5 Ways to Activate Hulu on Your TV

Hulu is a major streaming platform that offers a robust library of on-demand movies, shows through different channels. Viewers can access thousands of shows and movies on Hulu through Tv, Laptops, mobile devices, gaming consoles, etc. 

But how do you successfully activate Hulu on your TV? Although most people find it difficult to activate Hulu on their TV, it is a hassle-free process. This article will be recommending ways to activate Hulu on your TV.

Hulu Streaming Service

Hulu’s streaming service has over 50 channels available to subscribers. Although it is a paid service, however, users have access to a seven-day free trial.

This free trial is to get potential subscribers to experience Hulu before committing their funds towards a plan. 

You can use several ways to activate Hulu on your TV, with or without an internet connection.

Some of these ways include connecting your device through an HDMI cable, using a smart TV, casting your device, etc.

Five Ways to Activate Hulu on Your Tv

Below are five ways you can activate Hulu on your TV:

Smart TVs are high-tech gadgets that run on an operating system that automatically connects to WiFi or Ethernet networks.

1. Activate Hulu on a Smart TV

With this access, users can access, manage and watch online content from Hulu or other services.

It is easy to activate Hulu on a Smart TV as most Smart TVs have built-in applications like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc., in their hard drive.

This feature makes activation hassle-free. However, if your TV does not come with Hulu, you can download the app.

 Below is a guide on how to go about it:

  • Press the Home button of your TV remote to access the home page
  • Click on Apps
  • Search for Hulu using the search bar (check upper-right corner of the screen)
  • Proceed to install the Hulu app following the on-screen prompts
  • Then launch the Hulu app
  • Click and enter your login details on login on the welcome screen
  • Select “Activate on a Computer”
  • Your screen will show an Activation code
  • Go to hulu.com/activate
  • Login if required
  • Input the Hulu activation code displayed on the TV screen
  • A login process will start automatically 
  • Click on your Hulu profile from the list
  • Start streaming

2. Activate Hulu on an Apple TV

You can access Hulu on Apple TV if you have a Hulu subscription. Although you must complete your account setup before logging in to Hulu.

Alternatively, you can use an activation code instead of logging in with your credentials. Below are the steps on how to go about it:

  • Launch Hulu on your Apple TV
  • Click on login on the home screen
  • Select “activate on your device” – phone, laptop, computer
  • The next screen will show an activation code
  • Go to hulu.com/activate 
  • Enter the activation code
  • The account will be automatically logged in
  • Choose your profile from the available list
  • Start streaming

3. Activate Hulu on Roku

Activating Hulu on Roku is relatively easy. Below is a guide on how to go about it:

  • Add Hulu to your Roku device – click on the Add Channel button
  • Click and open the Hulu channel
  • Select “activate on your computer”
  • Go to hulu.com/activate 
  • Enter the Hulu activation code on Roku
  • Click on continue
  • Hulu will automatically activate on your Roku
  • Select your profile and start streaming

4. Activate Hulu on Samsung TV

Samsung has a different range of smart TVs, and whenever you need to stream on Hulu, you must enter an activation code.

Below is how to activate Hulu on Samsung TV:

  • Click on the Home Button on the Samsung TV
  • Navigate to the channels menu
  • Search for Hulu application
  • Download and install the Hulu app 
  • Navigate back to the channels menu
  • Click on the Hulu app to generate an activation code
  • Sign in to your Hulu account
  • Select your Samsung device 
  • Sign in and continue
  • Choose your profile and start streaming

5. Activate Hulu on Chromecast

There is no native app for streaming Hulu to your Chromecast. However, you can cast Hulu from a mobile device to your Chromecast. Below is how to go about it:

  • Open the Hulu app on your mobile device
  • Play the movie/show you want to stream
  • Click on the Chromecast icon at the top of the screen
  • Then select your Chromecast device to cast your streaming to your TV

Managing Hulu Activated Devices

Hulu allows users to activate multiple devices on their Hulu account. Users can manage the connected devices – viewing their details, removing and adding devices.

You can remove a Hulu account you are not using by following the steps below:

  • Go to hulu.com/activate and log in to your account
  • Navigate to the Your Account section 
  • Click on the manage your device option
  • The list of all connected devices on the Hulu account will pop up on the screen.
  • Click on the remove option to remove a device


As mentioned above, activating Hulu on TVs is relatively easy. You can follow the steps mentioned above to activate Hulu on your TV.

However, before activating Hulu on your TV, ensure that your device is connected to an active internet connection. Also, verify that the device supports Hulu’s services.

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