30 Best Corner TV Stands for Your Space

15 traditional and 15 modern corner tv stand designs for you to choose from

Are you thinking of remodeling your living room, upgrading your TV or setting up a home entertainment system? If yes, you need to read through our guide to corner TV stands.

There is a good reason that corner TV stands are the most popular kind of TV furniture. A TV in the corner gives the best viewing angle from all parts of the room.

A TV placed in the corner also makes it easy for people who are sitting on a single sofa, or even in the edges of a room to watch without having to move too much.

A corner TV stand will elevate the aesthetic and the design of your room by breaking the straight lines of a corner by creating an angular transition from one wall to another.

Corner TV stands and TV sizes

You can find a TV for all sizes, from small 32-inch screens to massive 85-inches. Corner TV stands do not have to be measured exactly but the design principle is that they should be bigger than the width of the TV itself.

Make sure there is some spare space on either side of the TV. For example, if your TV is 40-inch wide, you could get a TV stand that is 44-inch wide, with two-inch on either side of the TV.

Note that this is a measure of how wide the TV is. The advertised TV inches is a corner-to-corner measure. Check the detailed rectangular dimension of the TV whenever you buy one.

Choosing the correct TV stand

Corner TV stands by themselves have become a huge category within which there is a wide selection of designs. You can choose from many options to create a place for your prize home entertainment setup.

If you’re looking to buy a corner TV stand, then don’t buy until you’ve read this review, compare, and choose the option that best matches your needs from our list.

Corner TV stands also help you maximize your living room space without compromising style and function. Most TV stands not only support your TV but also offer storage for TV consoles, soundbars, chargers, cables and even books and souvenirs. They help you create an uncluttered and sophisticated look.

TV corner stands also help you align the TV to your desired viewing height. Measure the sitting height of your sofa to determine the proper height for your TV stand.

This is the vertical distance between your eyes and the floor. Your eyes should line up with the lower half of the TV screen for the greatest and most comfortable watching experience. The shelf of your TV stand should not be lower than 12 inches below your seating height.

Your corner TV should also match with other furniture placed in the room. The ways to match furniture can be to match their materials. It would be better to go for a wooden TV corner stand if your other pieces of furniture have a wooden design as well.

If your living room has a contemporary and edgy sofa then a glass or a steel frame corner TV stand might be the best one for you. Apart from the build material, also match the color of the TV stand with everything else in the room.

You can also place a simple TV stand, that was designed to be flush with a straight wall, at an angle in the corner. This could work for some TV stand models, but a specifically designed corner TV stand will do a better job maximizing living room space.

In this review we have covered a vast array of corner TV stands, we are sure you will find something that will match your room.

Wooden TV Corner Stands: Perfect for traditional spaces

We have found the thirteen best wooden TV corner stands for you to choose from. Read through each product, compare it with other options in the list and decide if it is the right for you.

1. Walker Edison Alcott Classic Glass Door Fireplace Corner TV Stand: 48-inch TV

Walker Edison makes great TV stands. This model is ideal for 48-inch TVs but it can also accommodate 50-inch TVs.

You can also get a similar fireplace-inspired design for smaller 44-inch TV or larger 60-inch TVs, albeit this 48-inch model is the perfect one for corners.

The corner stand also has some shelving space for other items you might want to store around your TV. The stand is crafted from high-grade MDF with a durable laminate finish.

The laminate finish comes in multiple color options, and we are sure you will find one that matches your living room color set.

The fireplace is a plug-in unit, the fireplace display and heat can be operated individually and heats up to 400 sq. ft.

2. Walker Edison Modern Farmhouse style Corner TV stand: 44 – 50 inch TV

Another great corner TV stand from Walker Edison is ideal for TVs up to 48-inches. It comes with adjustable shelving behind glass doors.

It includes two holes which should be enough for your cable management needs. This TV stand is also made from high-grade certified MDF for long-lasting construction.

It comes in 10 different options of dark and light wood tones.

3. Walker Edison Milton Classic 2 Shelf Corner TV Stand

This driftwood inspired TV stand from Walker Edison is designed for bigger TVs. The corner stand comes with a matching coffee table that will help you create a cohesive design in your living room.

This corner TV stand is 58- inch in length, it is perfect for up to 65-inch TVs. Remember, the length of the TV is going to be smaller than the advertised diagonal size.

