Best Samsung 82 Inch Tv

Best Samsung 82 Inch TV for 2021

What could be more interesting than having a big TV like the Samsung 82 Inch screen hanging on the wall of your living room? While many users may consider having some of the big television screens, let’s say Samsung 40 inch, Samsung 55 Inch, Samsung 70 Inch, only fewer people go for the bigger sizes like Samsung 82 Inch screen due to its price. Still, adding a large screen of Samsung 82 Inch screen to your living room is a great deal.

With this gigantic TV, you would not want to miss any of your film shows or program. Whether it is built with stunning 4K resolution or an upscaling 8K resolution, one thing is sure; you would not want anything less than the big screen.

The Samsung 82 Inch TV, when compared to other sizes, appears to be the best. The only downside is that it is quite expensive than all different smaller sizes and occupies more space. Besides that, it is a decent collection to add to your living room.

It is quite challenging to get this television size because there are no many designs yet, this explains why we will review a few of the best Samsung 82 Inch TV 2021.

It is, however, essential to note that this list is created based on functionality and comparison with other smaller sizes, all made by Samsung.

1 SAMSUNG 82-inch Class QLED Q70T Series 8K Resolution

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One of the best Samsung 82 Inch Television in the category of 4K UHD Dual LED Quantum HDR Smart TV is the SAMSUNG 82-inch Class QLED Q70T Series.

Its gigantic size can enhance any living room’s visual appearance even when the TV is not in use. This is one of the few televisions with a motion rate of 240. With this, you are sure to have a fast picture rate for a smooth user experience.

It uses a high level of Artificial Intelligence to transform everything that is televised on the screen to a stunning 4k resolution. Although this is a little bit lower than the expected 8K standard resolution, however, it is still a great TV.

Also, the television is built with Alexa for excellent voice control. This happens to be one of its Smart TV options. You can efficiently perform some functions on the television by merely giving voice commands.

What’s more? It allows users to schedule some functions in its system that gives them the opportunity to control the television remotely even while they are away.

Key Features

  • Motion rate 240
  • Enticing visuals to stimulate the look of the room
  • Smart Tv options
  • Quantum Processor 4K


  • Value for money
  • It has an amazing sound system


  • You might need a sound bar

2 Samsung 82-inch Class QLED Q800T Series

Samsung 82-inch Class QLED Q800T Series is one of the best Smart TV manufactured by Samsung in 2020. If you want something gigantic that aids view from a wild angle, here is a product to settle for. It has a full direct array, which enables a better viewing experience.

While the first product on this list converts pictures into stunning 4K resolution, the Samsung 82-inch Class QLED Q800T Series, with its high premium Artificial Intelligence convert every content into high-ends 8K resolution. After viewing the sharp and crystal clear content of 8K resolution, you would never want to settle for something less, nerve again.

With the Smart TV option, you necessarily don’t need to view contents from local stations as it affords users the opportunity to stream live. You can watch content directly from Netflix, YouTube, or any film sites of your choice.

Speaking about its sound, the television is built with 3D true surround sound with DOLBY ATMOS AND DTS:X. This captures and transmits every single sound as they evolve from the content displayed on the screen.

Also, it has TRUE 9.1.4CH SOUND made with about 20 speaker system, which comprises of 9 soundbars, 1 subwoofer channel, 4 up-firing Channels. About two speakers each on the soundbar to give apt audio and amplify the sound for a better user experience.

Key Features

  • Real 8k Resolution
  • Direct Full Array 32x (82″)
  • Smart TV options
  • Strong and reliable
  • Smooth and easy user interface


  • It is easy to use for time users
  • It has four HDMI ports


  • It doesn’t have a mounting bracket
  • It is quite fragile

3 Samsung Q90 Series 82-Inch Smart TV

If you need something big and less costly, Samsung Q90 Series 82-Inch Smart TV is the right product for you. One quick difference we were able to spot between this and the SAMSUNG 82-inch Class QLED Q70T Series is that the former is the older version.

It was manufactured back in 2019. Apparently, the SAMSUNG 82-inch Class QLED Q70T Series is the upgraded version. However, being the older version doesn’t take away its features and functionality.

It transmits content televised on the screen into a stunning 4K Resolution with high-end Artificial Intelligence. It is built with a full array of 16X to produce highly concentrated images with precise color. Also, it has a fantastic ultra-viewing quality that affords users the opportunity to view contents from any angle.

It eliminates glare and improves picture quality leaving you to view contents with exact quality from anywhere you are seated or standing. Furthermore, the screen is built with an Ambient Mode, which increases the visual appearance of your living room.

Key Features

  • Ambient Mode
  • Direct full array 16X
  • Upscaling AI 4K Resolution
  • Quantum HDR 16X
  • Ultra-viewing angle
  • Smart TV options


  • It produces an excellent picture quality
  • Amazing sound dexterity


  • No way to turn off Bixby voice control
  • It doesn’t come with a wall mount

4 SAMSUNG 82-inch Class QLED Q70T Series 4K Resolution

If you want a cheaper alternative to the 2020 Samsung 82-Inch Class QLED Q70T Series, you can pick the version of 4K Resolution. It has almost the same functions as the series built with 8K resolution, only that this one transmits into a stunning 4K Resolution.

Another useful function built on this product is the fantastic Samsung acoustic beams that produce sound from the actual event happening on the television screen. The sounds are acoustically treated such that they come precisely from the event that is being displayed without any manipulations.

With its motion rate at 240, motion blur is minimized, leaving you to enjoy a power packed action movie smoothly.

Key Features

  • Motion Rate 4K
  • Quantum Processor 4k
  • 3D surround sound
  • Samsung acoustic beams
  • Ambient mode


  • Built with a friendly user interface
  • It has an amazing sound dexterity


  • It is not built with a Full Array backlight system like its predecessor

Why You Should Consider Having One

It is easy to fall for a marketing strategy that says the bigger the size, the better the user experience. However, nothing is more frustrating than having a large screen where you can’t view contents on it from any angle of the house. And it is also important to note that when it comes to the functionality of a Television, a big size could be outrightly unprofitable if it doesn’t have specific functions.

Also, due to its considerable price on the high side, many users prefer to settle for the smaller screen. In view of this, we will highlight some of the reasons why you should consider getting this giant-size Television.

Amazing Ambient Mode

One of the reasons why you should consider getting this type of television is its excellent ambient mode. Aside from the excitement of seeing contents from a massive screen, the television also has a way of enhancing the living room’s beauty even when it is not in use.

Amazing Sound Dexterity

Frequently users have complained of the low sound quality of most of the smaller television sizes. These were taken into consideration by Samsung when making the 82-inch television.

The television is built with a minimum of two sounds options. They are designed with a soundbar, 3D surround sound, and Samsung acoustic beams. This has eliminated the old complaint of a flawed sound system, which causes users to spend more in getting a soundbar.

Motion Rate 240

The Samsung 82 Inch screen is not just another big size television. It also ensures that action-packed programs or films remain as crisp as it should be. With the motion rate 240, motion blur is eliminated, leaving you to have a crisp and smooth viewing experience.

Ultra Viewing Angle

With some of these big screens, you don’t need to always take the front seat before you can catch a better view of the contents displayed on the screen. It is engineered to bring out quality colors in a new shade and remove glare. With this, you can view a crystal clear picture from wherever angle you are seated.


All the products listed in this review are highly recommendable. There is no point in spending extra money on big television if the features and functionalities are not worth it. This list was curated based on features, functionality, expert, and customer reviews.

If you will like to get one, let this review be your guide.

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