Can You Put A Television Outside?

Yes, you can. There are plenty of reasons why you may want to set up your TV outdoors. There are also a lot of benefits to doing so, but the real question you should be asking is, is your TV fit for being outdoors?

In this article, we’ll be addressing some of the things to consider before taking your TV outdoors.

What Factors Should You Consider When Putting Your Television Outdoors?

Putting a television outdoors allows you to unlock a whole different level of fun and entertainment. You get to enjoy the cool, open breeze, you can do a lot more than watch TV, and you can entertain more friends thanks to the open space. But not all televisions are fit for this. 

It would be heartbreaking if anything were to happen to your TV in the process of taking it outdoors. Until you check all these boxes, you shouldn’t take it outdoors:

  • Required temperature
  • Location
  • Strong TV mount

1. Required Temperature – How TVs Are Manufactured 

The majority of the TVs we are used to are indoor ones. Not many are aware of this, but TVs are designed to work within a specific temperature range. According to this source, temperatures between -4 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit and 20 – 90% Relative Humidity are the best.

Now, these temperature requirements vary from TV to TV. Some of the deciding factors include the manufacturer, size, model, screen type, etc. Always check with your TVs manufacturer to know the suitable temperature range for it. Under no circumstances should you go against the manufacturer’s instructions.

You must be wondering what the fuss is all about. The thing is, the temperature outside could be different from the one inside the house. For example, in slightly cold weather, your house would still be significantly warmer than outside. When you take it out, you will expose to a harsher temperature.

The harsh weather is not the problem. It’s the condensation that occurs after being exposed to it. So be very mindful about this before you put it outdoors.

2. Pick The Right Location

When it comes to hanging a TV outside, location is the most important consideration. A well-placed television can make a big difference in how long your device lasts. The most important task will be to hang the television such that it is completely shaded throughout the day. 

This will assist in reducing glare, maintaining a more stable temperature, and protecting the device from direct sunlight harm. Another concern is wind-blown dust and dirt, which causes havoc with the sensitive inner components. Choose a place with as much wind protection as feasible to prevent dirt and other particles from entering your device.

3. Use A Strong TV Mount

What holds your TV up is a key item that might be difficult to protect from harsh elements, and your mount can easily become a fail point. To prevent expansion and contraction, you’ll want something substantial and resistant to high temperatures, so your TV doesn’t fall.

After considering everything, you may decide whether to put your television outdoors or not. If you decide to put it outdoors, please be very careful with it and do your best to protect it at all times. 

Indoor TVs eventually get damaged after being left outdoors for a significant amount of time. To prevent that from happening:

Why Not Just Invest In An Outdoor TV Instead?

Outdoor televisions are specifically built to give excellent picture quality regardless of the weather. These goods are built to survive temperature changes, as well as rain and snow, in addition to enabling you to watch your favorite shows in broad sunshine. 

Outdoor televisions are a permanent fixture in every backyard, balcony, or patio. And, fortunately, there are plenty of great choices nowadays.

We created a list of some of the best outdoor TVs in the market.

If you want to install a television outside, you’ll have to pay a surcharge. A low-cost outdoor TV will set you back around $1,000, a mid-range outdoor TV would set you back around $3,000, and a luxury one will set you back over $6,000. You can consider buying from Sunbrite and the Samsung “The Terrace” series