It has ample storage options behind tempered glass doors.

4. South Shore Lionel Corner TV Stand-Seaside Pine

This compact TV stand from South Shore is especially useful if you’re making the most of tight spaces. It is perfect for small living rooms or apartments. The TV stand has metal slides and handles.

The drawers are also fitted with a metal slide, which ensures a light, fluid movement. This corner TV stand is suitable for a TV up to 48 inches.

The TV stand has a rustic yet clean look with beautiful handles. It will look great especially if you have wood laminated on your floor as well.

5. Ameriwood Home TV stand

Ameriwood Home offers a great corner TV stand that fits perfectly in the corner and does not end up taking a lot of space. There are 6 adjustable shelves for audio and video equipment. The center shelves feature wire management holes.

The good thing about this brand is that you can purchase other living room furniture items like a coffee table, or a side table from this brand to match with your TV stand for a cohesive look.

It is made of laminated particleboard, and you will need to assemble the TV stand yourself. The TV stand is ideal for 50-inch TVs.

6. Baxton Studio Commodore TV Stand

This TV stand from Baxton Studio is a beautiful and bold design. The TV stand is engineered wood construction and has a contemporary look with wide-open shelves, and asymmetric corner fit.

You would probably need to buy some baskets to place in this corner TV stand, but that will only increase your creative possibilities. It also has three drawers to hide your things.

After placing the TV on the stand there will be enough space on one side to place a focal decorative item like a sculpture or a picture frame. The TV stand is ideal for 45-inch TVs. It comes in a dark brown color.

7. Crosley Furniture Vintage Mahogany TV stand

The Crosley corner TV stand console optimizes your living room space. It has a traditional brown wood finish, and it can accommodate most 60-inch TV’s.

It has solid hardwood and wood veneer construction. It has been made with a lot of care and the hand-rubbed, multi-step finish is perfect for blending with any décor.

The TV stand comes with enough storage with wooden doors that will hide your things and render a clean look. There is a wire management provision.

The stand has antique-style brass knobs that lend a stylish touch to this already lovely cabinet.

8. Crosley Furniture with Electric Fireplace

Another beautiful corner TV stand from Crosley Furniture, this one features an electric fireplace display. This model is a contrast to the classical mahogany design we mentioned earlier.

If you have a contemporary design living room, then this can be the right alternative from Corsley furniture. The white TV stand will brighten up your room.

The energy-saving LED fire display creates a realistic fire glow with or without heat. The electric fireplace can heat approximately 400 square feet.

The TV stand comes with genuine metal knobs in an antique brass finish and a rustic style that pairs well with both modern farmhouse and traditional decor.

9. Inval Corner TV stand

If you love placing decorative items like small sculptures, souvenirs, books and other similar items around your TV, you will love this beautiful open corner TV stand design from Inval.

The TV stand features two open-end storage areas and an additional storage compartment with glass doors and adjustable shelves. It can accommodate up to a 60” flat-screen TV.

There are access points for cable management that have been cut out on the back of the TV stand. This corner TV stand is perfect for fitting a large TV onto a tight space.

10. TransDeco TV Stand: Almost all TV sizes

The TransDeco TV stand is truly a unique piece of furniture. It has a TV bracket that is built into the TV stand. This TV bracket can also accommodate all TV sizes smaller than 80-inches.

The recommended weight limit is 150 pounds. The adjustable flat panel TV universal mounting system with 12° tilt up or down and 15° pivot left or right makes sure that the TV always has the perfect viewing angle, and if it does not, you can just adjust it.

This truly modern furniture would transform your TV space. The shelving space has open sections that might not be ideal for hiding things, but with the adjustable mount, there is little to complain about.

11. International Concepts – Corner TV for Small TVs

The TV stand from International Concepts is a simple design that can be perfect for your living room. The stand comes in three wood tones, espresso, unfinished, and washed gray taupe.

The TV stand is a simple minimalist storage option. It has a huge bottom drawer to hide your things, while two big open shelves are there to store your TV consoles and other items.

This is a unique item as it is made with Parawood. Parawood, also known as Rubberwood, is considered to be environmentally sound as it uses plantation trees that have been felled at the end of their cycle of latex production and new trees are grown.

This is a perfect TV stand if you’re looking for a stand for your small TV.

