3 Ways To Clone Android TV Box

The Android TV box was made primarily as a recent technology to perform almost similar exciting functions as your Android phone. Most of these functions include; live-streaming a YouTube video, assessing  Netflix app, Google support features, Airplay technology for Apple, to several others.

The android TV box has a similar Operating system to the Android operating system. So, the same app on your Android phone might work on your Android TV box. This makes the TV box a media hub but with minimal cost. To understand the basic operations and how to clone an Android TV box, we must know what an Android TV box is.

What Is An Android TV Box?

An Android TV box is a media box that functions operationally as an Android operating system similar to Android Smartphones. It is a small-budget media center that can be connected to the TV.

With the Android Box TV, you can browse the net, stream videos, and carry out any other function you can perform on your Android phone. Videos can be reserved in a video library and watched later on-demand.

How An Android TV Box Works

To operate an Android TV box, it has to be linked to a TV. Connection is then set up through WiFi. Next, several useful apps are then installed. For example, a Netflix application can be installed to stream Netflix videos online.

The Android Operating System (OS)  does not require much cost to produce its hardware, thus, reducing the cost of the TV box. The Android OS runs similar hardware as the Android phone but gives more advanced output and input options. The Android OS provides a clear HD view with the connection of the HDMI cable.

How To Clone Android TV Box

Cloning an Android TV box is duplicating the contents of another device in your TV box. 

1. Use ES Explorer

  • From Google Playstore, download ES Explorer on your Android device or PC. Ensure that both your Android device/ PC and your Android Tv box have the same internet access.
  • Link up your  TV with Android TV Box.
  • On your Android TV Box, Open Es Explorer. Check all the options for the Remote Manager option. When you see it, click on it.
  • To open the Remote Manager file, click on the turn-on button. An FTP address will appear. Copy it.
  • On your computer, right-click to select the option “Add a network location.” Click on the option. Click on “Next” two times to progress.
  • Paste or type the copied FTP address. To continue, select “Next.”
  • Choose a particular name for the network location then you Click on the ” Finish” option to finalize the whole process
  • You can explore the cloned files from your Android TV box.

2. Use CloudAlly

CloudAlly helps you save and access your files,  documents, apps, and data on the Amazon S3 storage. These saved files can be accessed and recovered quickly. This could be done manually or automatically through internet access. To use Cloud Ally,

  • With internet access, visit Cloud Ally.com on your Android TV box
  • Fill in the necessary details required on the website
  • You might be required to download the app for easy usage.
  • A subscription fee will be required after a free 14days trial.

You can now store, back up, access apps, manipulate apps on CloudAlly. An overview of your activities can be sent to you as a daily report. Their search function can be used to restore individual files or complete folders. 

Their usability of includes; credential storage, Datacenter location, Auto activation for new users, and complete compatibility with any device

3. Use of USB Drive

This involves transferring a file from your Android Phones / PC to USB Drive then to your Android Box Tv. This might take a whole lot of processes. The processes involved include;

  • From Google PlayStore, download ES Explorer on your Android device
  •  Open the downloaded ES File Explorer
  • Click on the option “External USB Drive.” Different files will appear.
  • Select the option holding file until a ticked box appears.
  • At the right corner, select the option,” More” a menu will appear with options
  • Select options Move To or Copy to any location you want.

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