3 Ways To Close Apps On Apple TV

You might have, at one time or the other launched an app on your Apple TV and got stuck trying to figure a way to close it. It’s not so stressful or difficult an effort, and we will be showing you how to do that as quickly as a hot knife cuts through butter.

How To Close Your Apps on Apple TV

You can shut down apps on your Apple TV by following one or all of these methods:

How to Close Apps On Apple TV
  • Using the remote
  • Restarting your Apple TV
  • Using the Apple TV Remote app

How To Shut Down Apps on Apple TV Using The Remote

The Apple TV typically comes with a remote, the Siri remote, or the Apple TV remote. It has a smooth TouchPad at the top and is shiny black.

On the Remote control, you can find:

  • The Home/TV button (represented with a TV screen)
  • The Menu button
  • The Volume control button
  • The Siri button (it is shaped like a microphone)
  • The pause/play button
  • Dual Microphones for enhancement of the Siri feature when speaking commands to it.

Step 1

First, find the home button, then click on it twice, and it will bring up the number of apps currently running on the TV. After that, scroll through them, and you can select the app you wish to close. Then swipe up on the trackpad of the Siri Remote, and it will close the app.

Step 2

If you need to work alternatively between two running applications, you can easily swipe left or right.

Step 3

To return to the Apple TV home screen, click on the center of the trackpad, it will take you back to the home page. 

If that doesn’t work out, there are more ways to go about it.

How To Shut Down Apps By Restarting Your Apple TV

If you attempt to quit an application forcefully, but the app isn’t responding, or the option displayed to quit the app isn’t forthcoming, restart the Apple TV. First, you go to your Settings, then System, scroll, and you’ll see the Restart option. Click on it to immediately restart the device.

Note: Do not click reset. It will take it back to its factory settings, and you will have to begin the whole process of setting it up again. 

How To Shut Down Apps Using The Apple TV Remote App

Shut Down Apps Apple TV

The method by which apps are closed on Apple TV isn’t much different from that of the iPads and iPhone. There is a feature that can be found in the iPhone control center, which can also be used in place of the physical remote control.

The buttons on the app are arranged in the same way as the physical remote, so it is easy to navigate your options.

Also, note that you can only shut down apps on the upgraded versions of the Apple TVs, such as the Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD. This is because other Apple TV models are not equipped to function in the same way.

When going from one app to the next on recent Apple TV models, the first app doesn’t close entirely. Instead, it runs in the background, so it can quickly open if you decide to go back to it.

You can’t close or exit the Apple home screen; it is the initial interface to be found on the TV.

What if your Apple TV gets frozen?

How To Control The Apps When The TV Gets Frozen

If the Apple TV gets frozen and the remote control can’t take any effect on it, disconnect the TV’s power cable from the back. Allow a few seconds for the device to cool down before plugging it back in.

Reasons Why You Should Turn Off Apps You’re Not Using But Are Still Running In The Background

  • It prevents the TV from getting muddled up and having hitches in its performance. To prevent slowing down the TV system, you might need to shut down some apps in the background.
  • It enhances a perfect viewing experience for the user, and apps can run smoothly without unprovoked interference by other applications
  • When you use an iPhone, the iOS responsibly refreshes the device’s memory and clears its cache, but when you restart the device or shut down the apps, a simple refresh can do a much better work of enhancing a smoother operation.
  • It stretches the lifespan of the TV when it is without recurring problems, so it is best to shut down apps that might lead to lagging of the device.