12. TAVR 4-Tier Wood : 32-inch TVs

The TAVR 4- tier wooden TV stand is probably the most modern design you will get within wood construction. It is three simple wood columns that have been tied together with glass shelves.

The corner tv stand is made of a clear tempered glass shelf with round corners and wooden legs, and that is about it. This TV stand comes with a cable management system in the back to hide the wires without going through the wall.

However, this TV stand is only good for small TVs, up to 32 inches, and the top shelf can only support up to 88 pounds. It comes with easy installation instructions, you can judge by its minimalist design, it is not too hard to assemble.

13. Hawthorne Ave TV

This TV cabinet by Hawthorne Ave has two two glass cabinet doors to keep components organized. It has a dark taupe wood exterior. It is perfect for a small living room or dorm room.

The cables are kept organized and hidden behind the glass doors with help from the fixed shelf. It fits all TV sizes equipped with a centre stand but is most ideal for 48-inch TVs.

The TV stand has a thick panel construction and this keeps the corner unit nice and sturdy.

14. Leick Home Corner TV Stand

If you’re looking for a corner TV stand for a big TV, then you will find the Leick Home corner TV stand to be a very good option.

Any TV that is larger than 60 inches is placed against the wall, as opposed to being placed on the corner. That is the reason you do not get a lot of big corner TV stand for huge TVs.

This is one of the biggest products in the market. It has a metal base that makes the product stable and keeps your Big TV safe.

15. Walker Edison 2 Door Glass Shelf Corner Stand: Corner Stand for TVs up to 55-inches

This is truly a stunning TV stand by Walker Edison. This beautiful Dark walnut corner stand has a two-door shelf space, and two open shelf spaces.

It is made from high-grade certified MDF for long-lasting construction. The TV stand has provision for cable management. It also has an underneath clearance of 5.5 inches.

Steel-frame Corner TV Stands: Modern Adjustable options

As an alternative to wooden construction, you can opt for steel frame corner TV stands as well.

These will be limited with storage options, however, TVs are much lighter nowadays and we could really argue that the big bulky TV stands are really a continuation of the traditional living room design.

If you want a splash of modern design in your home, give these steel-frame corner TV stands a serious consideration.

16. Promounts Modern TV Floor Stand: 47-inch to 70-inch TVs

The Promounts Modern TV Floor Stand comes with a universal TV Mount that can Swivel  180° and can be placed in the corner of your room.

The TV Mount has a Tripod TV Base, and it is ideal for any TV that is larger between 47-inches and 70-inches. Don’t be fooled by its minimal body, it has an all-metal mounting bracket that holds up to 55lbs/25kgs.

This modern TV stand also has built-in integrated cable management that allows easy cable threading and keeps cords out of the way and out of view.

17. Promounts TV Stand for 37-inch to 70-inch TVs

Another amazing corner TV stand from Promounts is not only height-adjustable but also has a tilting mount. It can accommodate 37-to-70-inch TVs.

The height-adjustable feature can help you change the viewing height of your TV whenever you desire. This TV stand is perfect for people who are looking for a solution where they can have a mounted TV but without drilling holes on their wall.

It can carry up to 88 lbs.

18. FitUEyes Swivel Floor TV Stand for 32-inch to 60-inch TVs

This TV stand does what its name says, it fits your eyes. This white floor TV stand mount has a sturdy pole and stable iron base and shelves. The overall color offers you a simple and comfortable feeling.

The mounting bracket features a unique modern design and blue & white hooks. The TV mount can tilt and swivel up to 30° left or right.

These modern TV stands can ensure a comfortable viewing angle. They also save you the trouble of drilling holes on walls.

19. 5Rcom Universal TV Floor Stand: 27-inch to 55-inch TVs

The Universal TV floor-stand from 5Rcom is a simple design that can fit most modern living room decor. It is a beautiful black design that, despite being minimalist, has ample storage shelves.

The TV stand has six height adjustment levels. The height adjustment range is from 39″ to 51″ off the floor.

This makes sure that your TV is always at eye level for the best viewing experience.

20. Convenience Concepts: 32-inch TVs

The Convenience Concepts corner TV stand is a perfect marriage between the traditional looking wooden TV stands and the modern swiveling steel stands.

