How To Connect Bluetooth Speaker To Roku TV

Shockingly, Roku TVs do not have Bluetooth. Regardless, you can still watch videos right on your TV and listen to audio wirelessly using your headphones or AirPods.

Roku has a Private Listening feature to allow you to do just that!

Private Listening is a unique Roku mobile app feature that allows you to listen to your TV using your headphones wirelessly. One of the key benefits of the Private Listening function is that you may use wired or Bluetooth headphones connected to your mobile device to quietly enjoy the sound from channels and LIVE digital broadcasts without disturbing others.

Note that only Roku Streambar, Roku Streambar Pro, and Roku Smart Soundbar support Private Listening.

Private Listening is not supported on these devices when using an external device such as Xbox, cable/satellite set-top box, or Blu-Ray player, or when you’re using a Bluetooth device such as a mobile phone or computer.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t connect your headphones from another brand to your Roku TV.

Let’s answer the glaring question.

Does Roku have Bluetooth?

Yes, Roku does have Bluetooth, but it’s not directly on the device. For Roku to connect with your headphones, you’ll need a connector between your Bluetooth wireless headphones or speakers, your Roku TV, and Bluetooth. This implies that Bluetooth on Roku is done by using your smartphone via the Roku mobile app.

To connect your Bluetooth speaker to Roku TV, you’ll have to get the Private Listening feature.

How To Get Private Listening on Roku TV

To access the Private Listening feature on your Roku, follow the simple procedures:

1. Type “Roku” into the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

2. Download and install the Roku app on your smartphone or tablet.

3. Once you’ve successfully downloaded the Roku mobile app, open it.

4. At the opening interface, you’ll immediately be prompted to search for any nearby Roku devices.

5. Your Roku TV will automatically appear on the search list.

6. Select it to connect.

7. Your Roku TV will be automatically connected to the Roku app, and you can then use your phone as a remote.

8. Next, get the Bluetooth audio device you want to connect with ready.

9. Now that your audio device is ready, pair it with your smartphone’s Bluetooth.

10. Ensure that your smartphone is on the same Wi-Fi network as your Roku TV. If not, It could cause issues if you’re using different networks.

11. Once your Bluetooth device is successfully connected to your mobile phone, open up the Roku app.

12. Go to Remote.

13. Click on that little icon that looks like a pair of headphones towards the bottom.

14. This will automatically activate the Private Listening feature, and your Roku TV should now be playing through the connected Bluetooth device.

Subsequently, you can now connect Bluetooth speakers or headphones or any other audio device of your choice to your Roku.

How to Connect Roku-Compatible Device to Roku

According to Roku, there are a few products that you can easily connect to Roku using Bluetooth.

To set up these products (Roku Streambar, Roku Streambar Pro, and Roku Smart Soundbar), you must first be sure your Roku Bluetooth device, phone, and Roku TV are on the same network. If not, there might be some connectivity issues.

After you’ve confirmed that they are on the same Wi-Fi connection, you can move on to connecting the device to your Roku TV following these steps:

1. Press the Home button on your Roku remote control.

2. Scroll down to Settings.

3. Tap on Remotes and Devices.

4. Select Pair Bluetooth Device.

5. Once the Bluetooth pairing screen comes up on your Roku TV, move over to your smartphone to continue the setup.

6. Open Bluetooth Settings on your mobile phone and make sure Bluetooth is enabled.

7. Wait a bit until you see your Roku device appear in your phone’s Bluetooth list.

8. Select it.

9. On your Roku TV, you should see “Connected.” It will show that you are now connected to your smartphone.

To test it out, play a movie or LIVE TV, and you’ll be surprised that Roku TV audio would be coming from your Roku Bluetooth device.

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Can I use any other Bluetooth speaker brand with my Roku TV?

You cannot connect a Bluetooth device to a Roku TV that is not connected to the internet. To add Bluetooth capability to your Roku TV, you must connect Roku wireless speakers or a Roku TV Wireless Soundbar.

Does Roku have Bluetooth audio?

Roku TVs lack Bluetooth, but they still allow you to listen to whatever you’re watching wirelessly. Roku’s solution is called Private Listening, and it is a feature that streams audio to a connected smartphone or tablet via the Roku app.

Can you connect a Bluetooth speaker to a Roku Express?

Bluetooth does not support the Roku Express or other Roku media streaming devices or Roku TV, and Roku does provide customers with the option of listening to audio through headphones. With a dedicated Bluetooth speaker or a smart speaker, you can improve audio quality or use voice commands.

Can multiple people use private listening at once?

One of the more exciting aspects of Private Listening is that you can have up to four different people listening simultaneously.

How can I connect the Bluetooth keyboard to Roku TV?

A streaming device such as an Amazon Fire Stick is the only way to connect a Bluetooth keyboard to a TCL Roku TV (or any Roku device).

The TCL Roku TV and all Roku devices do not support Bluetooth keyboards, but Amazon Fire Stick allows the TV to use a Bluetooth keyboard. Unfortunately, Roku has only provided us with these options.

Other Roku devices (such as the Roku 3 or Roku Ultra) are not compatible with Bluetooth keyboards.