How To Connect External Speakers To Samsung LED TV

The picture quality is often considered as the most intrinsic feature of a Samsung LED TV. This has necessitated the continuous improvement of picture and color quality in television.

The sound is equally as important as the picture displayed on the screen. However, not so many improvements have been made in the area of sound.

A quality sound output is a perfect complement for a top-notch picture. You don’t have to keep managing the low-quality sound output of your Samsung LED TV.

You can optimize the sound output by connecting an external speaker to the television. If you are finding it difficult to connect an external speaker, be it a home theater, Soundbar, or any other sound enhancement device, to your television, read this blog to the end.

We will highlight different methods you can adopt to achieve this without stress. There are different methods available. We will try to discuss all.

Connect External Speakers To Samsung LED TV

Connect With HDMI Cable

Connecting external speakers to Samsung LED TV using an HDMI cable is by far the best method. HDMI cable transmits sound digitally. It eliminates even the slightest interference that could disrupt the listening experience.

Follow these steps to connect.

Step One

Get an HDMI cable. Plug the cable to the television via the HDMI IN Arc.

Step Two

Connect the other end of the cable to the speaker through the HDMI OUT ACR port.

Step Three

Switch on the sound system and change the audio source to D.IN.

Step Four

If you have gotten it right to this point, you should hear sound from the TV blasting out from the external speaker.

Connect Using Optical Cable

The optical cable is an advanced method of HDMI. It ensures that sound is transmitted digitally, helping you hear every detail in the sound.

Follow these steps to connect using an Optical cable.

Step One

Turn on the external speaker and television. Grab the remote of the sound system, scroll to settings and change the source to D.IN.

Step Two

Take the optical cable at your disposal, connect one end of the cable to the optical out port of your television. After that, connect the other end of the cable to the Optical IN port of the sound system.

Step Four

After connecting the cable to the two devices, grab your TV remote, scroll to settings. Find the sound setting on the way television, click on sound output.

Step Five

Once the options pop out, click on Audio Out/Optical.

Connect Using Bluethooth

Bluetooth connection is considered the best method if you don’t want to see wires cluttered around your living space. It is a wireless connection that produces almost the same sound quality as using HDMI or optical.

One of the downsides of this method is that external factors can disrupt the connection. Regardless of this, it is still an excellent choice for connecting with an external speaker.

Follow these simples steps:

Step One:

Turn on the sound system. Once the device is on, click on the source button on the remote. Change the settings to BT. In no distant time, the BT changes to BT PAIRING. If you have been connected to the same device before, it will change to BT READY.

Step Two

Once you see BT READY, click press down the source button on the sound system. You should press it down for more than 5 seconds. It will display BT PAIRING.

Step Three

As soon as you have successfully created the pairing mode on the Soundbar, grab your television remote, scroll to settings. Click on sound, select sound output.

Step Four

Click on Bluethooth Speaker List. Find the name of your Soundbar from the list and click on it, and pair. After pairing, the two devices will be connected, and sound from the TV will be transported to the sound system via Bluetooth.

Connect Using WiFi

WiFi is an advanced connection method of Bluethooth. It produces impressive sound and allows for comprehensive coverage better than Bluethooth.

Follow these steps to connect:

Step One

Grab the remote of the sound system, click on source, select WiFi mode.

Step Two

Connect your mobile device to the same WiFi network your TV is connected to, download the Samsung SmartThings App. After download, open the app and click on the Add button.

Step Three

After clicking on the Add icon, select device. Other options will pop out. Click on AV. After this, you will be required to select the brand of your Soundsystem.

Step Four

Click on Start. After this, select the location and room. The mobile device will search for the sound system. Once the search is successful, the device will establish a connection.

Step Four

Grab your TV remote, click on Settings, scroll to sound, and select sound output. Click on WiFi.

Take Away

Good sound complements excellent picture quality. You can get the type of sound quality you desire with numerous sound systems available. Good to know, many of these external speakers are pocket-friendly, and you would not need to break a bank to get one.

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