This TV stand has a full swivel function, yet it looks very similar to traditional wooden constructions. It comes with stainless steel chrome poles that accentuate the wood panel shelves.

It offers ample storage space and has an attractive Espresso Woodgrain finish.  This TV stand is ideal for small 32-inch TVs.

21. ONKRON Tripod Easel: 32-inch to 65-inch TVs

The ONKRON Tripod design is identical to the Promount designs that we discussed earlier.  This tripod TV stand fits most modern TVs from 32 up to 65 inches.

It supports mounting VESA standards. This simple TV easel is a wonderful representation of the current Scandinavian style, and because of its practicality, it will fit into any environment – your house, workplace, or anyplace else.

The TV stand has a height adjustment feature that ranges from 27.6” to 47.3” and can swivel up to 360 degrees. Swivel features are useful for reducing window glare and adjusting viewing angles.

21. ONKRON Universal Mobile TV Stand: 32-inch to 65-inch TVs

This TV stand from Onkron is truly liberating you from having to decide where to put your TV stand. Yes, you would put it in your corner, but you can change your mind a week later and move it around as well.

This is possible because this TV stand comes with wheels. Just roll the TV stand anywhere you want it. You can also make small adjustments for glare and viewing angle.

The TV stand comes with more storage options than tripod designs, which can be attractive for people who look for a blend of modern yet functional designs.

23. Proman Products: Up to 80-inch TVs

This modern white TV Stand from Proman is designed with heavy gauge steel to hold TVs from 40″ to 80″ in size. The stand has a large sturdy base that can support the entire stand and the TV.

This corner TV stand comes with middle shelves that will help you store your TV accessories and consoles. It also has wire management features to hide the wires.

24. Hemudu Universal Swivel TV Stand: up to 43-inch TVs

The Hemudu Universal Swivel TV stand is actually an addition to the classic wooden TV stand furniture. It addresses a specific and important problem.

You could want a Traditional TV stand that gives you ample storage space but with TV adjusting features. All you have to do is place this TV stand on your wooden furniture.

The unfortunate part is that it can only accommodate up to 43-inch TVs.

25. TAVR Floor TV stand with wheels 27-inch to 55-inch TVs

This beautiful black TV stand from TAVR is a versatile product.

The TAVR TV stand comes with a heavy-duty front side wheel, which means there’s no limit to the TV’s position, and you can move your TV around freely, even in tiny apartments.

It can accommodate TVs as large as 55 inches.

26. TAVR Rolling TV Stand with Wheels and Swivel Mount 37-inch to 70-inch TVs

If you’re looking for a good TV corner stand that can accommodate a bigger TV, then the TAVR rolling TV stand is perfect for you.

The total height can be adjusted from 46-inch to 58-inch easily and the 3-in-1 mount makes this TV stand perfect for visual adjustments.

Glass Corner TV Stands: The alternative to wood

27. Mahara Glass TV Stand: 32-inch TVs

The Mahara Glass TV corner stand is a glass version of what could have been a basic wooden design, which isn’t always a negative thing.

It features a traditional design with a silver chrome frame and legs and a black tempered glass top and shelves. Shelves are sturdy and ideal for displaying gaming consoles, TV boxes, DVD players, and soundbars.

It is, however, only fit for small TVs.

28. Swivel Floor TV Stand: 30-inch to 55-inch TVs

The Swivel TV corner stand works perfectly. It swivels +/-30°, as the name implies, and allows you to pick a suitable viewing angle without having to move the TV stand no matter where you sit.

It also eliminates the need to drill holes in your wall. This TV stand is suitable for TVs ranging in size from 32 to 55 inches.

It fits well in corners and has a lot of storage.

29. Rfiver Glass Corner TV Stand for Up to 55-inch TVs

The glass corner TV stand can be perfect for you if you want a wooden-style TV stand, but with a modern look.

This glass corner TV stand can fit your modern home and provide you with a lot more storage than steel frame minimalist stands.

This TV stand is suitable for flat-screen TVs up to 55-inch.

30. MTB Universal Corner TV Stand: 32-inch to 65-inch TVs

This is a true universal TV stand. It is made of glass and has a VESA mount, which is a bolt pattern that is common in most TV brands. The TV mount can swivel 30° left or right.

There are glass trays for storage, and the stand is equipped with lockable wheels.

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