Best TVs for Gaming in 2023

Video games are good for our minds; they help us learn more quickly and develop greater mental focus. However, to enjoy your favorite games, you need to consider getting a quality TV that will immerse you in the action.

LG 65 Inch OLED TV
LG 65 Inch OLED TV

The best TVs for gaming offer you picture-perfect 4K visuals and clear sound, amongst other fantastic features, and now is a good time to treat yourself to an upgrade.

We’ve found five of the best TVs on the market to take the guesswork out of your next buy. Before this, you might want to see the best gaming tv sizes.

Factors We Considered Before Selecting the Top TVs for Gaming


How crisp and clear the image on the screen is. High-resolution TVs produce stunning visuals that aid immersion.

Refresh Rate

How well the TV handles fast-paced games and how many hertz it can run. Most TVs are still limited to 60Hz.

HDMI 2.1

Ensuring that your potential new TV is HDMI 2.1 compatible is a good place to start because it maximizes the capabilities of next-generation gaming consoles. If your TV doesn’t have HDMI, read how to skirt around HDMI.


This means that the TV will switch to ‘game mode as soon as it detects an incoming signal from a console, reducing latency (the time it takes for the screen to respond to an action you’ve performed with the gaming controller) to a bare minimum.


This implies the TV can adjust its refresh rate to match the frame rate of the console, resulting in smoother pictures. 

Input Lag

Input lag is the time between when a TV receives a signal and when the display updates.

Best TVs for Gaming

These are the seven TVs that excel the most in the areas listed above.


The LG OLED C1 is a great ultra-thin gaming TV. The C1’s image quality and feature set are exceptional due to Dolby Vision HDR and Atmos support. 

It boasts a 4K OLED panel with an amazing contrast ratio that enhances the gaming experience substantially. Cinematic Movement, motion processing, and de-contouring are also included in the TV.

The C1 features four HDMI 2.1 ports, which are perfect for connecting numerous consoles and devices. It also offers a 120hz refresh rate, 1ms input lag, ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode), and VRR (Variable Refresh Rate). Nvidia G-Sync and AMD Freesync Premium are the VRR technologies supported.

The TV features a Game Optimiser menu that allows you to change settings and features on the go, such as brightness, contrast, and VRR. It also includes an HGIG option in the settings that provides realistic contrast in HDR games.

This TV is brilliant for gaming.


  • Size: 48-85 inches
  • Refresh rate: 120hz
  • Display technology: OLED
  • Resolution: 4K
  • Adaptive Sync: FreeSync, G-Sync
  • Weight: 71.9 pounds
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet, HDMI 

2. Samsung QN900A

The QN900A has all of Samsung’s best gaming technology. This TV guarantees quality gaming with its exceptionally high 8K resolution. All four HDMI ports on its One Connect box are 2.1-certified, and they enable ALLM. 

The TV supports fast gaming with a refresh rate of 120Hz and VRR. There’s also an HGIG option. Its 8K resolution improves pixel density, which, when paired with superior upscaling, results in a clearer, crisper image than similar-sized 4K models.

Samsung has also developed the ‘Game Bar,’ a pop-up menu that provides easy access to different game-related functions and real-time information on the signal received, such as the VRR format and frame rate. Input latency is incredibly minimal.

This is an amazing television that will reward those who have the budget to spend.


  • Size: 75 inches
  • Refresh rate: 120Hz
  • Display technology: QLED
  • Resolution: 8k
  • Weight: 90.40 lbs
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet, HDMI

3. LG GI

The LG GI is indeed one of the top gaming TVs, thanks to its revolutionary ‘OLED evo’ panel. Its screen can be brighter than older LG TVs, resulting in much improved HDR performance.

There are four HDMI 2.1 ports on this TV, supporting 4K 120Hz, VRR, and ALLM. When you combine it with LG’s support for both Nvidia G-Sync and AMD Freesync Premium, you have every gaming feature you desire.

Furthermore, input lag is minimal. The new Game Optimizer also provides you more control over how you can set things up, and With the Hands-Free Voice Control, you can say “Hi, LG” to control your TV with your voice.


  • Size: 65 inches
  • Refresh rate: 120 Hz
  • Display technology: OLED evo
  • Resolution: 4K
  • Weight: 63.9 pounds
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet, HDMI
  • Processor: a9 Gen4 AI Processor

4. Vizio M7series Quantum 2021

The Vizio M7 Series Quantum 2021 proves that a 4K TV doesn’t have to be expensive to offer a wide range of gaming capabilities. 

