How to Fix Apple Pencil Not Working

The Apple pencil is rated as one of the best stylus pens in the technological space. You can use an Apple pencil to write, draw, click, mark, and highlight on your iPad.

But everything technology has its ups and downs, and the Apple pencil is not left out. Does your Apple pencil not show strokes anymore? Did your stylus suddenly stop working? This article will explain various fixes for your Apple pencil that won’t write. We don’t want you to miss out on that sublime writing experience.

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Causes of Apple Pencil not Working

Before we start fixing it, let’s take a look at the reasons why your Apple pencil stopped working. Dear reader, we are saving you a trip to the Amazon store to replace your apple pencil. Don’t discard it just yet!

  • Low battery.
  • Pairing problems.
  • Nib quality.
  • Incompatibility.

Fix Apple Pencil not Working

We’ve assembled different ways to fix your apple pencil not working, either it won’t come, it’s not showing in the notification center menu, or it’s not responding in some apps. We’ve got you covered. Here’s what you do when your apple pencil stops working:

Fix 1: Recharge your Apple Pencil

The first thing you have to be sure of is if the battery health of your apple pencil is enough to work. This method is the easiest fix, but it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try. Swipe down on your notification center menu and check for Apple pencil on the batteries. It takes about ten minutes to properly charge your apple pencil.

Here’s how to charge a First Generation Apple Pencil:

  • Remove the cap on your apple pencil that houses the lightning connector.
  • Plug the lightning connector to its charging port on your iPad or preferably use another charger.

How to charge a Second Generation Apple Pencil:

Connect your apple pencil to the magnetic connector on the right side of your iPad. (It’s under the volume buttons.)

Fix 2: Unpair and Pair your Apple Pencil

If your Apple pencil is unpaired from your iPad—maybe someone played around with its settings—it would not work. You can easily pair it with your Apple pencil by checking your Bluetooth settings.

Bluetooth Settings

Sometimes all you have to do is turn on your Bluetooth and on again. This fix sometimes works like magic, and you should try it out because it’s capable of resolving minor glitches and faulty connection issues.

Here’s how to:

  • Open Settings.
  • Next, select Bluetooth.
  • Click on the information button (it’s an icon with a blue i and to the right of your Apple pencil)
  • Select Forget Device and then reconnect over again.

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Fix 3: Nib Problems

We all know how pencils without lead don’t write and pens without their tips are pretty much useless. It’s also applicable to the Apple Pencil, which (also known as the Nib) determines if you can use the pencil.

The nib can face wear after constant usage over time, if it does not go smoothly on your iPad screen or feels rough texture, it’s time to get a replacement. Sometimes all you have to do is just tighten the nib. Typing the name doesn’t take forever. Apply sufficient pressure, it’s not a screw you’re tightening here.

There are no spare parts for nibs in the second-generation pencil. But, you can get a replacement for about $20 on Amazon.

Fix 4: Clean your iPad and Apple Pencil

If your Apple pencil has a layer of dirt or debris, it can cause your Apple pencil not to work well. Cleaning both your Apple pencil and your iPad screen is yet another easy fix.

Grab a microfiber cloth and clean your iPad screen, and the tip of your Apple pencil, applying as little force as possible. Please, do not clean either appliance with water or a cleaning product like a detergent.

Fix 5: Check for Compatibility

If you purchased a brand new and fully functional nib, and your Apple pencil doesn’t work. It means the stylus wasn’t the problem in the first place. The next thing to check for is compatibility. Check the drawing or note-taking app you are using and confirm if it’s not the one with the problem. You should check if your iPad is compatible with your Apple pencil.

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Fix 6: Reset Network Settings

This step erases all your iPad’s Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cellular, and VPN settings and restores them to factory default. You’ll have to reconnect all of your Bluetooth devices and re-enter your passwords when the reset is complete.

Here’s how to reset your network settings:

  • Open Settings.
  • Select General.
  • Select Transfer or Reset iPhone.
  • Next select Reset.
  • Select Reset network settings.
  • Enter your code.
  • Select Reset and confirm your reset request.

If you’ve not changed the code previously, the default code should be 0000.

Fix 7: Close an Unresponsive App

If you’re writing in an app with issues like cache, lagging, or buffering problems, your Apple pencil would not work on it.

Here’s how to deal with apps not working to get your Apple pencil functional:

  1. Close and reopen the app.
  2. Uninstall and reinstall the app.
  3. Clear cache and data on the app.

Here’s how to close apps on an iPad with Face ID:

  • Swipe up from the bottom of your screen to show recently opened apps to the center.
  • Swipe the app in question off the top of the screen, closing the application.
  • Reopen the app.

Here’s how to close apps on an iPad without Face ID:

  • Press the home button twice to access the app switcher.
  • Use your finger to remove the app from the screen.
  • Reopen the app through the apps menu and click on the app.

Check back with your Apple pencil to confirm if it’s working.

Fix 8: Reboot

It can’t always be the Apple pencil that is faulty or acting up, your iPad might also need troubleshooting. A reboot can get it working fine in no time, so it’s either perform a reboot or a hard reset.

To reboot your iPad, press and hold the power button till the reboot option shows on your screen.

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Fix 9: Hard Reset Your iPad

Resetting the network settings on your iPad is the last software fix you can try at home before reaching out to Apple. A hard reset can help you fix either your Apple pencil not working or an unresponsive iPad—if the device is experiencing a minor software problem.

Here’s how to hard reset an iPad without a home button:

  1. Quickly Press And Release the volume up button.
  2. Repeat step one for the volume down button.
  3. Then press and hold the top button for about 30 seconds, until the screen blacks out and the Apple logo appears. Your iPad will come on afterward.

Here’s how to hard reset an iPad with a home button:

  • Simultaneously Press And Hold the home button and the power button.
  • Wait for the screen to blackout and the Apple logo to appear. Please, make sure you press and hold both buttons for a minimum of 30 seconds.

If none of these troubleshooting fixes worked, we recommend you reach out to Apple support and get some real-time help to fix your Apple pencil.