Fix Alexa Blinking Different Colors Problem

Is your Alexa showing different light colors on and off again? Learn the best ways to fix Alexa that is blinking colored indicator lights.

Amazon Alexa is a compelling home and office assistant designed to make life generally easier.

Let’s take a look at the leading causes of Alexa blinking yellow.

Why does Alexa Speaker Blink LED lights?

An Alexa speaker ( Echo Dot, Echo Studio, Echo Show 5, or Echo Dot Kids version) is built-in with an array of LED indicator lights, which serve as indicators for different purposes.

One morning, you might wake up to see a red, blue, green, yellow, purple, or white LED light blinking or pulsing around your Alexa Echo box.

These indicators aren’t arbitrary, and each has its specific function.

The good news is, if your Alexa Echo box (or other Alexa speaker) is blinking or pulsing a yellow indicator light, there’s no reason to panic as it’s not a sign of damage or internal fault.

Why does Alexa Speaker Blink Yellow Indicator lights?

An Alexa Speaker blinking yellow LED lights signals an Amazon shopping profile’s notification or message alert.

Whenever you see yellow lights blinking around your Amazon Alexa speaker, it’s a notification about the condition of your Amazon account or the status of your order delivery.

It could be related to an order placed a few days ago, or just a seller promoting his products which you indicated an interest in earlier.

In some cases, it’s just a message you’ve not listened to.

What Should You Do to Stop Alexa Speaker Blinking Yellow light Indicators?

  1. You can listen to the unread messages and notifications
  2. You can also update the Alexa notification settings to turn off the yellow indicator blinks

How to Listen to Alexa Unread Messages

You can use several commands to listen to Alexa messages and notifications.

Try any of these,

What messages do I have?

What notifications do I have?

Play my Messages

Play my Notifications

Check my Notifications

Alexa, read my Notifications

Alexa, what are my Notifications?

And if you have other more excellent command suggestions for Alexa, you can set up your preferred command phrases.

To Setup Alexa Commands,

  • Open the Alexa app and go to Menu.
  • Head to Routines and select the + symbol to add a new routine.
  • Tap on the + sign beside When this Happens and select Voice.
  • Type in your preferred word phrase for the command and select Save when you’re done.
  • Now tap the Add Action button and choose the corresponding devices.

How to Disable Alexa Blinking Yellow Indicator light

  • Open the Alexa app on your smartphone tap on Settings
  • Go to Notifications and select Amazon Shopping.
  • You should see a slider; tap on it to turn it off.
  • It’s also advisable to turn off Out for Delivery and other Delivery notifications.

Bear in mind, however, that turning off delivery notifications might be counter-productive. Some Amazon shoppers have reported multiple thefts of their delivery.

It’s good to be notified of a pending delivery so as to make necessary arrangements for it. 

Alexa Spinning Yellow Lights

If you’re seeing a spinning yellow indicator light on your Alexa device, it indicates a connection error.

Alexa blinking yellow light
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More particularly, it’s telling you Alexa is attempting to connect to your home WiFi.

You can quickly fix this by troubleshooting your Alexa WiFi connection.

Troubleshooting Alexa WiFi Connection

  • Turn off the Alexa device for 1-2 minutes by manually pressing the Mic button.
  • Some Alexa devices can’t be turned off manually (such as the Echo Dot); in such cases, disconnect the power source by removing the plug and reinsert it back after 2 minutes.
  • Now go to Alexa app on your mobile device and open Settings
  • Select Device Settings and pick your device from the list
  • Scroll to WiFi Network and select Add Network (or Discover).

If Alexa can’t still connect to the WiFi, try restarting your router and WiFi modem.

The spinning yellow ring indicator light should disappear once the connection is established.

Can I Prevent Alexa from Reading Product Names?

Indeed, you can. 

Let’s imagine you want to finally get rid of the yellow blinking indicator light on Alexa, so you give the command to read the notifications, and Alexa goes ahead to do this. 

But you forgot the products you ordered are supposed to be a surprise for your oncoming anniversary. Well, it isn’t easy to keep secrets with Alexa.

