Are Vizio TVs Good?

Vizio is one of the major TV producers in the world, and has been in operation for two decades.

Vizio is best known for bargain TVs and has several TVs in their lineup. The brand is also known for its low-priced TVs, and that’s why (like TCL) it is the perfect brand to shop with a low budget.

Does this mean they sell inferior TVs? Or can you trust their cheap products to be good enough?

This post provides detailed answers to these questions and more information about the Vizio TV brand.

Are Vizio TVs Good or Reliable?

For regular use, Vizio TVs are not only good, but they are also reliable. The TVs are in close comparison with the major TV brands, yet they come at relatively low prices.

Vizio TVs are up-to-date in terms of the latest technology. For example, almost all the latest series include Quantum dots and OLED display technology.

The D series has an IQ active processor, and it can process pictures better with this processor. The P series has the same feature, and it also supports 4k resolution and a 120Hz refresh rate.

The TVs perform better for gaming. You will enjoy faster response time, lower input lag, colorful viewing, and very bright pictures.

However, some factors will help you decide which Vizio TV series is best for your needs. Read on to learn more.

Vizio TVs Screen Size

Vizio TVs have different TVs with different screen sizes to suit the varying needs of their ever-growing customers. Small Vizio TVs include 32 inches TVs for the D series and 40 or 43 inches for the V series.

The brand also has mid-size TVs that include 50 and 55 inches TVs. You will find these screen sizes in almost all series of Vizio TVs.

Also, you can buy large screen TVs from their TV collection. Vizio’s large-screen TVs feature TVs from 55 inches to 75 inches. You will get these TVs in the V series, M series, and P series.

Vizio TVs Interface

Vizio TVs have a good interface with its SmartCast platform. Vizio’s SmartCast has improved over the years, and it can rival the likes of LG’s WebOS.

The brand continually optimizes its SmartCast, and it offers features that are not available in other brands.

For instance, it produces good picture quality when streaming videos. Also, it supports both AirPlay 2 and Chromecast.

The SmartCast platform has in-built apps, and it is available on various Vizio TV series from TVs released in 2018.

Vizio TV Resolution

Vizio has TVs with 4k resolution. 4k is one of the best TV resolutions, only second-best to 8k.

Vizio’s D series has both 720p and 1080p resolutions, while the P-Series, M-Series, and V-Series all have a minimum of 4k resolution.

8k resolution is absent in the current series of Vizio TVs, but the 4k resolution will serve you well. A good thing with Vizio TVs is that users can tailor the TV resolution and personalize the TV contents.

The 4k TVs display clear and bright pictures of high quality. You will also enjoy 4k games with them.

What is Vizio TV Refresh Rate?

Vizio TVs refresh rates differ with series and year of release, but the latest Vizio TVs have one of the best TV refresh rates.

Refresh rate is the number of times the images on your TV will change per minute.

In the past, Vizio TVs came with an effective refresh rate, which means the TV refreshes its image at a lower rate. However, this effective refresh rate is not featured in the latest Vizio TV series.

Every Vizio TV series has a minimum of 60Hz refresh rate, but the P series comes with a 120Hz native refresh rate.

What is the Response Time of Vizio TV?

Fast response time in TVs is a necessary feature for gaming. All the latest series of Vizio TVs have a quick response time, which sets them among the top TVs for gaming.

For example, the Vizio E65-E1 has a response time of 14 ms, while Vizio P65-F1 has a 5 ms response time, the least for any Vizio TV series.

Subsequent series have 5.5 ms, 6.5 ms, up to 8 ms response time. But the latest series now has a 12 ms response time.

Vizio TVs Audio Quality

Vizio TVs have impressive audio quality and broad sound options in the Audio Settings menu. With the sound options, you can customize the audio quality of the TV.

Sometimes, the audio quality of a new Vizio TV may not be satisfying. In that case, you can make adjustments to the audio settings.

See the following guide to get the best audio settings on your Vizio TV, but ensure you have a playing sound while making this adjustment.

  • Navigate to the TV’s menu.
  • Select Audio Settings.
  • Choose an audio mode from the available options.
  • Go to Balance to adjust the output of each side of the speakers. You can choose which side should be the loudest or keep both on the same level.

However, you will get better sound output with external speakers and soundbars.

Vizio TVs Picture Quality

These days, the most popular TVs have a minimum of 4k resolution, and you will get TVs with this feature among the latest Vizio TVs. These give the TVs a good picture quality and bring them at par with the big guns.

Sometimes, the picture quality of a 4k TV can be below average, but you can adjust the settings to get a better picture quality.

You can follow the guidelines below to better your Vizio TV picture quality.

  • Keep the Contrast at 100 percent.
  • Choose Calibrated Dark for the Picture mode.
  • Set the Sharpness and Hue to Zero.
  • Keep both Brightness and Color at 50 percent.
  • Turn off Black detail, Active LED zones, and Clear Action.

Are Vizio TVs HDMI Compatible?

The Vizio OLED TV is one of the latest TV series in the Vizio TV collection, and it has HDMI 2.1, the latest HDMI version. 

HDMI 2.1 supports higher TV resolutions, and it provides improved speed and makes gaming more enjoyable.

