What is Device Pulse?

Device Pulse by Tracfone is a traditional and customizable instant messaging application with tons of features. The application mirrors everything a user does on their phone to a database stored on the cloud.

Device pulse features a fluid interface that allows easy customization and use. This messaging app allows users to send messages from any devices linked to the internet. Messages and conversations can be mirrored according to preference. Also, users can archive unnecessary or irrelevant messages.

How Device Pulse Works

Device pulse is available for download on the Playstore. Once you download the app, it would request you grant permission to proceed. This permission allows the app to import contacts, call data, microphone, files, location, phone, SMS, camera, device ID, photos, multimedia, etc.

The app then uses the data retrieved to identify messages. Note that the prompt for permission is only available for Andriod v 6.0 Marshmallow users. Device pulse allows users to utilize the messages in their cloud database and add and make changes without connecting directly to their phone.

The pulse server then sends/forwards any changes you make to your phone. That is, if you have any other device linked to your phone, the device will not have a direct dependency on the phone. This is one of the perks of Device Pulse, as it helps you save battery life and data usage.

Features of Device Pulse

Device Pulse is available for free; however, there are optional in-app purchases. Below are some of its features:

  • Easy customization
  • Text alteration
  • Auto-reply support
  • Blocklist creation
  • Add images, videos, Gifs, location, etc
  • Schedule timing
  • Private conversations (passworded)
  • Signature support
  • Pinned conversations
  • Delayed message sending
  • Dual sim support
  • Backup
  • Theme setting
  • Contact setting
  • Group conversation renaming
  • Message templates
  • Folder support

Perks of Device Pulse

Some of the perks of using device pulse include:

Installable app

Device Pulse has a native installable desktop app available for Windows, Mac, Linus, and ChromeOS. That is, if you do not want to use Pulse only on your browser, you can install the app and experience the excellent interface.

Message Notifications

Once you enable notification, the system will alert you when you get a new message on your computer. The good thing is you do not have to keep a tab open in your browser to enjoy this perk.

Automatic Backup

Messages are automatically backed up, so you can always restore your messages if you lose your device. This is possible because everything is stored using end-to-end encryption in the cloud. So, all your messages automatically get backed up and restored to new devices when you sign in.

Availability of Extensions

Device Pulse has chrome and firefox extensions which give users the ability to access the app from within their browser. Generally, you can use the text from any device.


Users can customize conversations and change settings without opening the phone app. You can search for conversations, snooze notifications, manage scheduled messages, and blocklist. Also, users can view private conversations and folders.

End-to-end Encryption

With Device Pulse, you do not need to open a streaming connection on your phone as it drains the battery and uses data. Also, a third party will not be able to access your messages without logging in to your email and password.

Device Pulse User Complaints

Many users have complained about being unable to disable Device Pulse once installed. There are also several complaints about the app malfunctioning or causing their phones to be really slow.

One user bitterly complained of constant updates that made him unable to use his phone even for emergencies like calling 911.

However, the most common concern is all the data collected by Device Pulse. There is a huge concern for data privacy issues with Device Pulse.

TracPhone users are often unaware that this app has been installed on their phone and they’re unable to uninstall it if they choose to. That’s predatory. Everyone should be able to EASILY uninstall an app on their devices whenever they choose to!

Should You Disable Device Pulse?

You can disable Device Pulse but don’t be in a hurry to do so. Since it’s a System App on some phones, it could cause issues if uninstalled or disabled carelessly. In fact, disabling a system app is often not recommended because some System Apps are intertwined with other Apps and could cause them to malfunction.

Note that in some cases, disabling Device Pulse by yourself is just impossible, especially if you use a Motorola phone. The easiest way to uninstall the app is to contact their customer service. You can contact Tracfone customer service here.

They’re available Monday-Sunday from 8:00 AM to 11:45 PM EST.

You can also use USB debugging with the ADB app to disable it but this is more complex. To do this,  you’ll need to connect to a Windows machine, install the phone’s drivers, and install the ADB binary corresponding to your version of windows. This process will allow you to uninstall the application through Windows Powershell.


Although there are tons of messaging apps people can use, the Device Pulse offers functionalities and features that give it an edge over many other apps. However, these benefits go out the window when considering that users have no option of easily uninstalling it.

As mentioned above, Device pulse is free; however, if you want an upgrade, you will have to subscribe for a package, which comes at a fee. Luckily, the cost for an upgrade is fair and won’t leave a hole in your pocket.

1 thought on “What is Device Pulse?”

  1. This is not at all accurate on the functions of the device pulse app. Device pulse is a remote management app for provisioned installs of Android. Straight talk uses enterprise builds, which sets and controls device usage, as far as the phone is concerned and the way it’s setup you’re only a user of the phone, it’s owned by straight talk and parameters are set about usage ability, whether you paid in full for device or not. Decompile the application and inspect parts of it, it’s disgusting what this application does, and is a direct representation of how we are viewed as customers by straight talk.

    Decompile the application and look at some of it’s activities and permissions. The permissions alone are enough to puke.

    It’s only an illusion of being a messenger app and having the ability to backup to the cloud to remain undetected. If you read the policy it makes you agree to before activation of your device on first time setup 100% of it is about this app and it’s roughly 20 pages in length, where there is a clause that states you have 30 days to submit in writing or call a 1-800 number to opt out.


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