakers work great and you wont need to buy any extra speakers to get more sound which is a great money-saver.

This monitor also has an astonishing 0.5 ms response! The input lag is super slow thanks to GameFast Input technology.

You’ll get fast motion delivery and you will be up to speed with the action within the game to respond when needed.

This monitor will not give you issues with screen tearing or choppy frame rates, no ghosting or motion blur but you will definitely get seamless visuals and smooth gameplay.

An awesome addition to this monitor is a unique air vent that will give you minimal noise so that you can focus on your gameplay.

For extra comfort, this monitor comes with swivel, tilt, height and pivot adjustments.

This monitor also has smart cable management to organize and hold cables so that they won’t get in the way.


This monitor is the biggest on this list at 32”. It is a curved monitor and is frameless to give the max amount of screen possible.

This monitor offers QHD which is 4x the definition of the standard 720p.

You can only imagine the sharp quality this monitor has when compared to the other full HD monitors on this list!

Additionally, it has a fast response time at 1ms. Images are brilliant and colors are accurately presented since this monitor has 120% of sRGB gamut area coverage.

The contrast is high and vibrant so you will get deeper blacks and brighter colors. This will allow you to see more details within the dark and shadowy areas.

The AMD FreeSync Premium technology that is integrated into this monitor will ensure that GPU and the refresh rates of the monitor are in sync to provide fluid gaming with the highest performance.

Amazingly, you will get 178 degrees of viewing angle thanks to the advanced VA technology.

You will definitely be amongst the center of the action with this monitor while receiving superior picture quality, sharp imagery and the absolute finest details.

6 Acer Nitro XFA240Q

Get perfect picture quality, stunning lifelike images and amazing details that’ll make games more exciting and movies cinematic.

This monitor by Acer is a full HD monitor that measures 23.6”. It comes with a feature called Acer Game Mode.

This is different display modes to optimize visual based on what you are viewing.

For example, it has display modes for Action, Racing, Sport, User, Standard, ECO, Graphic and Movie. This is pretty neat and isn’t common with all monitors.

With AMD Radeon FreeSync technology, the game’s frame rate is dependent on your graphics card and not on the fixed refresh rate of the monitor itself.

This gives you a serious competitive edge. Enjoy your time gaming with these cool features as well as smooth motion scenes with none of the annoying effects of smearing or ghosting.

7 ViewSonic VX2718-2KPC-MHD

This last monitor is another that delivers amazing quality. It is a WQHD 27” monitor by the company ViewSonic. It has an immersive 1500R curved viewing to put you at the center of all the action.

You’ll get panoramic images, vivid colors and incredible details, all with ultra smooth gameplay.

Flicker-Free technology teams up with Blue Light Filter technology to give comfort while viewing, especially when gaming for multiple hours.

There are several visual modes that you can customize to fit your viewing needs. You will not experience and screen tearing, stuttering, distortion or stretching.

Stereo speakers are also integrated with this monitor which takes away the extra purchase of another set of speakers.

You truly can’t go wrong with this monitor since it has amazing quality, integrated speakers and even extra protection for the eyes.

Final Thought

Don’t pass up the importance of monitor refresh rate if you are a gamer, especially a professional gamer.

Nobody wants the upsetting occasion when the refresh rate or lag causes you to miss your shot.

Why suffer screen tearing, blurs, ghosting or stuttering when you can invest in a monitor like any of the ones listed above. All those annoyances take the joy out of gaming.

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