Fix Anthem Demo Not Working

Anthem Demo allows you to go on an exclusively single-player mode. This mode allows you to explore and choose a thrilling story packed with gripping experiences, unique characters, and non-stop action.

Anthem Demo was released to spur players who would love to pre-order the $59.99 game. The game is subsequently priced at $4.99 per month or $29.99 annually, 

We’ve spent hours and quality time scrolling forums, communities, and Anthem’s support page. Players’ critiques also helped us compile this article to help other players learn why their Anthem Demo might not work.

In this article, we’ll explore multiple ways to fix Anthem Demo in no time. Follow the steps, and you’ll soon get back to having fun with friends.

Note: We’ve shared these solutions with many users, and they have proven to work time and time again. 

Causes of Anthem Demo not Working 

Players have complained that playing with a mouse—has repeatedly—proved to be a horrendous experience. The only thing the Anthem Demo team and players have agreed on is that it’s not always a server issue.

The following are the most reported issues Anthem Demo seems to be having:

  • Buffering.
  • Sign in problems.
  • Server outage.
  • Loading problems.
  • Being Unable to end Freeplay from the Menu.
  • Error messages pop up when accessing Anthem Demo in specific languages.
  • Restricted accounts.
  • The camera shakes due to delayed gun recoil after a shot.
  • Anthem did not give rewards (XP) after missions or expeditions.

Without taking any more of your time, let’s address the causes of the issues listed above:

  1. Poor internet connection.
  2. Outdated graphic card drivers
  3. Overloaded website due to incoming traffic.
  4. Server outage.
  5. Incompatibility issues.
  6. Low FPS (frames per second).

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Fix Anthem Demo not Working Problem

After hours of research, we’ve addressed these issues to give players an optimal player experience. After consulting Bioware’s (Anthem’s engineering team), we assembled these fixes.

FIX 1: Check your internet connection

It would be best to have a strong internet connection for game consoles and an active data subscription to a reliable internet provider such as Verizon LTE. The Anthem Demo is an online service and requires internet access to download and play.

Check the strength and speed of your Wi-Fi network, and confirm if your Wi-Fi is either near your gaming device or connected to other devices.

FIX 2: Use an updated graphic card that supports Anthem Demo

You may be getting graphical glitches and continual crashes while playing the Anthem Demo.

Anthem will not load if you use an outdated graphic card driver on your computer. Likewise, if your PC has a missing device driver, Anthem will not be able to play because of its high-quality graphics. Please make sure to check if your graphics card drivers are up-to-date and can play Anthem.

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FIX 3: Wait it out or try to sign in repeatedly

Sign-in issues arise when the website is overloaded with incoming traffic, and many players are trying to download or sign in to Anthem. When you try to sign in, the error message “Server Error 500” will come up on your screen.

The best way to fix sign-in issues is to either wait for a couple of minutes before trying again or click the refresh and reload button non-stop until you are signed in successfully.

FIX 4: Check Downdetector

Server outage occurred on the first day Anthem Demo was released for playing. Virtually every Origin fan/gamer wanted to get on the game, and it looked as if the Anthem team were not ready for that amount of players at once.

You cannot play Anthem Demo if the service is down. We advise you to check the game’s official status page to confirm if your problem is a local outage, a universal issue, or from your end.

The best way to check for a server outage is by using Downdetector. But, it would help if you kept in mind that there’s nothing you can do about It; you have to wait it out till their engineers get it fixed.

There’s been a lot of backlash regarding the Anthem Demo from players, with nothing but negative reviews flying here and there. Players are not pleased with all the issues Anthem Demo keeps having.

Although their engineers reportedly fixed all issues at some point, players disagree. According to an Anthem Demo enthusiast, “I don’t think they have fixed them at all.”

FIX 5: Restart the game

Restarting is the most familiar troubleshooting step. As one user explained, “Restarting the game a few times did eventually work for me when I got the infinite loading screen.”

The recommended workaround is to restart your PC or whatever device you’re using to play Anthem Demo. After a successful restart, we hope that Anthem Demo starts working.

FIX 6: Check for compatibility

Compatibility is the most overlooked prerequisite for playing an online game. Players brush the idea of checking if their PC supports the game they want to play.

Playing with a system that cannot support Anthem is equivalent to having a low frame rate or crashing. To avoid these two problems, please make sure you remember to check if your PC can run Anthem Demo.

FIX 7: Switch Windows

When your system has low FPS within the range of 24- 25 when you launch the Anthem Demo, the game will not work.

Here’s what you can do to fix this issue:

  • Open a new tab or window on your PC by clicking ALT+TAB.
  • Run another app for some time, and relaunch the game. Usually, FPS goes back to normal, and Anthem starts working fine. 

If none of them work after carefully following the above troubleshooting fixes, please, endeavor to reach out to EA support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Anthem not loading?

Anthem will not load if you use an outdated graphic card driver on your computer. Also, if your PC has a missing device driver, Anthem will not play because of its high-quality graphics. Please make sure you check if your graphic card drivers are up-to-date so you can play Anthem.

Can you play Anthem offline?

 No! You cannot play the anthem offline, and you need to have a solid and stable internet connection to play Anthem.

Can Anthem be played on PC?

Yes! You can enjoy Anthem Demo on EA games with friends, participate in Quest, and share your experiences with your friends. You can also play with your Xbox One and PS4.

You will discover a gripping story filled with unique and memorable characters as you explore.

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