10 Best 49 Inch TVs

TVs are almost essential to every home, but in this case, 49 inch TVs are what we’re going to be looking at within this blog. Known as one of the most popular sizes, getting a 49 inch TV can be a good investment.

But what are the best models on the market? That’s what we’re going to be covering below, so stay tuned!

10 Best 49 Inch TVs


Pros: Clear resolution, many hook-ups for various cords.

Cons: Warranty and display have had some issues in past purchases

This TCL smart TV is one of the best 49 inch tv’s that you can get. It comes in a 4K resolution, meaning that all the images that you see will look crisp and clear. 

Along with that, it is also a Roku smart TV, meaning that you will be able to use all the smart features that roke offers such as screencasting from your phone. It also comes with a variety of inputs, most notably Ethernet, USB ports, HDMI, and audio output.

This means you can hook up your favorite devices onto it, have lightning-quick internet access, and use your favorite audio products such as soundbars with this TV.

Finally, this TV has support for all our favorite streaming services, such as Netflix, Pandora, and Amazon Video, so you can easily watch your favorite shows with the push of a button. Overall, it is a great option for a 4k TV.


Pros: Clear resolution, many hook-ups for various cords, high color accuracy.

Cons: Warranty and display have had some issues in past purchases

Next on our list is the Samsung 49-inch class QLED TV. This TV has a 4k UHD screen, direct full array 8x, quantum HDR 8x, and a Quantum 4K Processor.

This means that with its full array screen, you’ll be able to see images super clearly, especially with the blacks and whites, and the TV can use powerful AI to transform any video into crisp 4K.

This TV also has 100% color volume, so every color you see on the screen will seem just like that in real life. The TV also has an ambient mode whereafter it is idle, it will show captivating visuals that are appealing to the eye.

This TV goes is a bit expensive, but it is definitely worth it will all its smart features.

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3. Furrion Aurora Partial Sun Series 49-Inch

Pros: 4K resolution, made for the outdoors, auto-brightness, weatherproof.

Cons: Price. Warranty and display have had some issues in past purchases

The next TV on our list is Furrion Aurora’s Partial Sun Series 49-Inch. This TV features a 4k resolution, UHD LED, and Brightness control. What really stands out about this TV is what it was made for.

This TV was specially designed to be used outdoors, and as such, it contains features such as weatherproof and brightness control. Brightness control is extremely necessary for an outdoor TV. When the sun is shining directly at you and the TV, it will make it extremely hard to watch if the TV is at low light.

However, since the TV has auto-Brightness Control, you don’t have to worry about not being able to see it. With that being said, the TV is the most expensive one on our list. However, if you want a TV for the outdoors, spending the extra buck for this one is well worth it.


Pros: Outdoorsmart TV, high brightness, 4K resolution

Cons: High price.

Next, we have Kuvasion’s 49 inch outdoor TV size. This TV is specifically designed for outdoor use, with a screen that can reach 1500 nits, built-in speakers, and wifi.

This TV also holds a 4k display ensuring any video that comes onto the screen is crystal clear. Its screen will auto-adjust the brightness from 500-1500 nits, making sure you can see it at any time of the day. It also has anti-glare technology so you can see the screen from any angle.

It also has Netflix, Youtube, and screencast built in so you can stream your favorite shows or movies from the push of a button. This TV is one of the pricier ones on our list, however, it offers features that are perfect if you want to watch it outdoors.

5. Sony X800H 49-INCH TV

Pros: 4K resolution, high color accuracy, Smart TV

Cons: Have been issues in the past about its software and build quality.

Next is Sony’s X800H 49-inch TV. This TV comes in 4k, giving the best viewing experience to anyone watching. It also has a 49 HDR Processor X1, meaning anything you watch will be in 4k without looking blurry. This TV also offers a Game Mode.

As the name implies, this mode was specifically designed with gamers in mind, offering the smoothest and most responsive gaming experience.

This TV also offers many smart features, such as Google assistant, Alexa, apple airplay 2, and home kit support. Now you can use your favorite voice assistants, screencast any video you want, and use your TV for your smart home features.

This TV also has HDR and Dolby Vision giving it some of the most vibrant colors on the screen. This TV is one of the most competitive for its price and among the best tvs for your home.


