4 Ways to Control Hisense Volume Without Remote

All Hisense TVs have a functional remote that controls their operations and volume settings. However, if the remote stops working, it doesn’t mean you will be unable to access the TV settings.

Besides, it’s necessary to control the TV volume, especially when seeing a movie, since the volume could become deafening or too low to hear in some scenes.

Read through and find different methods you could use to adjust Hisense volume without a remote.

Four Methods to Control Hisense Volume Without Remote

Control Hisense Volume Without Remote

1. Use the TV buttons

As with all TVs, you can always use the volume buttons on the TV to increase or decrease the volume.

However, since Hisense TVs come in different makes and models, they do not all have their control buttons located in the same place. So, going through your user manual is essential. Typically, Hisense TVs have just the power button under them, while the volume buttons are located at the sides.

Control Hisense Volume Without Remote using power button
The power button is often located at the bottom panel of your TV. Th position may vary depending on your TV Model.

Since some Hisense TV models have just the power button, and it is set in such a way that it can be used for volume adjustment. Below are the steps to follow when changing volume settings without a remote:

  • Long press the left or right side of the power button to decrease or increase the TV volume.
  • When you reach your desired volume, release the button.

2. Use the RemoteNow App

If you can’t find your TV remote, you can turn your mobile phone or tablet into a remote. Besides, it’s pretty much easy to access and locate anytime.

Hisense has its remote control app called Remote Now, and it’s accessible on both android and iOS devices. You can do so many things on the app, like accessing streaming services, showing photos and videos on your phone, and more.

Most importantly, you can control your Hisense volume effortlessly. Below are steps on how to use your mobile device to control the volume on your Hisense TV:

  • Go to the google play store. Download and install the RemoteNow App on your device.
  • Connect your Hisense TV and mobile device to the same WiFi network.
  • Open the RemoteNow App on your mobile phone.
  • Go to ‘set up’ under the settings menu and scan for available devices on your RemoteNow app.
  • Once your Hisense TV appears as one of the available devices, pair automatically.
  • The app’s interface has a volume bar on the left side of the screen. All you have to do is click on the “-” or “+” symbols to set your desired volume.

3. Use the Roku Remote App

Some newly released models of Hisense TV use Roku OS to improve the entertainment options for its users. Plus, you can use the Roku remote app to control your Hisense TV volume.

Here’s how to go about getting the Roku remote app and using it to adjust your Hisense volume:

  • Download and install the Roku remote app for either android or iOS, depending on your device.
  • Ensure your Roku remote app and Hisense TV are connected to the same WiFi network.
  • Open the all and carefully follow all the instructions on the screen to successfully pair it with your TV.
  • Select the Remote tab on the app and start adjusting the volume settings as you wish.

4. Use the Google Home App

If you’re using an older model of Hisense TV, you could use Chromecast to control your TV volume and stream content on the Google Home app.

Below are steps on how to setup up Chromecast device on the Google Home app to adjust volume settings:

  • Plug the Chromecast device into the HDMI port of your Hisense TV.
  • Download and install the Google Home app on your android device or iOS.
  • Click on the ‘set up new devices’ in your home option and carefully follow all instructions on the screen.
  • Immediately your Google Home app connects to your Chromecast device; the Hisense TV icon will appear every time you open it on your device.
  • You’ll see the volume control bar in the Google Home app. Drag it with your finger to increase or decrease the volume as you wish.


We have extensively outlined four different methods to use to control Hisense volume without a remote. Try out any of the above methods to enjoy a fantastic streaming experience.

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