It includes 4 HDMI 2.1 connections, AMD FreeSync, and variable refresh rates, as well as an Auto Game Mode that activates whenever you play a game. The Vizio M7 Series delivers a lot for the price, with little input latency.

The QLED display looks very good, thanks to a processor that excels at upscaling video. There’s also a voice remote for game downtime, as well as a lot of smart features.

For gamers on a budget, this is one of the best gaming TVs we’ve tested.


  • Size: 55 inches
  • Refresh rate: 60 Hz
  • Display technology: LCD, LED, QLED, 4K UHD
  • Resolution: 4K
  • Weight: 31.3 pounds
  • Connectivity: USB, Ethernet, HDMI
  • Operating System: SmartCast OS
  • Special feature: Cinemawide Black Bar Detection, AMD FreeSync Certified, 27 Local Dimming Zones, IQ Active Display Processor, HDMI Variable Refresh Rate

5. Sony X90J

The Sony X90J is the most competitive of the TVs introduced in 2021 for offering truly exceptional image quality at the lowest price while still incorporating HDMI 2.1 capabilities.

This LED TV is a good gaming option with its 120Hz refresh rate, two HDMI 2.1 ports, and a built-in Android TV. VRR is expected to be released in a future version

The X90J has the new Google TV smart platform, which allows for a simple setup and a wide range of app support. This TV provides excellent performance at an affordable price.


  • Size: 65 Inches
  • Refresh rate: 120
  • Display technology: LED
  • Resolution: 4k
  • Weight: 50.5 pounds
  • Connectivity: HDMI
  • Special Feature: XR Picture; XR Color; XR Triluminos Pro; XR Contrast Booster 5; XR HDR Remaster; XR Contrast, XR 4K Upscaling; XR Clarity; 4K XR Smoothing; XR Motion Clarity; XR Sound Position; Acoustic Multi-Audio; Google Assistant; Works with Alexa.

6. Hisense U6G

The Hisense U6G can play HDR games in HDR10+ and Dolby Vision formats, so you can watch and stream HDR video in any format. It boasts a VA panel with a rich contrast ratio and excellent black uniformity, as well as full-array local dimming for depicting deep blacks. While it has a wide color range, it may not become bright enough to let some colors pop as much as they ought to.

The TV has a 60Hz refresh rate with a surprisingly fast response time and reduced input latency for a competitive gaming experience. It also includes a black frame insertion feature to minimize motion blur. However, screen tearing could be an issue due to the lack of variable refresh rate support on this TV.

The Hisense U6G is a relatively simple television. Although with fewer features, it’s a less expensive alternative to the high-end TVs on this list. However, it has outstanding performance and is a gaming powerhouse. While the limited viewing angles make co-op gaming difficult, this TV remains the finest inexpensive TV for HDR gaming.


  • Size: 50-75 inches
  • Display Technology: QLED
  • Panel type: VA
  • Resolution: 4K Ultra HD (3,840 x 2,160)
  • Refresh rate: 60hz
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
  • Brightness: 600 nits
  • Weight: 28.5 pounds


The LG B9 is a great TV with a lot of exciting features for gaming. It’s an OLED TV with a great color system showcasing pure blacks, making it ideal for darkroom gaming, and it has vast viewing angles. The overall visual quality of the LG B9 is outstanding. It provides excellent consistency, accurate color, and a bright-room image.

The TV features a 120hz refresh rate and a rapid reaction time. This makes it easier to keep up with the action no matter how fast objects in the game/scene are moving. It also means there’s no motion blur or distortion following speedily moving objects on the screen. There’s also a black frame insertion function to further decrease motion blur.

It includes a ‘Quick Low Latency’ function that recognizes when you play, so you don’t have to manually switch to the ‘Playing’ mode whenever you want to practice. 

The LG B9 automatically detects when you’re gaming and automatically switches to game mode, so you never have to do it yourself. Additionally, the feedback latency is incredibly minimal in this mode, responding instantly to your activities.


  • Size: 55 – 77 inches
  • Display Technology: OLED
  • Resolution: 4K Ultra HD (3,840 x 2,160)
  • Refresh rate: 120hz
  • Connectivity: Wireless, Bluetooth, USB, Ethernet, HDMI
  • Weight: 41.7 pounds


When it comes to gaming, we want the best experience possible. The difficult decision is no longer limited to what console you choose; the screen you play on now has a significant influence on your gaming experience.

We looked at the features and functionalities of each product and selected the best for you. Our selection of gaming TVs guarantees a fantastic gaming experience.

The ideal TV also depends on the type of games you play; here’s our selection of the best TVs for HDR gaming.