Pros: Beautiful screen with 4K resolution. Clean cable design.

Cons: High price for a 4K TV

Next on our list is Samsung’s 49 inch flat screen TV. This TV features a QLED 4K UHD screen, meaning all the colors on the screen will pop out and catch your eye, while everything on the screen looks crisp and crystal clear.

This TV has also been designed with the user in mind, allowing you to have a clean cable solution, free from all the clutter. With its 60 hertz screen, and 4K resolution, any image that comes on will look stunning and clear.

At the price, you’re getting a flat screen TV with many smart features and stunning visuals.

7. SONY X950H 49-INCH TV

Pros: 4K resolution, updated hardware, beautiful colors.

Cons: High cost compared to its predecessor. Have been issues regarding dark colors on the screen looking bad.

Next is Sony’s X950H 49-inch TV. This is the updated model of the X800H, and it offers many updated features. This TV features an updated Picture Processor X1 Ultimate.

This processor allows even better color, contrast, and clarity, making anything on the screen seem realistic.

Like its predecessor, it has many smart features such as game mode, Google Assistant, Alexa, Apple airplay, and homekit support. This means this TV is ready to game on, stream on, and supports all your smart home features.

It also features a Triluminos Display and Full Array LED meaning that you’ll see just what the creator wanted, along with dynamic contrasts. All of this comes at an affordable cost, which may not seem worth it at first, especially since its predecessor is about $300 less.

However, this TV offers many new features that make it well worth it. Its updated processor allows for more accurate and faster images.

8. TCL 49 INCH 1080P LED TV

Pros: Great viewing experience for the average consumer, lots of ports and smart features.

Cons: Only a 1080p screen, which at the price, there are tonnes of 4K TVs.

Next we have TCL again, but this time with a 1080p TV. Similar to the 4K TV before, this TV has many of the same features, such as easy voice controls, smart functionality, and lots of inputs.

These voice controls are compatible with all our favorite assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing you to find your favorite movies, change channels, and switch inputs with your voice.

Along with that, it has a 1080p Full HD screen, allowing for excellent videos with clear colors and contrast. It has many forms of inputs, with 3 HDMI ports, a USB, and a headphone jack.

This means you can hook up all your favorite devices. At the price, this TV is definitely one of the best TV’s you can get, especially on a budget.

Although you’re missing out on 4k, you will still get an excellent viewing experience. If you don’t care about a 4K display, this TV is definitely the one for you.

9. Furrion Aurora-Full Shade Series

Pros: 4K TV, made for the outdoors, weatherproof, auto-brightness.

Cons: High cost for a TV, and must be put under full shade to use well.

The Furrion Aurora-Full Shade Series is similar to the partial shade series, however as the name implies, this is designed for the shade. Because of this, this has a much lower brightness at 350 nits.

This TV features a 4K UHD screen with built-in speakers so it is ready to go out of the box. Its anti-glare technology allows for optimal viewing at any angle.

Like the partial shade, it is weatherproof, and so it can withstand any weather condition, from rain to snow. It can also deal with all temperatures, from extreme heat to sub-zero temperatures.

It also has an auto-brightness control so you don’t need to worry about changing the brightness. This TV is one of the cheaper outdoor TVs, however, it is worth noting that without a place that has shade to put this, it will be very hard to see the screen.


Pros: 4K resolution, dynamic contrasts in colors, Dolby sound.

Cons: Very expensive TV especially since competitors offer similarly specced ones.

The final TV on the list is the Samsung Q70 Series. This TV has some of the best image quality on the market, producing some vibrant blacks and bright colors. It also has a high image accuracy, great video processing, and a thin design that is better than many other TVs on the market.

This TV features a flat QLED 4K UHD HDR screen, giving it one of the best viewing experiences. This also features a Dolby Sound and Woofer, so you will have an excellent listening experience. Powered by Quantum dots, this TV offers over a billion shades of colors and 100% color volume, making the most out of 4K.

This TV goes for around feature-packed for its price and size especially compared to other TVs. However, there are also some drawbacks as there are many cheaper solutions from TCL and Vizio that have similar specs.

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