6 TVs That Look Like Art

Since its inception, television sets have evolved from looking like rectangular boxes to flat screens, and now, it doubles as art. 

TVs that look like art are a new trend in the TV industry. These new TVs are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and create a more enjoyable viewing experience, and they are also more immersive, which means they can make any room look better.

What is an Art TV?

TV That Looks Like Art

An art TV is a TV made to show high-quality artwork and photos when not in use.

Art TVs are typically slim, with a minimalistic frame around the screen. The frame is usually made of metal or wood, and it is often designed in an abstract way that complements the artwork surrounding it.

Remember the conventional dark empty screen you see your TV is turned off? The manufacturers of TVs that look like art had something creative in mind when they thought about it because these types of television sets do not leave you with a dark screen; instead, they display it as a beautiful painting. And these paintings change occasionally to make it look like the owner is some rich art collector.

TVs that look like Art are frame-like TVs produced to make premium use of the idle space created by a TV, not in use. 

Is Getting a TV That Displays Art When Turned Off Worth it?

A TV that displays art when turned off is a great way to add some color and beauty to your living room. This type of TV is perfect for people who like to buy aesthetically pleasing things and want to add something new and different to their home.

You should buy a TV that displays art when turned off because it will make your living room or any space look more attractive. With the help of this type of TV, you can make your living room look more lively by adding some visual interest as the TV displays images, sceneries, and photographs.

It is also worth it if you want to have an interesting conversation starter when you have guests at your home. As each art piece comes into view, your visitors might have something interesting to say about them, making for an enjoyable hangout.

When turned off, a TV that displays art is worth it if you need something to display on your wall. The TV can be used as a decoration piece or as a way to show off the high-end technology in your home.

How Much Do Art TVs Cost?

Art TVs are becoming more popular because of the unique art display feature. These TVs are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also provide an opportunity for viewers to learn about new artists and art styles. And this additional feature adds to the overall cost of the TVs.

The price of these TVs varies greatly depending on the size and features of the TV. The most expensive art TV is over $4,000 for an 85+” while some of the cheapest models are available for less than $1000. If you want to buy Samsung’s The Frame 50″, you could get it for around $1,200.

Generally, TVs that display art will cost between $800 and $1500 for a 40″ – 55″ screen. If this price range is beyond your budget, then you might have to settle for a smaller-sized screen, and you can get a 32″ for under $600.

Keep reading to learn everything there is to know about the TVs that look like art and our best recommendations if you’d like to own one. 

TVs As Art – Who Does it Best?

There are various excellent frame-like TVs out in the market space; however, we will be discussing six of the most beautiful and feature-rich ones in this article. 

1. Samsung The Frame TV Series

Samsung Art TV

Samsung has always been known for its innovation, and the Frame TV Series is an example of how Samsung continues to innovate in the TV space. Samsung, The Frame TV Series, is a TV with an elegant design, and it is a TV that provides art for your living room. It is also a smart TV powered by Tizen, Samsung’s smart TV system.

Samsung has made a bold move to introduce the Frame TV Series – an undisputed gem in the TV world. They are looking to change the way people view and appreciate art by bringing it into their homes. The Frame TV Series allows users to customize their bezel, choose from different frame styles, and enjoy high-quality content optimized for any room in their home.

The Frame TVs come with a Quantum Processor 4K, which means they support HDR10+ and 100% color volume with Quantum Dot technology – all of which make for a fantastic viewing experience.

The Frame also has an Art Mode, which allows you to display your favorite photos or art pieces as the screen background. You can even purchase art from the Art Store, and the Art Store features over 1,400 new and classic works of art.

With the Alexa remote, you can control your TV with voice commands or create customized photo slideshows in Art Mode using your artwork or images from Samsung Gallery or Google Photos. The Frame also supports 4K Upscaling and QLED technology, displaying colors more vividly than most TVs today.

Samsung, The Frame TV Series, is available on Amazon, Samsung’s website, and Samsung Experience Stores nationwide.


  • The Art Store is only accessible with a subscription
  • Art pieces in the Art store can change without your notice
  • Customizable bezels are sold separately. You have to spend more on these.

2. LG Art TV – Gallery Series


LG introduced the LG TV gallery series in 2021. You can call it the LG Frame TV.

And just like any other frame-like TV, it has a feature that turns the TV into a canvas that displays various art paintings. 

Features of LG TV Gallery Series

The manufacturers of this TV went a little further with their creativity as the LG TV gallery series has additional features. Some of which are:

Art images: There are various paintings to choose from, from collected pictures stored on LG servers. Also, you can choose the particular type of image you want your TV to show—for instance, jungles, rivers, or mountains. 

An added frame makes the picture appear more like an actual painting in a gallery.

Easy to use: The LG TV gallery series is relatively easy because of its built-in intelligent assistant.

Restrictions of LG TV Gallery Series

While this frame-like television is packed with lovely features, several restrictions exist. 

Some of these restrictions are: 

  • You can’t determine the timeframe of the image on the screen.
  • You cannot add personal pictures to the collection of pictures, and the TV can display only pictures obtained from the LG server. 

3. Samsung Art TV – Sero

The Samsung Sero is one of those TVs that looks like art and is worth buying for viewing pleasure. The TV has a unique design that can almost pass for artwork. 

The Samsung Sero has a rotatable screen that allows you to use the TV in a landscape position or change to a portrait position. 

Features of Samsung Sero

The Samsung Sero is packed with unique and appealing features. One fantastic feature is that it comes with a TV stand, so you don’t have to worry about hanging your TV or getting a stand for it. 

There are some other unique features. Some of which are: 

A unique rotatable screen: You can use the Sero in landscape mode or upright. Also, when you connect your smartphone to the TV, it rotates as you move your phone. 