But there’s a way to turn off this feature and make Alexa only read the notifications while hiding the product names.

Open Alexa app on mobile phone and head to Settings > Notifications

Go to Amazon Shopping and tap on Let Alexa say or show titles for items you’ve ordered.

Go to For items in delivery updates and uncheck the checkbox.

You can also tick the option to remove updates from items marked as gifts. That way, once an item is marked as a gift, Alexa will keep your secrets ‘secret’.

Alexa Blinking Green Light

A blinking green indicator light on Alexa indicates there’s an incoming call you may be unaware of.

You’ll notice the green light starts spinning whenever you’re answering or making a call on Alexa.

You can stop the Green Alexa indicator light from blinking by answering or ending the incoming phone calls on the device.

Use commands such as “Answer the Call,” “Pick up the Call,” “Decline the call,” or simply ” Hang up” to stop the Green indicator light from blinking.

If you wish to prevent Alexa from showing any future notifications for incoming calls, turn on Do Not Disturb mode from the Alexa app.

  • Open the Alexa app on your Smartphone and go to Devices.
  • Select Echo and Alexa > choose your Device and tap the Do not Disturb toggle to turn it on.

If you still notice the Green indicator light on Alexa, it’s possible Drop-in was enabled, and you’ll need to disable it.

What is Alexa Drop-in?

Alexa Drop-in is an interactive module that enables communication between devices on your network. It allows a 2-way communication with your Alexa-enabled devices and Alexa contacts.

Alexa also blinks a green indicator light to alert you of an incoming Drop-in call from one of your devices.

How to Turn off Alexa Drop-in

  • Open the Alexa app and go to Devices
  • Select Echo and Alexa and choose your specific Alexa device from the list
  • Go to Communications > Drop-in and highlight the permissions to disable.

Alexa Blinking Red Light

A Red indicator light blinking on Alexa indicates that Alexa is Mute. This occurs when someone touches the Alexa Mic button.

You can turn it off by simply pressing the Mic button again to enable Alexa listen to voice commands.

If You’re having an Alexa Echo device with camera, a blinking red light on the Alexa speaker might indicate that the Video recording on the camera won’t be shared because camera is turned off.

How to Turn on Alexa Echo Camera

  • Open the Alexa app and head to Devices
  • Scroll down and select Cameras
  • Choose the Alexa Echo box you want to turn the camera on and slide the camera toggle On.

Once you’re done, the blinking red light Indicator on Alexa should disappear.

Alexa Blinking Blue Light

A beeping deep blue light with a lighter arc indicates Alexa is listening. This usually occurs whenever you’re giving Alexa commands and instructions.

This feature is so important, it can save you unnecessary arguments with delivery guys who show up at your door, with your Amazon order awaiting payment. Yes, you’re certain you didn’t make the order, but in most cases, Alexa did; by picking command lines in the movies you’re streaming.

So whenever you see the Blue Light pulsing on Alexa, you should check the command history and be sure no funny business had been initiated

A cycling blue light also indicates Alexa is booting up and isn’t ready for WiFi connection.

Alexa Blinking Orange Light

Alexa shows a cycling orange Light while attempting an internet/WiFi connection.

This usually shouldn’t take too long, and if it does, you should troubleshoot your WiFi/internet devices for any faults.

Alexa Beeping Purple Light

A purple beeping light on Alexa during WiFi connection indicates a problem with your wireless network.

It also alerts you that Do not Disturb mode is turned on.

You can turn off the Purple Light on Alexa by troubleshooting your network connection or Turning off DND mode.

Alexa Beeping White Light

A white Light cycling around Alexa indicates Alexa Guard is turned on. It’s also alerting you that Alexa is set to ‘Away from Home’

What is Alexa Guard?

Alexa Guard is a security feature that alerts you of happenings in your home whenever you’re out.

Alexa notifies you of intruders when it detects footsteps, breaking glass, or triggered smoke and Carbon monoxide alarms.

This could be a life saving feature, and you shouldn’t bother turning it off.

We hope that you found a workable resolution for the various lights indicated on your Alexa device. Let us know in the comments section.

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