10 Best Mini TVs in The Market Today

When on the hunt for a new TV, most people go for the biggest TV they can find. It’s true, big TV screens show amazing picture quality and sometimes it’s hard to find that within the smaller TVs. Luckily, prices won’t be the same either and you’ll be able to find a great mini TV at a great price!

Mini TVs have a different purpose because they are the perfect addition to small rooms or living spaces. Whether it’s to watch cooking tutorials in the kitchen or to add to the guest room, we’ve researched to give you the 10 best mini TVs to add to your living space.

In no particular order, here are the 10 best mini TVs that we settled on.

  1. Samsung The Frame QLED Smart TV
  2. TCL 32” Class 3-Series HD LED Roku Smart TV-32S325
  3. Insignia 32” Class F20 Series LED Smart TV NS-32DF310NA19
  4. Toshiba 32” Class LED HD Smart FireTV-32LF221U21
  5. Supersonic SC-1311 13.3” LED Widescreen HDTV
  6. Samsung Class N5300 Series LED Full HD Smart Tizen TV-UN32N5300AFXZA
  7. Vizio D-Series Class Smart TV D32h-G9
  8. LG 24” Class LED HD Smart webOS TV 24LM520S-WU
  9. Westinghouse 24” Class LED HD TV/DVD Combo-WD24HB6101
  10. Samsung Class Q60A Series 43” QLED Smart Tizen TV-QN43Q60AAFXZA

Best Mini TVs

1. Samsung The Frame QLED Smart TV

If you are looking for a unique slick-looking smart TV, this TV is definitely for you. The Frame by Samsung displays a 1080p image to give you a clearer and sharper picture. It comes in various sizes, starting at 32 inches and all the way up to 85 inches.

It will bring your movies and video games to life with remarkable clarity, color and contrast, thanks to Quantum Dots technology and full HD resolution. Connect to online content and stream all your favorite shows and movies.

This TV has built-in voice control, making it easy for hands-free operation. With a 20W speaker system, you’ll get powerful sound to go with the beautiful image.

What stands out about this TV is its special art mode feature. When in art mode, The Frame looks like an art piece, displaying images of your choice. You have the option to display personal pictures as well as 100 free pieces of art that come with the purchase of the TV.

Another cool feature is that you can change the color of the frame so that it can match the rest of your home. Mount this TV on the wall and it will sit beautifully with Samsung’s new no-gap wall mount.

It will truly blend in and resemble a picture frame. This is one of the pricier TVs on this list. Either way, this TV is great if you are looking for a tv that won’t take up much space.

2. TCL 32” Class 3-Series HD LED Roku Smart TV-32S325

This TCL TV portrays a simple and minimalistic look. It has a thin sleek frame and has two stands on the bottom to hold it up, one on each side of the TV. This smart tv has full HD resolution and delivers crisp and clear images, though it only offers 720p.

It is perfect for small spaces and will make a perfect addition to your kitchen! Watch food tutorials while attempting to cook a new recipe, or simply catch up on your favorite TV show.

Not only does it have a simple look, but this TV is also very simple to use thanks to Roku! It requires minimal setup and connects easily to the wifi. With 500,000 movies and shows available, there are many options for entertainment!

This TV has Alexa and Google assistance and even has an app. When you download the Roku app onto your phone, you can stream on your phone as well as use it as a remote control to search for entertainment on your TV.

This TV will bring life to your living space without taking too much out of your wallet.

3. Insignia 32” Class F20 Series LED Smart TV NS-32DF310NA19

This next TV is probably not as common as the bigger-named companies, but that’s no reason to discredit it. The Insignia 32” is another sleek TV, though it doesn’t offer as good quality as the TVs mentioned above. It offers original HD, which is only considered as good picture quality.

With 720p resolution, you’ll definitely still get a beautiful image. With DTS TruSurround, this TV will deliver incredible sound that’ll turn any living space into a theatre. Additionally, it supports HDMI arc, meaning it will deliver sound from the HDMI jack directly to a compatible soundbar without the need for an extra wire.

Mount this TV on a wall or set it on top of furniture. With Fire TV included, you’ll have access to your favorite channels, as well as the option to stream your favorite apps such as Netflix, Hulu and Disney+. This TV would be a great option for a kid’s room or a guest room.

4. Toshiba 32” Class LED HD Smart FireTV-LF221U21

This Toshiba 32” is fairly similar to the Insignia that is mentioned above. It providers original HD resolution with 720p, so you will get vibrant picture quality.

This center viewing TV provides bright color and high contrast that makes it a perfect addition to any room. FireTV lets you stream live-over-the-air channels, as well as all your favorite apps!

With voice control, you are able to use your voice remote to search titles, play music and so much more! This makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.

