6 Solutions for Repairing Deep Scratches on Flat TV Screens

A Flat TV screen with a scratch is an eyesore, and the scratch can obstruct images when watching the TV and affect your TV-watching experience.

The scratch can even cause further damage to the screen if it is not fixed in time.

Deep scratch on Flat TV Screen
Deep scratch on Flat TV Screen

This post discusses how to fix a deep scratch on a flat TV screen. You will also learn what causes TV scratches and how to prevent them. 

But first, let us see some precautions before you apply the tips in this post.

Precautions to Take in Fixing Flat TV Scratches

While fixing a TV scratch, the following precautions are necessary to avoid more damage to the TV.

1. Be Gentle

Deep Scratch on a Flat TV Screen

You should be as gentle as possible when applying the tips in this article. Gentle handling of the tools used is key to achieving the goal.

Being gentle is necessary because the screen is the most delicate part of the TV, and it can break if not handled with care. 

Do not attempt to replace any of the materials mentioned in this post. Make an effort to get the necessary materials and avoid settling for something similar.

For example, you may damage the screen beyond repair if you use other alcohol instead of isopropyl alcohol.

So, you must stick to the materials we mention here. 

3. Ascertain if You Can Fix the Scratch

How would you differentiate a scratch you can handle and one you cannot repair?

There are levels to TV screen scratches, and here are some tips to guide you on the kinds of scratches you should not fix by yourself.

Don’t fix it yourself if you feel some wetness around the scratch. Also, do not try to fix a scratch if pictures around the scratch area do not display well.

But if the TV displays well even with scratches, you can apply the tips in this post to fix it.

For a scratch that you cannot fix yourself, consult your TV brand’s customer service if you’re under warranty. Otherwise, consult a professional.

Ways to Fix a Deep TV Scratch on a Flat TV Screen

Note that you won’t succeed in fixing a flat TV scratch permanently, and you may need to replace the TV instead if you want a permanent fix.

However, the tips below will help reduce the visibility of the scratch, and it will make it almost unnoticeable.

Let’s begin!

Method 1: Apply Petroleum Jelly or Colgate Toothpaste

Fix Deep Scratch on a Flat TV Screen

You can fix a scratch on your flat TV screen by applying petroleum jelly (Vaseline) or Colgate toothpaste, and the application will fill the scratch and make it less noticeable.

Follow the steps below to safely apply petroleum jelly or Colgate toothpaste to your TV scratch.

  • Turn off the TV and unplug it from the power source.
  • Wipe the scratch area clean.
  • Apply a thick coat of petroleum jelly or toothpaste to the scratch.
  • Rub the petroleum jelly slowly with a soft cloth. Ensure this cloth is clean.
  • Repeat the process if necessary.

Method 2: Apply Isopropyl Alcohol to Fix the Deep Scratch on your TV Screen

Isopropyl alcohol can fix your flat TV screen scratch. See the application steps below.

  • Turn off the TV and unplug it.
  • Mix the isopropyl alcohol with water. The mixture should have an equal proportion of alcohol and water.
  • Wipe the scratch surface with the solution using a soft cloth.
  • Apply a little petroleum jelly.
  • Wipe the scratch softly with the soft cloth with an isopropyl mixture.

Method 3: Applying Auto Rubbing Compound and Lacquer

Deep Scratch on a Flat TV Screen

One other way to fix a deep scratch on your flat TV screen is the use of auto-rubbing compound and lacquer.

You can still use the isopropyl and water mixture here. See the steps below:

  • Turn off the TV.
  • Clean the screen gently.
  • Add some auto-rubbing compound to the scratch area.
  • Rub this compound over the scratch gently with a soft cloth.
  • Clean the scratch surface again with the isopropyl mixture.
  • Leave the TV for a few minutes to dry.
  • Spray Lacquer over the scratch area. You may cover the remaining part of the screen to avoid spraying lacquer over it.
  • Leave the screen to dry again.

Method 4: The Pencil Eraser Method

You can use the Pencil eraser method supplementary to the second method above. Take the following steps.

