Digital TV Not Picking Up Any Channel – 6 Ways To Fix It

You’ve just rushed back home from work to see your favorite television show. You go straight for the television, turn it on, and throw yourself on the sofa in preparation to see your favorite show.

But after all the excitement to start viewing content on your digital TV, you suddenly discover that it isn’t picking up any channel? Arrrghhhh…!

You try to run an auto-scan, yet the problem persists. One thing is sure; you have to find a solution to the problem of your digital TV not picking channels.

Fret not! We will explain some of the simple ways to fix this problem.

How to Fix Digital TV Not Picking Up Any Channel

Do The Scan Again

First, you must endeavor to do the scan again before concluding that the television can’t pick channels. All you need to do is click on the menu button from your television remote, scroll to Settings. You would see scan or installation under the options for Settings. Click on the auto-scan icon to try the process again.

If you still can’t find any channels after doing the auto-scan again, you should try another solution.

Reset The Decoder or TV Box

More often than not, the problem with digital TV not picking channels is caused by a decoder or TV box. You may need to reset the decoder or TV box to get things working again. How to reset the decoder varies depending on the type of decoder you are using. It would be best if you check the device manual to find out.

After the device has been rebooted, let it perform the auto-scan for channels by itself. If the decoder or TV box causes the problem, you will get channels on the TV.

Check The Connection

If you use a decoder or antenna, you might need to check the connection. A broken link can cause the television not to pick channels. If the antenna is connected directly to the tv, check if the connection is made correctly. Check if all the cables are connected to the correct port.

Also, if you are using a decoder, ensure there is no loose connection. If you notice a loose connection, tighten it. If one of the cables is not connected correctly, fix it and scan for channels again.

Reset the bandwidth/frequency/channel

Sometimes, a fault in the bandwidth/frequency could cause the television not to pick channels. Although this type of solution is supposed to be carried out by experts, you should not worry if you know what to do. Someone may have altered your decoder or TV box settings, and this has changed the bandwidth/frequency.

If this is the case, all expected is to return the bandwidth to the default settings. You can return it to the default bandwidth/frequency by turning it off and allowing it to reboot by itself for some decoders.

However, not all decoders can do this. Suppose your decoder doesn’t automatically return to default settings after turning it off. In that case, you might need to check the manual to avail yourself with information on how to do this without complicating the issue further.

Change The Position of The Antenna

Another thing that can be done is to change the position where you mount the antenna. Sometimes, the wrong position of the antenna can hinder the television from picking channels.

Bad Weather

While you may want to try one or two from this list, you must know if bad weather caused the fault. It could be rain or wind. If bad weather caused the problem, you would not need to do much to rectify the situation. You will only need to relax a bit until the weather to become brighter or better, and things would automatically return to normal.

There you have it, diverse solution methods to try if your digital TV stop picking channels.

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