What Does Developer Mode Do On Roku?

Roku is a one-stop source of entertainment. Apart from entertaining, it has several other features that allow you to tailor your TV according to your interest.

People download apps and movies into Roku, not knowing it has more to offer than these. With Roku, you can build your own Roku channels and create your very own Roku experience.

How can you achieve this? Here’s a quick answer.

By activating Developer Mode.

What Does Developer Mode Do On Roku?

Enabling the developer mode feature helps you install apps and programs sideload that aren’t in the official Roku store, which can help you customize your viewing experience.

As the name implies, the developer mode is, well, for developers, but who says that you can’t use it?

You might get tired of Roku channels and want something new. When this happens, you want a different channel than Roku’s. And there are so many other options to choose from.

Why is Developer Mode so much important?

The reason is that some of these third-party channels work better and faster.

Developer Mode also gives you that easy method to create your channel and maximally program it to your taste. Creating your own channel will allow you to access the programs, movies, and podcasts that you like.

The simple thing you need to do to create your channel is to download the channel in question, copy and paste the URL in the “config.brs” document within the “source” folder, and add some custom images.

Are you confused? I know you are. Here’s how to enable Developer Mode on Roku:

How to enable Developer Mode on Roku

The first thing to do here is pick up your remote control, then turn your Roku on. Once that’s done, you’ll have to press a series of buttons to activate developer mode.

Activating Developer Mode requires that you press some buttons in a particular sequence on the official Roku remote (not the remote app on your phone.) To do this, press:

1. Home three times, then

2. Up two times, then

3. Right once, then

4. Left once, then

5. Right once, then

6. Left once, then

7. Right once.

Press your remote using the sequence above, and you should see the Developer secret screen:

Please write down the IP address and the username displayed on the Developer secret screen because you will need them as you progress with the setup. Once you’ve got that information, you’ll be asked if you agree with the SKD License Agreement or not.

Click “I Agree,” (if you do so after reading the write-up (of course, most people don’t read it). After that, you’ll be prompted to create a development web server password.

Please take note of the password you set, or better still, record it in the same place you took note of your IP address and username earlier.

Once you’ve created your password, click done, and your Roku will restart. Once it finally turns on, you can now gain access to Developer Mode.

Accessing Developer Mode on Roku

Now that you’ve successfully activated Developer Mode, it is now time to gain access and tweak some things.

Once your Roku device has finished restarting, make sure you connect your Roku device to the same Wi-Fi your phone, tablet or laptop is connected to.

Copy and paste the IP address you recorded earlier into your favorite browser. You’ll be required to enter the user name and password you set earlier.

The Roku Development Application Installer will open in your browser. Then you’ll have access to install/side-load third party apps and channels.

How to Upload/Sideload Your App to Roku

The Development Application installer is now launched in your browser.

After clicking the “Upload” button, navigate your ZIP file in your browser.

Next to the “Upload” button should be the file name.

The installation process will begin once you click “Install.” Your app will appear on the Roku right away when it’s finished.

Congratulations! You’ve installed an application from the side. There’s only one catch: you can only have one side-loaded application on your Roku at a time. You’ll have to remove the first side-loaded channel if you want to side-load a different channel.

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What does the Developer Application installer do on Roku?

Enabling the Development Application Installer on your Roku device allows you to side-load and test your development channels. You can get your first Roku channel by downloading it, and this channel can then be side-loaded, tested, and updated.

Enabling developer mode in ROKU takes some time, but the process is simple. Enabling is simple, but it is more difficult for new users. Once you have a developer mode-enabled ROKU device, you can easily download and install third-party apps.

Furthermore, if you are a developer and want to create your own ROKU channel, start with a good sample channel collection.

I’ve explained every step on “How to enable Developer Mode on ROKU.” Try it out, and let’s know your experience in the comments section below.