3 Ways to Add Apps to Vizio Smart TV

While it is very easy to install a new application on smartphones, adding a new app on a Smart TV is not as simple. What is the essence of a Smart TV that doesn’t allow you to enjoy some of its most essential features simply because you can’t install a new app?

Vizio TV is one of the top choices for lovers of Smart TV. Besides producing some of the most gigantic television sizes that thrill users, Vizio also ensures that their television offers impressive picture quality, all at an affordable price.

Adding a new app on Vizio Smart TV can be done in three different ways. This is because there are three types of Vizio Smart TVs, and each one has its unique method of app installation.

The three types of Vizio Smart TV include Smartcast TV, VIA TV, and VIA+ TV. Each of these Vizio makes has unique ways of installing new apps to give you a more upgraded user experience.

1. How to Add App on Vizio Smartcast TV

Smartcast is a feature that expends a breakthrough in technology. It allows users to view content on their TV with the aid of their smartphones.

A TV that has a built-in Chromecast feature makes it very easy for owners of Smart TV to enjoy new apps on their television by casting their smartphones with the tv.

Here are the steps to add an app to your Vizio Smartcast TV:

Step One

Use your mobile phone to download the app ‘Chromecast’ for casting on the television. The good thing about this is that both Android and iOS users can enjoy this feature.

If you are an Android user, visit the play store on your phone and download the Chromecast app. iOS users can visit Apple App Store to download the application.

Step Two

You must ensure you verify if the app you are about to download enables Chromecast. It is important to note that not all mobile applications enable Chromecast. This means not all smartphones or iPhone app can be cast on the television.

If the app you are about to download is not Chromecast enabled, you might need to change the app or try using another option.

Step Three

Once you have found the app and confirmed that it enables Chromecast, click on the download button to install the app on your mobile phone.

Step Four

Once the app has been successfully downloaded, launch the app on your mobile phone. When the application is opened, click on the cast option. This option is usually on the top side of the screen.

The cast option is quite synonymous with Bluetooth connection between phones.

Your mobile phone will pair with the Smart TV to cast the screen and have everything on your mobile phone displayed on your gigantic Vizio television.

Next, open the app and then tap on the cast option, which will likely be at your mobile top side screen. When you click on the cast option, you can watch all the latest movie stuff or television shows on your Vizio Smart TV.

2. How To Add App on Vizio VIA TV

If your Vizio TV is built with VIA, you will have very little trouble downloading new apps on your Smart TV.

VIA is more like an Android-based device that allows you to download different types of an application directly from the Google play store.

Here are the steps to add an app to your Vizio VIA TV:

Step One

You will need the remote to the television to access this option. Grab the remote and click on the V button (as pictured below). It will take you to the app home menu.

Step Two

When you click on the V button, you will be taken to the app’s home menu. From this menu, you can select from the wide range of available categories.

Click on the category that carries the app you want to download. This category section makes your search easier.

Step Three

Once you locate the app you want to download on your Vizio TV, click on the OK button to install your Smart TV application.

Step Four

By now, the download should have been completed. Just like on your smartphone, you would need to launch the app. Click on the My Apps list to locate the app and launch it.

Add app to vizio tv

3. How To Add App on Vizio VIA Plus

If your Vizio Smart TV is VIA Plus powered, adding new apps on the TV is quite different from VIA-enabled television.

Unlike the Android-like play store that VIA uses to download applications, Vizio Smart TVs use VIA Plus Power to download applications from VIA plus apps window. If you are still wondering how to go about it, here is a guide:

Step One

The first thing you need to do is to pick the remote. Once you have the remote in your hands, click on the V button twice, you will be taken to the BIA Plus apps window.

Step Two

Once the VIA Plus apps window is open, check for the right category that the app you want to download is stored.

Look through the long list of available applications on the window to know the one that best suits your need.

Step Three

This is the final step. Once you find the apps that interest you, what you need to do next is a long press on the OK button. Hold the button until you are notified through a message that the app has been added to ‘My Apps List‘.

How to Add Apps to Vizio Smart TV not in App Store

You might find that the app you want to add to your Vizio TV isn’t available on the app store. There are ways to work around this.

Best Method: Get a Streaming Device

The best way to get apps that aren’t available on your Vizio tv is to get a streaming device like Roku, Apple TV, or Fire Stick.

We highly recommend getting a Roku device. It’s such an affordable device that offers tons of channels and streaming benefits.

Use the app

This method works best for Vizio TV models 2017 and older.

For most Vizio TV models, you can simply use the app search to search, find and download apps. However, using the Vizio app, you can search and download apps unavailable on your Vizio TV.

You can then sync your Vizio mobile app and tv if not already synced. The app will then be automatically available on your tv and sync the apps to your tv and you can control your tv through the app.

Mirror Phone to TV or Use Smartcast

With this method, all you need to do is download the app on your mobile phone and mirror it to your TV. It’s not very convenient but works. We’ve created a detailed guide on how to mirror a phone to TV.

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