5 Ways to Connect Phone to TV Without WiFi

Planning on watching your favorite TV show, a football match, or just viewing a Youtube video on your big Tv screen instead of your small android phone but forgot to pay for Wifi? Have you ever thought of connecting your phone to your TV without Wifi? Screen mirroring without wifi is possible.

With the consistent advancement of technology, it has become much easier to do so. You can quickly connect your Wifi to your smart Tv and have fun viewing.

But what happens when wifi is not available for your use or your Tv happens not to be a smart Tv? Below are the ways to help connect your phone to your Tv without Wifi.

How To Connect Your Phone To Your Tv Without Wifi

1. HDMI Cable

You can make use of an HDMI cable to connect your phone to Tv. To do this, you will need three items; your HDMI cable, MHL adapter, and a USB cable. It is also necessary to check if your device supports the use of the MHL or HDMI cables. After ascertaining the compatibility of your device,  the Tv, and the cables, follow the steps below to connect the phone to the Tv:

  •  Insert one side of the HDMI cable to your Tv’s HDMI port.
  • Connect one side of the USB cable to the other end of the HDMI cable
  • Connect one side of the MHL adapter to your phone
  • Then finally connect the other end of the USB cable to that of the MHL and switch the source to HDMI input

If the steps are well followed, you should be set to view your show on your Tv instead of your android phone.

Note: Not all phones support the use of HDMI cables.

2. Chromecast

Chromecast is a device to help you view videos on your Tv screen from your phone.


There are two ways to use this device; with or without Wifi. Here is how to go about it:

Wifi needed (skip to next for wifi not needed)

  • You will first need to connect your Chromecast device to your Tv by connecting the device to your Tv’s HDMI port after you’ve switched on the Chromecast device.
  • Download the Google Home app on your phone, set it up by choosing an email address, and choose the option ‘Add another home,’ and you name it.
  • When you do that, Google Home will begin a search for nearby devices and identify your Chromecast devices. Select your device.
  • A code will be sent, which will appear both on your phone and your Tv screen for verification.
  • Choose your phone’s hotspot for a wireless connection, as your Chromecast will need a network to function.
  • Then download an app called AllCast, launch the app, change your Tv to the HDMI input and view whatever you have saved on your phone or gallery on your Tv screen.

Wifi not needed

There is yet another means of using Chromecast to connect your phone to Tv without using wifi which is via Ethernet. Here is how you can use it:

  • Connect your Chromecast into your HDMI port on your Tv
  • Chromecast doesn’t usually come with an ethernet jack, but there are ethernet power adapters for this purpose. Get an Ethernet adapter, connect its USB cable to your Chromecast device. Just in case it doesn’t have a follow-come USB cable, you can purchase a suitable one yourself.
  •  Plug the ethernet cable into the power adapter’s jack and an internet source’s ethernet jack. And you are set to view from your Tv screen.

Like this:

Ethernet is a home broadband network that can be used instead of the Google Home app, which usually requires wifi and an internet connection for initial setup.

3. Screen Mirroring

To achieve this, you will still require the Google Chromecast, the Google Home app, and check if your Tv has a screen mirroring option.  The Google Home app allows you to mirror your phone screen on your Tv screen. Here is how to do it:

  • Connect your Chromecast to your Tv using your phone hotspot.
  • Click the ‘account tab’ in the Google Home app, select the ‘mirror device’ option, then choose Cast screen
  • Select what you want to watch and have fun viewing from your Tv screen.

4. Screencasting

Screencasting is yet another beneficial method. This becomes quite helpful when your Tv does not have the option of screen mirroring. This method is also kind of selective, as not all apps support the feature. Here is how it works:

  • Open the supported app on your phone and Tv
  • Search your Tv for its code and type it in the supported app on your phone
  • Click the cast option on your phone and have fun viewing.

This is similar to screen mirroring, except that you can only use one app at a time.

5. Laptop

Using the laptop is another easy way to connect a phone to Tv without wifi.

  • First, you connect your HDMI cable to your Tv and laptop’s HDMI port
  • Then you connect your phone to your laptop using a USB cable.
  • Switch your Tv to that of the HDMI input, select what you want to see on your laptop under your phone files, and have fun viewing.

Your laptop will act as a bridging element that displays what you have on your phone on the TV screen.


Do well to look out for the compatibility of the HDMI and MHL cables with your Tv. Also, be sure to check if your Tv has the screen mirroring option if you decide to use the option.

You can use any generation of the Chromecast. What joy to know that you can now view your favorite show or a video on your Tv screen rather than your phone’s small screen.  

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  1. Please give more info on screen casting. If the app I wanted to use was Netflix or Disney, are these the supporting app? If not were can I find the supporting app on my phone and tv. How do I search my tv for its code and when I find it, where do I type it.

    My phone is a samsung galaxy a13 dies not have the screenmirror option I was accustomed to. Mt tv is The TV is a samsung
    Model number is T32E39OSX
    Type number is LT32E390. No Internet capability whatsoever.

    It would be fantastic if you could answer this.

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