5 Ways to Change Voice Mac on Mac PC

 Learn how to change the intensity and tone of Voice Mac.

An Apple Mac PC comes with many incredible hidden features and capabilities, including Voice Mac, which most owners are not aware of.

These hidden features allow your MacBook PC to perform particular functions that improve its general performance and user satisfaction.

A modern Mac PC can perform special functions like automatic unit and currency conversions and automated voice dictation aided by Siri to navigate your PC and perform simple tasks.

What is Voice Mac?

Voice Mac is a unique feature in Apple Mac PCs that enables you to perform typing, gaming, and other PC operations, using voice commands.

You can perform PC operations like typing an article/email, turning Bluetooth on/off, checking weather and news updates, taking a screenshot of your desktop, scanning through PC documents for a particular file, and even launching a software application when you activate Voice Mac on your Apple Mac PC

How to Activate Voice Mac on MacBook PC

You can turn on Voice Mac on a MacBook running OS Catalina (Mac OS 10.15) and above. Turn on Voice Mac using the enhanced dictation utility for other lower versions.

  • Head to the Apple menu and select ‘System Preferences.’
  • Now go to ‘Accessibility’ and select Voice Control from the options in the sidebar
  • Click on ‘Enable Voice Control’ and allow the PC to download the required App for a one-time installation.
  • A mic icon appears on your screen display once the setup is finished. Click on it and say ‘Show Commands’ to see a list of available Voice Commands.
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Ways to Change Voice Mac on a MacBook PC

  1. Change the default text-to-speech voice
  2. Using Siri Voice Control to Change Voice Mac settings
  3. Using voice changer apps
  4. Switch on Enhanced Dictation for Voice typing options
  5. Use VoiceOver modifier commands

Let’s take a closer look.

1. Change the Default Text-to-speech Voice

  • Select Apple Menu and head to System Preferences
  • From the Accessibility Menu, select ‘Speech.’
  • From the ‘System Voice’ pop-up, you can choose your preferred Mac Voice.
  • You can also adjust the Mac Voice speed by altering the speaking rate slide.

If you wish to add your preferred Voice, head to the ‘System Voice pop-up menu’ and select ‘Customize.’

You can choose your desired Voice by selecting from the available list or searching your desired Voice’s title to include it in your MacBook Voice list. 

Select the add (+) icon or say ‘Click Add’ and follow the prompts to add your special commands to the list. 

2. Using Siri Voice Control to Change Voice Mac settings

The Apple interactive virtual assistant, Siri, is available on Mac OS 10 and upwards. To set up Siri,

  • Head to your System Preferences and select Siri from the prompts
  • Check the ‘enable ask Siri’ box to conclude setup.

You can also change the Siri voice tone and other preferences you’d like.

To activate Siri, click on the Siri icon on your display or hit the Command + Spacebar keys. 

If your MacBook has a Touch Bar, go to the Siri icon to launch it.

3. Switch On Enhanced Dictation for Voice typing options

Enhanced Dictation mode enables you to type documents, emails, and articles using your Voice.

  • To turn on dictation, hit on Apple Menu and go to ‘Keyboard Preferences’
  • Select ‘Dictation’ and choose ‘Turn on.’
  • Select ‘Enable Dictation’ on the following prompt to finish up.
  • Open the Dictation icon on your screen to begin typing with your Voice. See here for a list of supported commands.

You can change the Voice Mac tone settings for speech text on dictation. Head to the Apple menu and select ‘System Preferences’.

  • From the Accessibility option, choose ‘Spoken content.’ 
  • Head to the system voice -pop-menu to choose a voice.

4. Using VoiceOver modifier commands

You can also change the Voice Mac preferences using the VoiceOver Command keys.

Set your Voice Over modifier keys using either the Control and Options keys or just the Caps Lock key.

To enter a Voice Over command, hit the VO + X Keys, where VO = Voice over modifier (caps lock Key or Ctrl + Options keys.

For example, VO + Shift X will either be Caps lock + Shift + X or Ctrl +Options + Shift + X, depending on your settings.

  • Set up your Voice Over modifier by Turning on VoiceOver, then hit VO + F8 keys.
  • Go to ‘General’ and follow the prompts.

5. Using voice changer apps

There are several impressive Voice changer Apps used by gamers, vloggers, and every other techie on social media video chats.

These apps enable you to tweak your preferred voice tone, intensity, pitch, modulation, and general quality. 

The best available Voice Changer Apps include Voicemod, iMyfone MagicMic, Morphvox JR, Garageband, Voicemod, and Roland VT-4.

Why Change Your Voice on Apple Mac PC?

There are many reasons users will want to change their Voice Mac tone, texture, and effects.

  • For safety and security while streaming on discord and other platforms.
  • Changing Voice Mac is beneficial to Visually Impaired persons.
  • To keep your identity private during Online chatting Gaming.
  • You can improve your online personality by adding a little mystery and fun to your chats, amusing your online buddies and friends with exciting voice effects.

In the comments section, let us know your favorite Voice Mac changing technique.

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