This Toshiba TV was developed as a collaboration with Amazon and lets you access about 15,000 channels without the need for a streaming box. If you are looking for a simple TV, you can’t go wrong with this Toshiba 32”.

5. SuperSonic SC-1311 13.3” LED Widescreen HDTV

A small yet powerful TV, this SuperSonic SC-1311 is actually pretty amazing. It surprisingly brings you a beautiful crisp image with 1080p. The details and contrast are stunning on this small 13.3” screen.

It isn’t a smart TV, but it does have several HDMI, AC and USB ports that allow you to connect separate devices in order to stream apps such as Amazon Firestick and even video games.

This model does come in several sizes in case this 13.3” is too small, but you can’t go wrong with it! The size of this TV is perfect because you can place it anywhere without having to worry that it will take up a lot of room.

Additionally, it is portable and you can take it anywhere! Another great feature is the fact that it doubles as a computer monitor. It’s small, portable, great picture quality, doubles as a computer monitor. You truly can’t go wrong with this TV.

6. Samsung Class N5300 Series LED Full HD Smart Tizen TV – UN32N5300AFXZA

This TV is another great option from Samsung. It is a 32” smart TV that is fairly basic though it provides full HD to give you a clear, sharp image. The 1080p resolution provides not only great image but great brightness and color saturation as well.

With two 5W speakers, you will get great volume to go along with the great image. It has great lighting though there may be pockets of uneven brightness in some areas.

You can stream all your favorite apps on this TV, though there is a downside to this TV. It only provides 2 HDMI cords while most TVs have 3. This shouldn’t stop you from getting the TV because, on its own, it is great.

It might just be something to consider. This is one of the more expensive TVs that we researched. Since it does deliver a better quality image than most TVs this size, this Samsung model is worth its price.

7. Vizio D-Series Class Smart TV D32h-G9

This 32” Vizio TV is versatile because it has built-in Apple Airplay and Google Chromecast. With this addition, you are able to share your smaller screens onto your TV!

Go down memory lane by sharing your favorite pictures and videos from your own phone screen. Similarly, you can share work presentations and documents by mirroring your laptop screen to your TV screen.

Another amazing addition to this TV is the ability to view your Google Nest Camera feed right on your TV! You are able to see who is at the front door without having to get off the couch.

Voice control makes accessing these features easy, and thankfully this TV offers Siri, Google and Alexa voice control. HD and full HD resolution allow you to enjoy all your favorite shows with better contrast and lighting. With the awesome features this TV provides, it is definitely worth its price.

8. LG 24” Class LED HD Smart webOS TV 24LM520S-WU

Here is another aesthetic-looking TV that isn’t colored black like most TVs. LG gives us this beautiful silver 24” smart TV with original HD and 720p resolution.

Watch your favorite shows and movies with good quality image as well as great brightness and color saturation. It has advanced sound with two 5W speakers and would be perfect for a bedroom or door room.

This LG model is gray because it provides a clear image, even for those viewers who are seated near the sides of the screen. It has good light uniformity, but it has a similar downside to the Samsung mentioned above.

This LG TV only comes with one HDMI and may be a deal-breaker to some people. Regardless, you can connect online to stream your favorite apps with this LG TV.

9. Westinghouse 24” Class LED HD TV/DVD Combo-WD24HB6101

This TV could not have been passed. Though it isn’t a smart TV, this Westinghouse is unique because of the fact that it has an integrated DVD and CD player!

This is not common with TVs which makes it so special. It offers 720p resolution for good HD pictures. The LED provides bright beautiful color and it has good light uniformity.

With its slim and compact structure, this Westinghouse TV is great for small spaces such as a bedroom or dorm room. It is a great option if you don’t have much space, or if you don’t want a bulky TV.

Though it isn’t a smart TV, this 24” Westinghouse TV has several HDMI ports which will allow you to plug in other devices. Insert your favorite CD or DVD and enjoy this TV.

10. Samsung Class Q60A Series 43” QLED Smart Tizen TV-QN43Q60AAFXZA

Though it is the biggest TV recommendation on this list, it just has to be mentioned. This Samsung TV delivers the best image quality compared to TVs of its size.

This is definitely the most expensive TV on this list but it is well earned. This TV has 4K UHD, which for reference is 4X the number of pixels that that of an original HD TV.

This gives you amazing lifelike images and graphics and brings your shows and movies to life. The quality of this TV is found on most modern TV of larger sizes. It provides vivid colors, sharp clarity and uses the most popular form of LED lighting.

You can connect online to stream shows and movies, as well as use voice control for easy navigation. It is a lot to handle and a price to pay, but it is definitely worth it.

Whether you are looking for the best quality images, the cheapest price or the best audio, you’re sure to find a mini TV that’ll fit your needs. Thankfully, these mini TVs won’t take up much space and are able to fit in smaller rooms. Additionally, you can save some money while still receiving a great quality TV!

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