3 Ways to Connect Samsung Soundbar To Tv

The Samsung soundbar optimizes your TV experience by giving you an unending sequence of impressive sounds to compliment the great pictures displaying on the screen.

These soundbars are easy to set up. There are several ways to connect the Samsung soundbar to Television. It is essential to know that all the methods for connecting it to the TV are straightforward and would not need any pro-grade tool to achieve.

However, specific methods have proven to offer superior sound output than others.

If you are a bit confused about connecting your Samsung soundbar to the TV, or you simply can’t decide which method is the best for you, let’s help you take that confusion away. We will highlight three ways you can connect the soundbar to television.

3 Ways To Connect Samsung Soundbar To Tv

  • Connect with HDMI
  • Connect with Optical Cable
  • Connect with Aux Cable

1. Connect Using HDMI

One of the best ways you can connect your Samsung soundbar to the TV is by using an HDMI cable. Virtually all new home entertainment devices that can be connected have a designated port for HDMI connection.

When you connect the soundbar to the TV using the HDMI cable, it gives a better sound quality because audios are digitally transmitted with HDMI.

For better audio output, you should connect an external device to the Soundbar. You can connect a Blue-ray player. And you can use an Audio Return Channel (ARC)

Follow these simple steps to connect:

Step One

First, you should turn off the two devices to be connected. Grab the HDMI cord. Usually, they come with a new soundbar, so you don’t have to buy one. However, it doesn’t cost much to get one if your soundbar doesn’t have HDMI cables.

Step Two

Connect one side of the HDMI cable to the In-port of your television, and the other side of the cable should be connected to the out-port of the soundbar.

Step Three

Connect another HDMI cable to the external device. Connect one end of the cable to the In-port of the device and connect the other end to the Out-port of the Soundbar.

Step Four

Switch on the Samsung soundbar and the external device. Press and hold the source button on the soundbar until HDMI display. After that, you can switch on the TV and change its source to HDMI.

Step Five

If you have gotten it right to this point, your TV will transmit images from the external device while you will have great sounds blasting out from the soundbar.

2. Connect Soundbar With Optical Cable

The optical cable is quite synonymous with the use of HDMI cable. It is, however, an improved version of using the HDMI cable. With an Optical cable, sounds are transmitted digitally, eliminating every form of interference. You will hear every detail of sound as it transmits from the content you see on the screen.

It also allows you to connect to other external devices like cable boxes, Blue-ray players, and many others. Follow these simple steps to connect

Step One

Turn on the television and soundbar. Grab the optical cable, plug one end of the cable to the Optical Out port on the TV, and the other end be connected to the Digital Out port on the soundbar

Step Two

Change the source of the soundbar. Press the source button on the Soundbar, change the settings to D.IN.

Step Three

Change the speaker output on the TV to external speakers. Scroll the TV settings, click Up on the navigation buttons to check Quick settings. Scroll to TV Speaker, change it to Optical external speakers.

Step Four

If you have done the right thing, the sound from Television will be transmitted through the soundbar.

3. Connect Using Aux Cable

One of the oldest and conventional means of connecting a soundbar to the TV is using an Auxiliary cable. Although this method will give you good sound quality, it is nothing compared to the output when using HDMI or Optical Cable. Sound is usually transmitted using analog means. Nevertheless, it is still a suitable means of connecting soundbar to TV.

Follow these simple steps to connect.

Step One

Switch on the TV and Samsung Soundbar. Connect one end of the auxiliary cable to the Aux In Jack on the Soundbar. Connect the other end of the cable to the Audio Out jack of the TV.

Step Two

Change the source settings on the Soundbar. Press the source button on the soundbar, change it to Aux mode. Sound will from the TV be transmitted through the soundbar.

Take Away

Connecting a Samsung Soundbar to the television has never been easier with the methods explained in this blog. For best sound output, we suggest the use of an Optical Cable.

You should find the cable in the box of your newly purchased Samsung soundbar, and if not, you can easily buy one. These cables are sold for reasonable prices that won’t leave a hole in your pocket.

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