7 Best VCR Players

It isn’t every day that you hear someone talking about VCRs. They were first invented in the 1950s and allowed people to record things on TV. When they first came out, VHS tapes were still nonexistent which didn’t give the VCR much value.

During the 1970s and 2000s, once VHS tapes were made, practically every home had a VCR. Each family was able to record, create and watch home videos from the comfort of their home. Soon, technology started to develop and the DVDs were invented and took hold of the market.

Either way, VCRs definitely changed the way people viewed media and got the ball rolling for more advanced technology. VCRs are still available for anyone looking to purchase one, and here are the 7 best VCRs that we could find.

  1. Toshiba SD-V296
  2. Sony SLV-N750
  3. Funai ZV427FX4
  4. JVC HRA591U
  5. Panasonic PV-V4520
  6. Magnavox ZV427MG9
  7. Panasonic PV-9450

Best VCR Players Online

1. Toshiba SD-V296

Double the entertainment with this VCR and DVD player combo. Save some space with this player that allows you to watch a DVD and record something on TV at the same time.

It is 9.17”D x 17.13”W x 3.7”H so it saves a lot of space and has a nice sleek look. It comes with One Touch Recording which makes it very simple and convenient to make a recording.

This VCR is compatible with today’s finest analog and digital TV’s, ensuring that you will get amazing color and image. Connect this DVD/VCR player to a cable or satellite box, then to a TV or monitor and enjoy watching and recording your favorite shows or movies!

2. Magnavox ZV427MG9

Enjoy crystal-clear images with this VCR that supports 1080p video up-scaling via HDMI through HDMI. With this VCR you will be able to record VHS tapes to DVD’s and DVD’s to VHS tapes for up to six hours. One Touch recording makes it super easy to record instantly with the press of one button.

Just like another VCR already mentioned, this system does not have a tuner and will need an external tuner to record live TV. Since it is a DVD and VCR combo, it saves space since you will need just this one device rather than two separate devices.

Additionally, it is 10.3”D x 17.2”W x 4”H and will not take up a lot of space. It also has a parental lock to prevent children from viewing inappropriate content.

3. Sony SLV-N750

This VCR player was created with the intention of it being great for a home theater. With Sony’s 4-dual recording and playback heads, you will receive optimal picture quality. You will also receive amazing audio due to its hi-fi stereo system properties.

It has a nice sleek and silver design and is 17”W x 3.88”H x 10.5”D. An interesting feature about this VCR is that it allows you to skip commercials! When the Commercial Skip button is pushed, the VCR is skipped 30 seconds at a time in order to skip those sometimes unwanted commercials that interrupt the video.

The front panel audio and video setup allow you to hook up easily to another VCR, camcorder, or game console. A minimal setup is required so that you can start recording your favorite TV shows or movies immediately.

4. Funai ZV427FX4

This convenient and versatile VCR player by Funai allows you to annoy VHS tapes, DVDs as well as CDs. Switching your favorite home videos by converting them from VHS tapes to DVD’s with this VCR is simple and will let you keep your favorite memories for years to come.

With an HDMI cable, you will experience a 1080p HD picture quality. One-Touch recording makes it easy to record the videos that you’d like and since this is a combo player, you will be able to save space around your TV stand.

Additionally, it is 10.3”D x 17.2”W x 4”H and will not take up too much space. The only downside to this VCR is that an external tuner will be needed in order to record a show or movie on TV.

5. JVC HRA591U

Enjoy great sound quality with this hi-fi stereo VCR by JVC that pretty much sets up on its own. Once plugged in and connected to an antenna, it will immediately program channels. This 4-head VCR has a feature called Super VHS Quasi Playback (SQPB).

This allows you to view Super VHS tapes in the standard VHS format. Its 4-head design provides crystal-clear pause and slow-motion effects. The front panel accommodates connections for a camcorder, game console, and a second VCR as well.

It is 14.2”W x 3.2”H x 8.8”D and it is great for bedrooms or dorm rooms since it is quite compact and doesn’t take up a lot of space.

6. Panasonic PV-V4520

Panasonic brings us the VCR with advanced recording features. It comes with a TV/CATV tuner that has 181 channels. It also has Commercial Skip to skip 30 seconds, 60 seconds, or 2 minutes depending on the amount of times you press the button.

This VCR is also equipped with a feature called VCR Plus+. This allows the users to program their VCR by entering the PlusCode numerical codes that are found in many newspapers’ television listings and TV guides.

It is 17.7”W x 15.3”D x 7.1”H and is very sturdy, enough to last you a good amount of years. Thankfully, this VCR comes with a remote that lights up to simplify the use of this VCR.

7. Panasonic PV-9450

Panasonic is a great company when it comes to electronics so it is no surprise that a second VCR or theirs is featured on this list. This VCR is very simple and does not have a lot of extra features, but a lot of times those extra features will never be used anyway.

The 4-head quality and hi-fi qualities will deliver the best high quality video and audio possible. You will get crisp sharp video as well as rich and full audio. It is very easy to set up and operate and comes with a universal remote that works with most tvs and cable boxes.

This VCR also has a timestamp feature that shows the date and time the recording was made, as well. As the which from which it was recorded. It measures 15”W x 3.65”H x 12.25”D and would make the perfect addition to any entertainment center.

The VCR will always be remembered as the system that changed entertainment. Before the VCR, people weren’t able to choose what to watch. TV programs were scheduled for viewing times and that was that. No one had a say in what to watch until the VCR came out.

People were then able to record shows and movies that would come on TV onto VHS tapes. Soon after, stores started selling VHD movies which furthered the possibilities of content to view.

Though not many people have VCRs anymore, and though they aren’t manufacturing any new ones, it is special to own a VCR. You can rewatch home movies that are on VHS tapes and even record them onto DVDs to keep for years to come.

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