How to Connect Airpods When Case is Dead

Knowing that you can connect your Airpods when the case is dead might interest you. However, it’s only possible if you earlier charged the Airpods or connected them with your device. But if it’s a new phone, connecting the pods is impossible, except you charge the case.

How do I connect my Airpods when the case is dead?

connect Airpods dead case
  • Go to your iPhone’s home screen.
  • Keep the Airpods in the case or as close to your iPhone as possible.
  • Click the “Connect” Button
  • Once you’ve clicked the “Connect” button, the rest of the process is simple. During the installation, you will be instructed step-by-step. Make sure you’ve set up Siri on your iPhone if you’re using the Airpods pro.
  • The notification “DONE” will appear on your screen after completing the process.
  • If you have an iCloud account, your Airpods will be set up automatically on the supporting device. 

How to Connect AirPods Without Case?

Try out this method if you’ve earlier paired your Airpods to your iPhone device and you want to reconnect without making use of the Airpod case;

  • Swipe down from the top right corner of the screen to open the Control Center.
  • Hold the audio card in the Control Center’s upper right corner.
  • Please tap on the AirPlay symbol to share it when it’s in full-screen mode.
  • Finally, from the list of Bluetooth devices, select AirPods.
  • The AirPods will then connect to your iPhone, and you can use them immediately. But if you don’t see the AirPods, it signifies that either the AirPods don’t have enough battery or you haven’t previously linked them.


How can I manually switch on my AirPods Pro?

To get to the Home Screen, press the Home button. Open the charging case and place it near your iPhone while wearing your AirPods. On your iPhone, a setup animation appears. Connect by pressing the Connect button.

What happens if I lose the case for my AirPods?

For $55-$99, you can acquire a new case for your Airpods from Apple if you’ve misplaced your old one. You don’t have to worry when you need a new AirPods case.

Can I use my charger for AirPods Pro?

It’s possible to use your charger to charge your Airpods pro. It applies to iPhone users as the charging cable can charge both the iPhone and the Airpods.

When AirPods are in a case, do they lose battery?

No, while the AirPods are in a charging case, they will not lose battery; instead, they will charge. At the same time, even if you aren’t using them, your AirPods will lose charge and finally perish because the Bluetooth connection drains the battery.

What’s the best way to switch on my AirPods pro?

To Turn on your Airpods pro,  open the case, and with the AirPods inside, put it close to your iPhone device and follow the prompt on the screen. Hold down the setup button behind the Airpods case, and wait till the light displays a white color.

Why is it that my AirPod case is deteriorating so quickly?

If your AirPod case is dying quickly, it’s probably because its lithium-ion battery isn’t as powerful as it once was.

Why are my AirPods only good for an hour?

Your AirPods barely last an hour because the battery life has decreased, so you won’t get as much use time as you used to. Lithium-ion batteries will degrade over time.

Does Find My iPhone tracks the AirPods case?

The AirPod case is not tracked by finding my iPhone; it only tracks the AirPods.

How long does it take to charge AirPods from 0 to 100 percent?

AirPods will take 20 to 30 minutes to charge from 0 to 100 percent.

What are the signs that my AirPods case is charging?

When you notice an amber light, you know your AirPods case is charging.

How long do the AirPods 2 last on a charge?

AirPods 2 can last up to 5 hours of listening and 3 hours of speaking time when ultimately charged. The AirPods 2 battery could last up to 24 hours, depending on your use.

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