The Vizio TVs series that support HDMI 2.1 are the P series and the V series. The next best version of HDMI after the HDMI 2.1 is HDMI 2.0, and it is present in almost all other series of Vizio TVs.

Although some TVs in the M series are supposed to have HDMI 2.1, they are mostly limited to the HDMI 2.0 bandwidth. But, the HDMI 2.0 version is also a great choice with great display features.

Are Vizio TVs Good for Gaming? 

Vizio TVs are among the best TVs for gaming, especially with the upgrade in the resolution, refresh rate, and low input lag in the latest series.

Vizio TVs with 4K Ultra HD resolution, Active Full Array backlight, and next-gen quantum colors support different games.

A selection of Vizio TVs with superior features for gaming include:

  • P-Series P659-G1 with a screen size of 65 inches and 240Hz Refresh rates.
  • P-Series Quantum P75Q9-H61 with screen size of 65 inches and 120Hz Refresh rates.
  • M-Series M558-G1 with a screen size of 55 inches and 60Hz Refresh rates.
  • V-Series Low Latency Gaming TV with a screen size of 43 inches and 60Hz Refresh rates.

How Long Do Vizio TVs Last?

The maximum lifespan you will get from every TV brand depends on the usage. Vizio TVs are not different in any way, as heavy use and high settings will make them deteriorate faster.

On average, a Vizio TV will last for at least seven years before it breaks. While seven years is the average expectation, you can get more or less depending on how well you care for the TV.

You will likely get less than seven years of usage if:

  • You leave your TV on when not in use.
  •  You plug the TV directly into the power source without a Smart socket.
  •  You always set the volume and brightness high.
  • Your TV lacks enough ventilation.

However, Vizio TVs will last for seven years or more with proper maintenance.

Do Vizio TVs Have Warranty?

Vizio TVs come with a standard non-commercial warranty that lasts for a year from the day of purchase, while TVs used for commercial purposes have a 90 days warranty. 

This warranty policy does not cover damages from poor gadget maintenance or other breaks caused by the user.

All you need to enjoy the warranty policy is to have your receipt. Also, your TV should be within the validity period of 1 year for non-commercial use and 90 days for commercial use.

The warranty will let you enjoy free TV fixing for minor damages, or sometimes a TV replacement if the break is fatal.

Which Component of Vizio TV will break first?

The first component to break in a Vizio TV is usually the backlight.

The backlight of the TV heats up every time you use it, and it will break over time with non-stop overheating.

While you may be unable to stop this from happening, you can delay the break by maintaining a medium brightness and turning off the TV whenever you are not using it.

A high brightness level will work up the backlight more, cause more heating, and make it break faster. For this reason, you should only use your TV at a reasonable level of brightness where it is clear enough for viewing.

Ways to Make Your Vizio TV Last Longer

Your Vizio TV can last long if you maintain it properly. Here are ways to make your TV last longer.

  • Put it off when it is not in use.
  • Maintain an average level of volume, brightness, and other settings.
  • Clean the TV regularly.
  • Ensure the TV has enough ventilation.
  • Keep the TV on a stand or mount it to the wall.
  • Avoid moving your TV around.

The Best Vizio TV Series

The best Vizio TV series of all time includes the following:

Vizio P-Series Quantum TVs

Vizio P-series quantum is the overall best gaming TV from Vizio, and it has a picture quality out of this world.

This series has over 1200 nits of peak brightness which helps it bring a picture and video display to life. It has 210 local dimming zones with which the Active Full Array backlight adjusts the brightness.

The Vizio P-Series quantum has 4k resolution, 120Hz refresh rate, and less than 0.01s input lag, and these features make it a good choice for gaming. It is available in 65 and 75 inches screen sizes.

Vizio M7 Series Quantum

Vizio M7 Series is one of the cheapest Vizio TV models, and it is okay for most uses. It has an improved picture quality that makes it a good choice for TV viewing in dark rooms.

The implementation of 4k resolution, low input lag, and fast response time in Vizio M7 help to offer users a responsive gaming experience. It also displays a wide range of color hues, and it has local dimming that works effectively in and out of gaming mode.

The display technology for this series includes LCD, LED, QLED, and 4k UHD, and it is available in different sizes.

Vizio M6 Series

The Vizio M6 series is a mid-range and low-price TV available in different sizes between 43 and 75 inches.

It can display over 1 billion hues of color to create high-quality pictures with an incredible color spectrum.

Quantum color implementation gives it a vibrant and cinematic picture quality. It has 4k Ultra HD, which is about four times 1080p resolution. It has a 60Hz refresh rate, but it is limited to the HDMI 2.0 version.

Vizio V Series

We can say the Vizio V series is a Smart TV with everything. It has a good gaming performance, clear picture display, and fast access to apps, movies, and shows.

This series has a 4k resolution and a low input lag below 10ms. It also supports the latest gaming technology like Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and Auto-Low Latency Mode (ALLM).

Vizio V series comes in different sizes ranging between 43 inches to 75 inches.


Generally, Vizio TVs are good and reliable, and they use the latest TV technology and have modern TV features at budget-friendly prices.

However, their durability depends on your level of maintenance. A Vizio TV will last for at least seven years on average, but it can last longer with proper care and maintenance.