5 Fixes For DirecTV Remote not Working

Learn how to troubleshoot and fix all issues relating to “Remote not Working” for DirecTV subscribers.

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This post will resolve a dispute many DirecTV subscribers have faced over the years: “why is my DirecTV remote not working?”

Your remote not working automatically means you lose almost all functions on your DirecTV Genie DVR, which defeats the purpose of getting the box in the first place.

While you can always dial 1-800-DIRECTV to request a service agent and burn tens of hours of valuable time, you don’t have to wait that long with this guide.

We’ll give you all the possible reasons why you’re facing this difficulty with your remote control and the most reliable fixes available for them. There’s no reason to panic, as our recommendations work for all DirecTV Genie DVR models ( DirecTV Genie, DirecTV Genie mini and DirecTV wireless Genie).

So let’s get right into it.

Causes of DirecTV Remote not Working

1. Problem with the batteries

2. Faulty Remote as a result of contact with fluids, liquids and other organics

3. Remote is Incompatible with your DirecTV Genie DVR

4. Blocked sensors

5. Remote is distant from the DirecTV Genie DVR

6. Remote is not paired with the DVR box

7. Remote damaged over time

8. Faulty or damaged Genie box

How to fix your DirecTV Remote not Working

Before doing anything else, it’s important to troubleshoot your TV, DirecTV Genie DVR and remote control.

1. Troubleshoot your TV

 Make sure your TV is on and working properly

 Clean the TV to remove dust, oils, and other particles

 Check your TV input. If you’re using HDMI, ensure the input is at the proper HDMI port for the selected HDMI channel

2. Troubleshoot your DirecTV Genie DVR

• Observe your Genie box cable. Make sure it’s firm in the socket

• Ensure it is clean and free of dust, liquids, or other particles

• Switch the DVR on and make sure it’s working correctly.

• If it doesn’t ON correctly, you might need to restart it. Press the red Power button on the DVR for some seconds and watch it restart automatically.

Alternatively, remove the power cord and reinsert it into the electric socket.

3. Troubleshoot Your DirectTV Remote

Troubleshooting works for all types of remotes, Universal or DirecTV Genie remotes alike.

• Check your remote sensor, make sure it’s cleaned and in good condition. Your Genie box ‘talks’ to your remote through the LED sensor, so any obstruction on it will lead to faulty functionality.

Confirm that your remote is compatible with the DirecTV Genie DVR

• Check your remote batteries, make sure they’re in good condition. Also, check that they’re in their suitable terminals.

You can confirm their status by observing the LED light indicator from your remote sensor. If the green light is stable, your batteries are fully charged. If the green light is blinking fast, they’re ok. If the green light blinks slowly, the batteries are weak.

If there is no blink of LED light at all, your batteries are likely dead and need replacement/recharge.

• Finally, check your remote buttons. Try to press any button and observe for feedback.

If your remote buttons are hard-to-press, you may need to open up the remote (losing the screws) and clean up the interior with clean material, to remove dirt.

• If your DirecTV box is not responding to the remote from a distance, try to point the remote at a closer distance and directly in front of the Genie DVR.

Press and hold the ‘Enter’ button for some seconds and see if there’s a notification to choose your input on your TV screen.

“I have done all these, and it still won’t work.”

Then, you should reset the remote to pair with the DVR afresh.

How to Connect Your DirecTV Genie Remote with DirecTV Genie box

 With your remote facing the DirecTV DVR (all kinds), press the ‘Mute’ and ‘Enter’ buttons together for a few seconds, until you see the green LED light blink.

 Your TV should read a notification ‘Applying IR/RF setup.

 Put on your DirecTV Genie box or any other DirecTV box you have, and go to ‘Menu’ on your remote, then ‘Settings’. You’ll see ‘Remote Control’, selecting that takes you to ‘program remote’.

 You’ll be prompted to choose the device you want to pair. Following the instructions helps you to pair your device.

With this pairing, you can power on/off your TV and adjust TV volume using your DirecTV remote.

How to Connect DirecTV Remote with a DirecTV Ready TV

DirecTV Ready TV is another innovation that combines TV with inbuilt DirecTV Genie DVR, pre-installed. No DirecTV Genie box is needed.

To pair your DirecTV remote with the DirecTV Ready TV, follow the same steps listed above.

1. Direct your remote to the DirecTV Ready TV and press the ‘Mute’ and ‘Enter’ buttons together for some seconds until the green LED light blinks twice.

2. Confirm the pairing with the screen notification on your Ready TV for confirmation.

3. Power on your DirecTV Genie box and press the ‘Menu’ and ‘Select’ buttons on your remote for a few seconds until the LED indicator light blinks.

4. Enter the device code for your DirecTV Ready TV to complete the Setup.

You can look up the various codes for different models here.

4. Reset Your DirecTV Remote

If any of that didn’t help, try resetting the remote to its default factory settings:

  1. Press and hold the MUTE and SELECT buttons together until the light flashes three times. 
  2. Press 981 and SELECT. The remote will flash four times and should reset.

5. Get a New DirecTV Remote

Sometimes the best and easiest way to solve remote issues is to get a new remote. But make sure the problem is actually with the remote control before you go out and buy a new one. DirecTV remote replacements are pretty cheap. Make sure they’re compatible with your model. The DIRECTV RC73 IR/RF Remote Control comes highly recommended.

Essential Tips to Resolve Other Common DirectTV Issues

I keep getting no sounds after each pause/stop. It’s so annoying, and I have to unplug the HDMI cable and reinsert it each time.

Solution: This is an update issue. But you should change the TV input from HDMI 2 to 1, then back to 2, and the problem is solved.

I am having trouble with the sound on DirecTV Streaming, using Roku streaming devices. The sound suddenly becomes inaudible, then returns after a while.

Solution: Delete your DirecTV stream app on your device and reinstall. Also, check your audio connections if you’re using sound bars or external speakers. You should as well confirm that your internet speed is up to DirecTV Streaming requirements. Finally, disconnect your devices, set them up again, and restart your Roku stream device.

Why can’t I fast-forward commercials on my downloads?

Solution: Sadly enough, there’s no way you can because the streaming channels decide which episodes have fast-forward options. On-demand episodes disallow fast-forwarding and you have to let it play, but you should be able to fast-forward live streams.

My Direct HD Genie DVR is too slow in all functions and doesn’t record more than two shows at once.

Solution: search for ‘clear my box’ and initiate it. That should clear up whatever is consuming your DVR memory and speed it up. If that doesn’t work, request an upgrade or a replacement.

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