Easy to use with smartphones: When you connect your smartphone to the TV, you can easily view social media or mobile games using the TV as the Samsung Sero duplicates your phone’s screen.

The QLED screen: The 4k resolution screen ensures a bright and pure colour representation.

Organised innovative menu: There’s an organised row of tiles at the bottom of the screen, allowing the owner to navigate the options quickly.

Sero has Apple AirPlay featured on its menu. Apple AirPlay allows users to play content easily from their iPhone on the TV.

Minimalistic remote: The Samsung Sero features a stylish minimalist remote that controls multiple appliances.


  • Pretty expensive

4. Samsung The Serif TV

The Samsung Serif TV has a unique design to blend into any modern-day interior as a painting. 

If you decide that you never want to see a black screen on your TV when it is not in use, then this is the suitable TV for you. 

The Samsung Serif TV has a unique ambient mode feature that ensures that there’s never a black screen in your room.

Features of Samsung Serif TV

Some of the fantastic features of the Samsung Serif TV are: 

Unique design: You can easily integrate the TV into your interior and furniture.

Use as a wireless speaker: You can use the Samsung Serif as a wireless speaker if you want. Place your smartphone on it to connect both devices to access this fantastic feature.

Properly arranged menu: All the settings and apps on the TV come together clearly in an adequately arranged menu. 

QLED screen: The Samsung Serif TV has a QLED screen that delivers sharp and clear images.


  • The image quality reduces when you’re sitting in front of the TV at an angle.

5. LG GX Series

The LG GX series is one TV built solely for wall mounting, and it can pass for a real-life painting. 

These TVs are so thin that you can barely find a space between the bezel and the wall.

The LG GX series, produced in 2020, was packed with every gamer’s dream and so much more.

Features of LG GX Series

Below are some of the fantastic features included in the TV: 

Design: The TV is designed only to be hung on the wall using a wall bracket that comes with the TV.

Image quality: The LG GX has excellent image quality with two newer picture modes: Filmmaker Mode and Dolby Vision IQ. 

The Filmmaker Mode is a feature that delivers the images just as intended by the movie makers. 

Dolby Vision IQ adjusts the brightness and dynamic range of the image to suit the lighting in the room. 


  • It is quite expensive 
  • Multiple buttons on remote 

6. Sony Art TV – A8H 55-inch TV, BRAVIA OLED 4K

The Sony Bravia A8H is one beautiful piece of art from Sony. This TV is everything, from impressive picture quality to unique intelligent features! 

Features of Sony Bravia A8H

Below are some of the features of this TV:

Sleek design: The TV has an amazingly slim but beautiful design. It features a pair of adjustable and cable-concealing feet that is sturdy enough to hold the TV on the ground. 

It can also be adjusted if you’d rather hang the TV. 

Image quality: As expected of a TV of this calibre, it offers stunning and accurate image quality. It also has an Auto picture mode feature that automatically selects a setting based on the content you’re watching. 

Smart functions: Navigating the Sony Bravia A8H is relatively straightforward because the ultra-responsive UI is a breeze to navigate, giving recommendations for what to watch next.

Then, there’s also the customisable input menu, quick settings, and limited visual interruption feature.


  • There are only two size options.
  • The remote isn’t backlit.
  • There are no HDMI 2.1 ports. 

Which is the Most Popular and Best TV That Looks Like Art?

The Samsung Frame TV Series.

The Frame is a TV that doesn’t just look like art; it is art. The Frame has a beautiful, sleek design that will fit into any interior; it is innovative and has an arguably better display than any other TV on this list.

You can upload your artwork and display it on the TV. This feature is not available in most TVs that look like art. You can even customize the bezels on your TV – giving it different, alluring colors and visual appeal. Although this is an add-on that will cost more money, it is worth the spend if you want something extra and unique.

It also features a quantum processor, which gives you 4K content with vivid colors and clarity. So, whether your TV is on or off, you can expect brilliant and endearing visuals from any location in the room.

What’s more? The Frame is available in 32 inches to 85 inches, so Samsung has something that works perfectly for you, whatever your room size.

We put our weight behind The Frame Series for these reasons and more. If you want a TV that looks like art, this is the one you should get.

Of course, that’s not to say that the other TVs on this list aren’t worth it. If Samsung is not your favorite brand or your budget is too small to get the Frame, then consider the other art TVs on this list.

How to Choose TVs That Look Like Art

Are you thinking about purchasing one for yourself?

Before you go ahead and do so, there are a few things to consider. Here are some of them below: 


These televisions are amazing, and some of them are possibly screaming your name, but it is crucial to consider your budget.

You don’t have to go bankrupt to own one of these. 

TV screen size

Watching TV is fun when you get the complete picture of the moviemaker’s intention, and usually, the size of your TV plays a vital role in that. 

If you get a TV that is too small and you want to place it in a big room, you might end up not regretting that decision. Get a bigger TV if you have space for it. Read our TV size guide. 


It is essential to pay attention to what other customers say about the TV you want to purchase. Most of them are owners with considerable experience and are better positioned to give an honest review.

So, do extensive review research, and don’t just look out for only positive reviews; check the critical ones. 


Consider the features you desire in a TV before making your choice. For instance, you might love to own a TV that allows you to determine how long a particular art appears on the screen, and if that’s the case, you can’t go for an LG TV Gallery Series because it doesn’t support that feature. 


We hope this guide helps you make a more informed decision if you’re interested in TVs that look like art. Any of these TVs will be the perfect fit for entertaining you and your guests.

Share your thoughts in the comment section, and let us know if you enjoyed this summary. And if you already have one of these TVs, we would love to hear your experience using them. Do share!