How to Fix an Apple TV that Keeps Freezing

Watching movies and series on Apple TV is a delightful experience. However, there are occasions when it freezes and refuses to play. If your Apple TV freezes, you will not be able to control the device while it is frozen.

Apple TV Freezing

The issues arise because an app is malfunctioning, uses excessive RAM, or your network connection is too slow. There are some solutions to fix this issue. You must read to put an end to the problem!

Easy Steps To Fix Apple TV Freezing

You can manually fix your Apple TV when it freezes. Some of the easy steps to solve this problem include:

Turn off Apple TV and Reconnect

Restarting your Apple TV is the first action you should take. You can take different approaches to restart your Apple TV. Pulling the plug on the Apple TV can be a very effective method for restarting a device that has become frozen. Follow the steps below:

  • Plug out the Power cord and HDMI from the device.
  • Pull the power cord plug out of the socket.
  • At a minimum, wait for two minutes.
  • Plug back the cable into your device.
  • Reconnect the power cord to the socket.
  • Turn on the device.

Alternatively, by adjusting the settings on your Apple TV 2 or Apple TV 3, you can restart your Apple TV. Below is an outline:

  • Navigate to Settings 
  • Go to General 
  • Click Restart 

For Apple Television 4 and Apple Television 4K: 

  • Navigate to Settings 
  • Go to System 
  • Click Restart 

Restart with Remote

Using your Siri Remote or Apple TV Remote

  • Hold down the Menu button alongside the screen button. 
  • Hold until the light on your device flashes, then let go of the device.

If you use a white or aluminum Apple Remote:

  • Press and hold the Down button and the Menu button. 
  • Maintain your grip until the indicator light on the gadget blinks, then release the device.

Perform a Factory Reset

You should do this if your Apple TV is stuck on the home screen. When you perform a hard reset on your device, the memory will be cleared and returned to its factory settings. During this process, you must ensure that you plug the device into its power supply. Do not attempt to restart or unplug your Apple TV if the progress bar pauses on the update. To perform a reset:

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Go to General/System
  • Select the Reset option to restore the device to its original configuration without having to connect to the internet.
  • Select the “Reset and Update” option from the menu to reset the device to its factory defaults and apply any available software updates
  • To restore on 3rd generation devices, select the Reset All Settings option. This will clear all configurations and accounts. Alternatively, select the Restore option to roll back the settings on the device to their factory defaults and install any available software updates.

Use another Screen mode

If the display on your Apple TV is white, try switching to a different screen mode on the device. To accomplish this:

  • Pull the plugs out of both ends of the HDMI cable, then plug them back in again.
  • Turn off and power cycle your Apple TV.
  • Navigate to your television’s menu and choose an HDMI input that is compatible with the HDMI port currently connected to your Apple TV.

Re-Pair Your Remote

The problem might be that the Siri Remote you use with Apple TV is incorrectly synced with the device. Replicate the outline below to pair your Siri Remote:

  • Hold the remote three inches away from your Apple TV. 
  • Press and hold the Back/Menu button and the volume up button for about five seconds.

You may receive a prompt to place the Siri Remote on top of your Apple TV to finish the pairing process. If the problem does not stop, you can use any iPadOS or iOS device as a remote for your Apple TV. Launch the Control Center on any iPhone or iPad to use this alternative. This will launch the Apple Remote App on your iPhone or iPad, which you can use to operate Apple TV. 

You may need to do this if you do not see it in the Control Center. To add it:

  •  Navigate to Settings 
  • Go to the Control Center and make the necessary adjustments to add the Apple Remote to the controls there.

Turn off the Automatic Updates 

The Apple tvOS’s default configuration includes an automatic update setting. It is in your best interest to disable this. To turn off automatic updates:

  • Go to Settings 
  • Go to System 
  • Click on Software Updates. The screen that displays available software updates will appear.
  • Turn off the Automatic Update feature. 

How Do I Fix Apple TV Buffering?

Even though Apple TV has a user-friendly interface, there can be issues because technological advancements occur constantly. While watching a show or movie, buffering is one of the issues that can arise. The constant interruption can be pretty annoying. Now, using the following solutions, let’s look at how you can solve this problem.

Reset Internet Connection

Your internet connection could benefit from a short reset to run more smoothly. Apple TV Plus requires a minimum of 2.5 Mbps of available bandwidth to stream content effectively. The occurrence of buffering depends on whether or not your network connection provides this. To perform the internet connection reset:

  • Turn off your router. 
  • Unplug from the outlet.
  • After a few minutes, reconnect it to its power source and power up your router again. This will restore the internet connection established between your router and the device you are using.

Create Multiple Wi-Fi

Connect your television to the modem closest to you if you have more than one at your location. This will ensure that you have a reliable connection. If you restart the router, the television will connect to the other station and function normally even when the signal strength is low. After reboot, check if your television has a connection to a nearby router. Doing so will prevent buffering.

Reduce Contents’ Overall Quality

Streaming requires data to be downloaded through a strong internet connection. If you attempt downloading high-resolution content, you will need a lot of data to process the content. You can reduce the data required to play the content by reducing the resolution. This will help get rid of the issue that you are experiencing. You can try loading your media content again after changing the content quality.

Perform Software Update

It’s possible that the buffering is happening because the software and the apps are not compatible. To bring your TV set up to date:

  • Navigate to the settings, then click on Settings. 
  • Click on “Software Update” and make the necessary updates. 
  • To upgrade the software for TVs lower than the 4th generation, click General and perform the update.

Restore Apple TV

This will require you to delete all your configurations and preferences and revert your Apple TV to its original factory defaults. Follow these instructions to return your Apple TV to the default settings:

  • Launch Settings
  • Go to General
  • Select Reset
  • Ensure you complete this process without interruptions because it will take some time.