How To Block Shows On Netflix

Netflix is famous for having a wide variety of interesting movies and TV shows. While this is good news for some, for others, it’s nothing but trouble, especially if they have children. Many of the shows are not appropriate for kids to watch. 

There are several reasons why you may want to block shows on your Netflix account. It could be because you feel it’s not good enough, it’s too vulgar, or you probably just don’t like the show at all. 

In this article, we’ll show how to block and unblock a show and how to use other Netflix parental controls.

How To Block Shows On Netflix

Blocking a TV show is one of Netflix’s parental controls. It is a feature that allows parents, guardians, or adults in general to block shows that are not age-appropriate for kids. 

To block shows on Netflix, follow the steps below:

● On your phone, open a web browser or PC and login into your Netflix account. 

● If you have multiple accounts, go to the account you want to work on; if you only have one just skip to the next step.

● Open the Profile and Parental Controls setting of the profile you want to work on. 

● Next, click on Viewing Restrictions

● You’ll need to put in your Netflix password.

● Now you’ll see an option called Title Restrictions. Underneath it, type in the title of the movie or TV show you want to restrict.

● Click on it once it appears, then select save. 

All the movies and TV shows under restriction will be removed from your Netflix profile.

How To Unblock Shows On Netflix

Perhaps you mistakenly blocked/restricted a movie and want to unlock it back. There’s nothing to worry about. It’s very simple:

● Follow all the steps listed above until you get to Title Restrictions.

● Instead of imputing the name of the movie you want to restrict, type in the name of the movie you want to unblock.

● An sign will be beside the name of the movie. 

● Simply click on it and the show will be unblocked.

Taking Full Advantage Of Other Netflix Parental Controls

Netflix prides itself on being a safe place for people of all ages, and they take extra steps to ensure that it remains so. Apart from blocking and unblocking shows, Netflix has other parental control options to enable kids to enjoy appropriate movies for their age. 

These are:

● Creating a profile with a preferred maturity rating.

● Choosing maturity ratings

● Locking your profile or other profiles on your account.

● Using a PIN to add a new profile.

● Turning autoplay on or off.

● Accessing profile’s viewing history.

1. Creating A Profile With A Preferred Maturity Rating

● As always, login or sign in to your Netflix account.

● Go to Manage Profiles.

● Click on Add Profile.

● Name the profile and select Continue

On the list of profiles associated with your account, the new profile will appear.

To create a Netflix Kids Experience profile: 

● Follow the same procedures until you get to name the profile.

● Select Kids and select Continue

2. Choosing Maturity Ratings

Every Netflix movie has a maturity rating, and with this feature, you can choose to only see movies with a specific maturity rating on your profile. Netflix will show you only movies and TV shows that fit the rating you choose. 

● Open the Profile and Parental Controls setting of the profile you want to work on. 

● Alter the Viewing Restrictions setting and input your Netflix password.

● Select the maturity rating level for the movies and shows you want to allow and select Save.  

All the movies and games above that maturity level will be removed from your profile. 

3. Locking Your Profile Or Other Profiles On Your Account

● Open the Profile and Parental Controls setting of the profile you want to work on. 

● Alter the Profile Lock setting and enter your Netflix password.

● Click on the box labeled Require a PIN to open the selected profile you want to work on.

● Create your Profile Lock PIN by entering four numbers. You’ll need to enter this PIN to open the profile or play titles downloaded from it unless you’re using an unsupported device. 

If you forget your Profile Lock PIN, go to the bottom of the screen and click the Forgot PIN? link. Enter the following web address into a web browser if you’re watching on TV. Enter your Netflix account login to view or update the Profile Lock PIN that was created for the profile.

4. Using A PIN To Add A New Profile

This feature will prevent new profiles from being created without a PIN. You can’t use this feature without locking your main account profile first. 

● After locking your main account profile, you’ll get the option to Require PIN to add new profiles. Click on it and select Save.

5. Turning Autoplay On Or Off

Autoplay allows users to watch movie previews automatically. If you’re using an Android phone or tablet: 

● Click on the profile icon or More

● Click on Manage Profiles and select the profile you want to work on.

● Click on the switch button beside Autoplay to turn it off or on. 

For any other device:

● Login to your Netflix account through a web browser and open the Profile and Parental Controls setting for the profile you want to edit. 

● Click on Playback Settings

● Go to Autoplay previews while browsing all devices, choose your preferred setting, and click Save.

6. Accessing Your Profile’s Viewing History

● Login to your Netflix account through a web browser and open the Profile and Parental Controls setting for the profile you want to edit. 

● Select Viewing Activity and Show More to see the full list. 

● Go down to the bottom of the page and select Download All to download the list into a spreadsheet. 

Read this guide if you’d like to delete your Netflix view history

You may need to restart your device to see the new settings. Update the app if you’re using a smartphone or tablet. For other devices, switch to a different profile, then switch back, or sign out and back into your device.