Connecting Your Vizio TV To WiFi: 2 Simple Solutions

You can now stream your favorite shows online with your new Vizio TV set. Vizio is a rising US brand with a variety of digital products. The Vizio brand makes products such as smart TVs, smartcast tablets, and soundbars. Vizio TVs have unique qualities that make them stand out from other popular television brands.

You always have the freedom to choose from its different features and sizes. More so, Vizio television brands are known for their affordable prices and great access to online channels.

Are you thinking of taking a break from TV subscriptions and catching some fun with your Vizio TV online? Please take your seat, and let’s dive in.

Step By Step Guidelines To Connecting Your Vizio TV To WiFi

You need a working WiFi network and an existing passcode to connect wirelessly to a WiFi network. There are two ways to connect your Vizio TV to wifi. You can connect either with a wireless network or through an ethernet cable. How do you connect wirelessly to Vizio TV?

  • Connect Input and Output Cables to their Right Port: This is simply the first step to take, especially if you are using your Vizio TV for the first time. Connect the input and output cables such as; coaxial cable, HDMI cable, composite video cables, RCA connector, and optical audio cable to their right port.
  • Power Your TV: To connect your Vizio TV to wifi, you have to switch on your television. You can power your TV by pressing the circle button with a line at the upper-right side of your TV remote. You can also choose to power your TV using the power button at the left and rear sides of your television.
  • Press the Menu Button on Your Remote and Choose a Network:

Wireless wifi connections are done with the Vizio TV remote. Get the menu box to display on the left side of your screen by pressing the menu button. You can see the menu button at the upper-right side of your remote, directly under the power button.

The up and down buttons and the OK button will help you select the “Network ” option. By pressing “OK” on your remote, your TV scans for wireless networks and displays a list of those networks available under Wireless Access Points.

  • Select a Wi-Fi Network: To continue, you have to use the up and down arrow buttons to choose the correct wifi network. Once that is done, press the “OK” button.
  •  Enter Your Password: The next step after selecting an available wifi network is to enter your wifi password. You can do that using the remote arrows to type in the correct letters and numbers on the on-screen keyboard. You also have to press OK after inputting each alphabet or number. The Up arrow on the remote is used to choose capital letters, while the “@#” keys help to access special characters.
  • The appearance of a Confirmation Message: Once you’re done typing in your password, select the option “Connect” located at the left-hand corner of the on-screen keyboard. After that, you’ll see a confirmation message on your screen to confirm your connection.

How To Connect Vizio TV To WiFi Through A Wired Cable

Do you have an ethernet cable? Perhaps you don’t know how to use it for tasks such as this. These steps on how to connect Vizio TV to WiFi through a wired cable will help you.

  • Find an ethernet port at the back of your Vizio TV and connect it to the port on the WiFi router using the ethernet cable
  • Power on your Vizio TV by pressing the power button at the back left of your TV or by using the power button on the remote
  • Press the menu button on the remote
  • Choose your home network and then press the OK button on your remote
  • After you have done that, select “Wired Network.”
  • You will finally receive a confirmation message as proof of a complete connection


You don’t need to pay for the services of a technician to connect a Vizio TV to WiFi in your home. All you need is a good router with a strong network and the knowledge from this article. You should probably try this out yourself.