How to Connect AirPods to PS5

The PlayStation 5 is unarguably the greatest video game console and as unbelievable as it seems, it doesn’t support most Bluetooth audio accessories, just like its predecessors.

It does support some Bluetooth accessories. The console can detect your AirPods or headphones but the pairing process fails every time. You need a workaround or a little twitch to use your favorite audio gadget with PS5.

AirPods are the go-to audio accessories for gamers who want great sound quality with a microphone. The reasons are understandable; they are comfortable gadgets and easy to wear for multiple hours of gaming while providing sound audio quality.

Furthermore, gaming headsets are ridiculously expensive for gadgets that are not durable, so, an average gamer spends a lot switching between headsets or rather settles for cheap wired headsets.

Moreover, AirPods are great for gamers who are not comfortable with wearing bulky headsets over their ears all the time. AirPods may not be suited entirely for gaming, but they work well for consoles.

However, the PlayStation 5 doesn’t support most Bluetooth audio accessories and it doesn’t seem like the feature will be added anytime soon. For gamers looking to connect AirPods with their PlayStation 5, we’ve compiled a decent list of possible ways to go through that, whether it’s supported or not.

These smart hacks will help on how to wirelessly connect your AirPods to your Playstation 5 console. The following methods will ensure an effortless connection of the AirPods to your PS5:

Connect AirPods to your PS5 Using a Bluetooth Adapter

The Bluetooth adapter, also referred to as a “Bluetooth dongle,”  is a USB-based device that helps transmit and receive Bluetooth wireless signals. It supports Bluetooth devices like keyboards or audio devices by plugging into the USB port.

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For this method, you’ll need to get your hands on a Bluetooth adapter. This Bluetooth adapter will serve as a passway to connect your AirPods and the console. Proceed with the following steps to connect your AirPods to PS5 with a Bluetooth adapter:

  • Plug the Bluetooth adapter into the USB port on your PS5. It should enter a pairing mode.
  • Set your AirPods to pairing mode as well (open the AirPods case with the AirPods still inside it and press the sync button till the light turns white.)
  • The AirPod will successfully connect with the adapter.
  • Go to your PS5 settings and select the device option.
  • Choose the Audio Device option and the select Input Device option.
  • Select the Headset Connected to Controller option.
  • Return to the Audio Device option,  then choose the Output Device option.
  • Change Output to Headphones to All Audio.

The steps above will successfully connect your AirPods to your PlayStation 5. Furthermore, this method does not only connect AirPods to Ps5 but also to any other Bluetooth headphone of your choice.

However, not all Bluetooth adapters work with the PlayStation OS. Ensure you read the reviews of the adapter before buying it, to be certain of its compatibility. We will recommend you choose an adapter with a 3-5mm jack for the PlayStation controller.

How to Connect AirPods to PS5 through the Remote Play App

The remote play app allows users to stream their PlayStation games on their smartphones. With the app, Gamers have the luxury of controlling their games either with onscreen controls or any PS controllers. It converts any smartphone or mobile gadget into a smaller monitor to play PlayStation games with.

An unpopular feature of the remote play app is that it allows gamers to wirelessly connect AirPods to the PlayStation console. Follow the below steps to connect your AirPods to your PS5 using the remote play app.

  • Download and Install the PS5 remote play app on your mobile phone.
  • Jump to your PS5 settings, select the  Enable Remote play option and activate it.
  • Open the Remote Play app on your mobile phone and connect to your PS5.
  • Pair the AirPods with your smartphone using the Remote Play app.
  • You can activate the microphone by tapping the triple dots at the bottom-right of the Remote Play app screen. This will allow voice chat with your AirPods.
  • Adjust microphone level from the Remote Play’s Quick Menu by pressing the share and PS button at the same time and select Sound Devices.

Can I use AirPods As A Mic On My PS5?

The answer is ”No”. Connecting your AirPods with your PS5 makes it lose some of the features you enjoy with your Phone. Despite the built-in microphone in your AirPods, the Bluetooth adapter only sends audio from the console to your AirPods. Your AirPods will turn into a regular earpiece.

If you want to use the Microphone function via headphones, you’ll need to use a compatible audio accessory that’s made for the PS5 console.

Can I Connect my Bluetooth Headphones to my PS5?

The PlayStation 5 doesn’t support Bluetooth audio devices, but you can still connect your favorite Bluetooth headphones with your PS5 by using some simple twerk, like the use of a Bluetooth adapter or male-to-male auxiliary cable.

Are AirPods Good for Gaming?

AirPods are considerably good for gaming, especially mobile or PC gaming. The AirPod Max or Pro versions are better in gaming because of improved sound quality and audio range.

Can I Connect my AirPod Max to my PS5?

Similarly, with AirPods, you can connect your AirPod Max with your PS5. Even though it’s an unsupported Bluetooth gadget, some possible tweaking using the steps above will work perfectly.