  • Turn the TV off and unplug it from the socket.
  • Clean the scratch surface with a mixture of isopropyl and water.
  • Rub the surface of the scratch with a soft pencil eraser.
  • Clean the surface with a soft cloth.

Method 5: Get a TV Scratch Repair Kit

The purpose of the TV scratch repair kit is to fix TV scratches. This kit is available for different brands, and you can get one for your TV brand in the market.

The kit usually contains a polishing paste and a microfiber cloth. There can only be a few inclusions peculiar to each brand.

In addition, the repair kit will bear instructions on how to use the contents. Follow the instructions carefully, and you will fix your flat TV scratch.

Method 6: Visit a Professional

If you cannot fix the scratch on your flat TV screen with any of the methods above, it is time you visit a professional.

A professional TV repairer is a well-trained specialist in fixing electronics and other appliances. 

They will tell you how much damage the TV screen scratch has caused, how they will repair it, or if you need to replace the TV entirely.

This option is most likely the safest way to repair a TV screen scratch, but consider trying the previous options before resorting to this one.

Alternatively, if your TV is still under warranty, you should visit your brand’s customer care center for professional service or a replacement.

Common Causes of Scratches on TV Screens

One of the common causes of a TV scratch is moving the TV around. That is if the TV does not have a fixed position.

Also, Children at home usually cause TV scratches, and you may not prevent a scratch if you keep the TV where children can easily reach it.

So, think carefully about where to keep your TV if you have kids at home. It is also good practice to have a fixed location for your TV. 

How to Protect Your TV Screen From a Scratch

It is better to prevent your TV from getting scratched than to fix the scratch. 

While you can repair the screen, your TV will not look the same as when you bought it. 

See the following precautions to prevent your TV from having a scratch.

Keep the TV in a Fixed Position

Moving your TV around will do more harm than good, and it can easily cause a screen scratch. Therefore, you need to find a permanent space for the TV.

An excellent example of a safe place for your TV is mounting it on the wall or a TV stand.

Do not Use a Harmful Object to Clean the TV

Regularly cleaning your TV is necessary. But, you must do it with the proper cleaning materials.

Do not clean the TV with tissue paper, paper towels, or cloth. These materials will do the opposite of what you intend to achieve – they will leave scratches on the screen over time. 

Always use a microfiber cloth or a non-abrasive material to clean the TV screen.

See more on how to clean your TV here.

Do not Apply Pressure on the TV 

Flat TVs are very fragile and may not withstand pressure without any scratches.

The TV should always stand by itself if it is not mounted. Avoid dropping things on it, and do not apply any pressure when cleaning it.

Keep Away From the Reach of Children

One of the best ways to keep your TV safe is to mount it on the wall; that way, it is harder for kids to get to it. 

Your TV positioning may differ depending on the viewing angle and the room setup, either way, ensure kids can’t get to the TV easily. 

Children can easily scratch the screen with harmful objects, and while that will probably be exciting to them, it won’t be for you. 

Use an LCD Screen Protector

You can protect your screen from all kinds of scratches by getting a screen protector. TV screen protectors will give your TV ultimate protection. Good thing they are available in different screen sizes.

Screen protectors are easy to install and allow proper TV ventilation. They can also function as anti-glare screens, so you will not need an anti-glare filter. 


Flat TVs are very fragile and are prone to damage from mishandling, and proper maintenance is always advisable. You will enjoy your TV for a long time to come if you do your bit. 

But, no matter how careful you are, sometimes life happens, and that scratch shows up. Don’t fret. You can fix these scratches when they occur by applying the guides in this post. 

Remember to follow the guidelines strictly, because a simple mistake can cause further damage to the TV.

Also, remember not to attempt fixing your TV when you need to take it to a professional.

Beyond repairing the scratch on your flat TV screen, preventing it from having a scratch is crucial. Always clean the TV with tenderness, and do not apply any pressure on it while cleaning.

Lastly, getting a screen protector for your TV may be the best preventive measure you can take to keep it from scratches.

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