How to Quickly Access the Internet on Your TCL Smart TV

TCL – Telephone Communication Limited is a renowned Chinese electronic product manufacturer across the world. The giant dominates when it comes to producing high-quality and low-cost TV sets.

TCL Smart TV with Internet browsing capabilities opens a wide range of streaming options like Netflix, Prime, Youtube as per the audience’s choice. All you need is a stable network for an uninterrupted experience.

This article will serve as a detailed guide on how to browse the Internet on TCL smart TV. 

About TCL Smart TV

This smart TV brings various exciting features like connecting with the Internet to stream content, connecting with other devices and an extensive streaming experience. 

Here are some of the methods for browsing the Internet on TCL smart TV :

Connecting Google Home 

It’s time to make your Smart TV way smarter using Google Home. It allows you to cast movies, sports and other media content from your Android device. You can also incorporate it with Google Assistant devices and control your TV with voice commands.

Link Google Home via Chromecast

To connect your Smart TV with Google Home, you must first connect it to Chromecast. Make sure that the Chromecast is connected to the HDMI port of the TV. 

Here are the steps you must follow:

1. Proceed to the Google Home app on your Android device.

2. Tap Add on the top left to set up new devices.

3. Select the TCL Smart TV in the options where you want to set up the device. Press Next.

4. You will see a code on both your TCL Smart TV and Android device. Make sure that they both show the same authentication code. To proceed, click on “Yes, I am in.”

5. Then, select the WiFi network, and click on Sign up.

6. Choose the video services you want to avail, and Click Next.

7. Press “Continue”, and you are done.

Connect Through Google Play Store

Visit the My Apps section on your TCL smart TV. Go to Google Play Store, download and install Google Chrome on the device. Launch the app, and you can now browse the Internet seamlessly.

Do a Factory reset

Sometimes, a software-related issue might cause issues with browsing the Internet on your Smart TV. You can follow these steps to rectify the problem by factory reset:

1. Detach the power cord from the TV and leave it for an hour.

2. Press the Power button for around 60 seconds.

3. Now, plug back the power cord and wait for another couple of minutes.

4. The device is now reset to factory defaults. Hopefully, this will rectify the software-related issues that persisted. 

Worn out Ethernet cable

If the issue is not yet resolved, it might be a hardware problem. Check the ethernet cable if it is damaged. You can test this by connecting the modem to your PC via an ethernet cable. If the connection fails, you must use WiFi or a new Ethernet wire to connect your TCL Smart TV. 

WiFi out of range

If the router is far away, your TV might not catch the WiFi signals and hence fail to connect to the Internet. It is advised to place the router in the proximity of your Smart TV.

Check for WiFi network on Smart TV

You can check the WiFi connection on your Smart TV as follows:

  1. Go to the WiFi Settings.
  2. Open the Network Connection window, and you will find a list of networks.
  3. Make sure your TV is provided with a stable and working WiFi network. If it’s not, you can choose your network, enter the password and connect your TCL Smart TV to the Internet.

Connecting Internet using a wired network

You can also connect your smart TV using wired networks as follows:

1. Press the Home icon on your TCL Smart TV Remote control.

2. Go to the Settings tab, and navigate to Network Settings.

3. Choose the Wired Network option, and connect to the available wired networks you have plugged in.

You can browse the Internet after the connection is successful.  

Enjoy Internet services on Smart TV

Once you are complete with the setup, you can browse unlimited streaming services on your smart TV via the Internet.

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