7 Reasons AirPods Keep Cutting Out and Fixes

AirPods are one of the best choices when it comes to earbuds. They come with unique features that are peculiar to the brand. However, one of the common issues with AirPod users experience is that it keeps cutting out.

It is not a desirable experience to have your AirPods cut out incessantly. If that’s the issue you’re facing right now, rest assured, this post will reveal why your AirPods keep Cutting out and how you can fix it.

Causes of AirPods Cutting Out

AirPods cutting out

There are several reasons why your AirPods keep cutting out.

It can be from a software failure, and it can also be from a hardware failure.

Read through the possible causes below and learn how to take precautions.

1. Bluetooth Interference

One reason why your AirPods may cut out is Bluetooth interference.

Bluetooth operates on a 2.4GHz wavelength. Other wireless devices that function on this same wavelength can interfere with your Bluetooth.

You can experience disconnection by Bluetooth interference if you are close to a Wi-Fi router while your AirPods are connected to your phone.

2. Outdated iOS Version

Another reason why your AirPods may keep cutting out is an outdated iOS version.

The latest versions of iOS usually fix errors from the previous versions.

Therefore, some of these errors may persist if your version of iOS is out-of-date, and it can lead to AirPods cutting out.

3. Low Battery

You should charge your AirPods for it to stay on.

When the AirPods battery is low, it will disconnect from your device.

Sometimes, the disconnection may even occur repeatedly before the AirPods battery runs out totally.

4. Incompatible Bluetooth Versions

AirPods will connect with your device only via Bluetooth. There are many Bluetooth versions, but AirPods will work better with 5.0 Bluetooth devices.

If your device runs an older version of Bluetooth, there is a chance that your AirPods will cut out.

While the AirPods will still connect with your device even when the Bluetooth version is incompatible, the quality of the connection may not be excellent.

5. Firmware Issues

Your AirPods cutting out can be a problem with the firmware. The recent firmware 6.8.8 update comes with many issues for AirPods. One of the issues is AirPods shutting down after playing music for 40-45 minutes.

Another is that AirPods disconnect after about 15 seconds of calls and when you want to switch from playing music to call.

These problems of firmware are peculiar to the 1st generation of AirPods. The latest generation of AirPods is AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro. They have a more recent firmware update which is version 3E751.

This update now fixes the problem users encounter with the firmware 6.8.8 update.

You can update your AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro to this latest firmware version to avoid firmware issues.

Follow the steps below to check your AirPods firmware version.

  • Navigate to Settings on your iOS device.
  • Select Bluetooth.
  • Select your AirPods from the list of paired devices
  • Tap the ‘i’ icon beside your AirPods Bluetooth name to check your firmware version.

6. Wrong Settings

Your AirPods may keep cutting out if your device settings are wrong. It is necessary to review Bluetooth settings on your device on your to make sure you get it right.

7. Hardware Problem

Away from the software issues, your AirPods may be cutting out if it has a hardware problem. Your pair of AirPods is susceptible to hardware damage, especially if they are without the AirPod case.

Hardware damage in AirPods can eventually lead to various malfunctions that include the AirPods cutting out.

Proper handling and regular cleaning of the AirPods and the case can keep the AirPods safe from hardware damage.

Quick Fixes for AirPods That Keeps Cutting Out

Fixes for AirPods That Keeps Cutting Out

There are safe and easy ways to troubleshoot and fix AirPods that keep cutting out. This section shows the process of fixing this issue in a step-by-step approach.

That is, ensure you do not jump a step if you are yet to consider the one before it.

Quick Fix 1: Check the AirPod Battery Level

As you already know that your AirPods can cut out if it has a low battery.

The first thing to do in this case is to check the AirPod battery level.

If the battery level is low, you will need to charge the AirPods by putting them in the AirPod case.

How to Check AirPods Battery Level on iOS

  • keep the AirPods in the AirPods case
  • Open the lid and hold it close to your device.
  • Hold on for some seconds. The battery level will display on your screen.

How to Check AirPods Battery Level on Mac

  • Leave your AirPods out of the AirPods case.
  • Navigate to the menu on your device
  • Tap the Bluetooth icon. Or go to System, then Preferences, and select Bluetooth. Your battery level should display automatically.

Quick Fix 2: Ensure Your Device Bluetooth is on

Check your device to verify that your Bluetooth is on.

Your AirPods will fail to connect if your Bluetooth turns off. If the Bluetooth is on, you can turn it off and turn it on again to reconnect.

Quick Fix 3: Put the AirPods Back in the AirPods Case and Take them Out

Tried the first two fixes above and didn’t solve the problem? The next fix is to put your AirPods in the case and take them out again.

Putting the AirPods in the case will disable any pairing they have with any device. Leave them for about 5 seconds before taking them out again.

When you take them out again, they will begin a new pairing with your device.

Quick Fix 4: Reset Your AirPods

If your pair of AirPods still cut out after the quick fix above, you can reset it to correct any error in the AirPods.

Resetting your AirPods is like refreshing the memory. The action will disconnect any pairing and set them back to the default settings.

Establish a new pairing with your device after the reset is complete.

How to Reset Your AirPods

Follow the steps below to reset your AirPods.

  • Keep the AirPods in the case.
  • Open the lid of the AirPods case.
  • Press and hold the setup button at the exterior of the AirPods case.
  • After a few seconds, the status light will flash white and then amber.
  • Release the button as your AirPods reset is complete.

Quick Fix 5: Turn off Automatic Ear Detection

Another way of fixing AirPods that keep cutting out is by turning off Automatic Ear Detection.

Apple AirPods have sensors that can sense when they are in use or when they are not. The sensor will disconnect the pairing if it detects that the AirPods are not in use to save power.

Sometimes, the sensor can fail to work accurately. It may not detect accurately whether the AirPods are in use or not, and this can make your AirPods cut out while you are using them.

Turning off the automatic ear detection will prevent this from happening.

Follow the steps below to do this.

  • Keep your AirPods in their case.
  • Ensure the lid is open.
  • Navigate to Settings on your device
  • Select Bluetooth.
  • Locate your AirPods from the list of paired devices
  • Tap the ‘i’ icon that is to the right side of your AirPods.
  • Deselect the Automatic Ear Detection option.

Quick Fix 6: Clean Your AirPods

Dust can damage the hardware components of your AirPods and make them malfunction.

To fix this, you should clean the AirPods carefully to get get rid of dirt or dust.

Quick Fix 7: Use a Bluetooth Dongle

Your AirPods may cut out if your device has an incompatible Bluetooth version.

To fix this, you can use a Bluetooth dongle with a compatible Bluetooth version since you cannot upgrade the Bluetooth built in your phone.

If you cannot fix the AirPods cutting out issue with any of the quick fixes above, then your AirPods are likely to have hardware damage.

It is best to visit an Apple store close to you with your AirPods. Customer care will attend to you and give you the best option applicable to you.


If your AirPods keep cutting out, employ the quick fixes above according to the order.

Hopefully, you will be able to fix the issue and listen to your audio without any hitches.

If the problem persists, a visit to an Apple Store will help.