2 Ways To Delete Apps on Apple TV

Apple TV is a cable box that allows you to stream loads of new and old shows online. It offers incredible benefits that you would not get on local TV channels or any other entertainment device. On Apple TV, you can download different applications to enhance your user experience.

There are so many streaming services available on the app. While you may have to only settle for the ones with a minimal subscription rate, exploring the streaming services store for new apps will cause no harm to your pocket.

To this end, you might want to consider removing some apps on the Apple TV so you can create space for downloading more applications. Although there is not much information on how to remove or delete apps on the Apple TV, we have deeply researched finding the best way you can remove apps on this streaming device.

How To Delete App on Apple Tv

There are two ways to delete apps on the Apple TV. You can remove the app from the home screen using the remote or delete it from the Apple TV settings through the Manager storage menu.

  • Remove from Home Screen
  • Delete from Apple TV settings

Good to know, these two methods are effective, depending on your choice.

1. Delete From Home Screen

Follow these steps to delete an app on the Apple TV from the home screen using the remote.

Step One

Grab the remote for the Apple TV. First, check if there is a battery in it and test if the battery is working effectively. If the battery is working well, you are good to go. You might need to change the battery if otherwise.

Step Two

Use the remote to highlight the app you want to delete on the device. The apps are usually on display on the home screen. Tap and hold the touchpad, hold it until selected apps start shaking.

Step Three

Once the selected apps start shaking, click the Play/Pause button. A click on this button will open the options menu where the apps can be removed or modified.

Step Four

When the option menu is open, navigate to delete to uninstall the app from the device. In no time will you discover that the app has been deleted from the device.

This method is by far the easiest. It works the same way as removing or uninstalling an application on an iPhone. This method sure won’t be a hassle for iPhone users to use.

2. Delete From Apple TV Settings

There is another excellent method of removing applications on the Apple TV. You only need to navigate the device settings to do this. Follow these steps.

Step One

Grab the device remotely, open the settings app. Once the option is open, click on General. After this, select Manage Storage.

Step Two

After that, you can locate the application you want to delete. Once you identify the app, click on the icon with a garbage can. You will need to exercise patience as this method is not as fast as the former.

Removing applications on the Apple TV using the Manage Storage Menu is the best for users with multiple applications on their devices. While the first option of deleting from the home screen seems to be the fastest, deleting from the App setting is the best.

When you delete an app from the device through the Manage Storage menu, it shows you the application eating up space on the device. With this, you can make the best choice of app to be deleted on the app.

Conclusively, while you can’t be stopped from deleting any app, we feel like you should know that it has its consequences. If you have activated the One Home Screen feature on the device, any app you remove on the Apple TV will be lost on other units connected to the same iCloud account. You might need to take caution.