6 Ways to Connect LG Soundbar to TV

Find out the best ways to connect your LG Soundbar to TV and maximize audio output quality.

Like how the race for the best TV screens has led to a rollout of top-tier out-of-the-box super-slim TVs with extra-wide OLED 4K HDR displays, we are now witnessing the evolution of digital sound output devices.

Soundbars are fast becoming a must-have for homes, offices and social events. Their portable designs, excellent Dolby surround sound output, and multiple device connectivity and compatibility make them easily preferable over conventional audio speakers.

LG SP8YA 3.1.2CH Soundbar and Subwoofer with Dolby Atmos (2021)

In this article, you’ll learn the simple, easy-to-apply ways to pair your LG Soundbar to your TV.

How can I connect LG Soundbar to TV?

To connect your LG Soundbar to TV, you have various options. You can set up your connection using.

  2. HDMI passthrough
  3. RCA red and white cable
  4. Aux Audio cable
  5. Digital optical cable
  6. Sound sync via Bluetooth

Let’s take a look at each option specifically.

1. Connecting LG Soundbar to TV using HDMI with ARC support

You can connect your TV to LG Soundbar if the TV has ARC (Audio Return Channel) compatibility.

The HDMI ARC allows your TV to send digital audio data via the HDMI cable to the Soundbar.

You’ll need a special high-speed HDMI cable that supports ARC Audio transfer.

High-speed HDMI cable
  • Once you’ve gotten an ARC compatible HDMI, connect one terminal to your TV HDMI ARC out port and connect the other end to the Soundbar HDMI in port.
  • Now set your TV audio output through the HDMI ARC or SIMPLIX.
  • You’ll also need to set the Soundbar to the HDMI ARC mode.
  • Select the Power button and hit the F key; wait until the HDMI ARC LED indicators to light up. Now your LG Soundbar is all set to TV.

2. Connecting your TV to LG Soundbar using HDMI passthrough

This option is best for you if your TV has a limited number of available HDMI ports, and the only factor is that you’ll be needing 2 HDMI cables.

  • Connect the first HDMI cable to the HDMI out port of your Cable box, streaming box, satellite decoder, gaming console, etc., and connect its other end to LG Soundbar HDMI in port.
  • Now connect the second HDMI cable to HDMI out port in Soundbar and connect its other end to the TV HDMI port.
  • Now power on your Soundbar and press the F button to select HDMI mode. You’ll see the LED lights blinking.

Using HDMI passthrough mode enables your Soundbar to carry video/audio data from the source input to your TV. Your 4K HDR Dolby surround picture will maintain excellent sound quality.

3. Connecting LG Soundbar to TV using RCA red and white cable

Using traditional RCA AV cables is another easy way to connect your LG Soundbar to a TV.

The RCA AV cables come in red and white (right and left audio) terminals, with a third yellow cable for video signals.

RCA AV cable
  • Connecting the TV to LG Soundbar using RCA cables is straightforward.
  • Locate the RCA port in your TV and plug in the RCA red and white terminals to your TV RCA audio out port. Now connect the other end of the cables to the Soundbar RCA audio in terminal.
  • Turn on your TV and the Soundbar, and confirm the audio is working.

4. Connecting your TV to LG Soundbar using Aux cable

For those with a few extra ports available to use, you can also connect your LG Soundbar to a TV using an Aux cable.

3.5mm Aux cable

Although the audio quality is good enough, you’ll be missing out on the Dolby HDR Surround effects your LG Soundbar is capable of.

  • Locate the Aux-in port of your Soundbar and the Aux out of your TV.
  • Connect the Aux cable terminals to both ports, and that’s it.
  • You may need to select the desired TV audio output device in some TV models.

5. Connecting LG Soundbar to TV using a Digital Optical audio cable

This requires little to no technical skills whatsoever, and it’s a simple plug-and-play operation.

Digital Optical audio cable
  • Locate the Digital optical out of your TV and connect the Optical cable.
  • Now connect the other end of the Cable to Digital Audio in the port of your LG Soundbar.
  • The Optical audio cable delivers better audio quality than the Aux and RCA cables but won’t detect high-format Dolby Surround sound effects.

6. Connecting TV to LG Soundbar via Bluetooth Sound Sync

Lastly, you can connect your TV to LG Soundbar by Sound sync and cut off the cables altogether.

  • Turn on the Bluetooth option on your Soundbar by pressing the ‘LG TV’ button.
  • Select the Home button on your Soundbar remote and go to settings
  • Select Sound> Sound out
  • Change it from “TV speaker” to “LG Sound sync wireless
  • Enter ‘Device selection’, and your TV automatically scans for available devices.
  • Select your LG Soundbar to pair and enjoy wireless sound syncing.

Let us know by your comments which option works best for your setup.


Which is the best way to connect the TV to LG Soundbar?

Answer: we’d recommend the HDMI ARC connection or HDMI passthrough. Both options offer top-tier HDR Surround output.

Why is my LG Soundbar not getting audio output using the RCA cables?

Answer: Check your connections at the RCA ports. Ensure the cable is plugged in correctly, also check your cables for possible damages.

How do I improve audio quality using a digital optical cable to connect the TV to LG Soundbar?

Answer: you can change your audio output format to PCM and reduce the TV volume to a minimum. If your Soundbar has mixer/equalizer settings, you can tweak that for optimum sound output.

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