How to Fix DIRECTV Sound Not Working

Fixing a sound problem on your DirecTV wouldn’t have made it to your monthly expense list. Sometimes, things do not happen as you plan, which is why DIY fixes like this come in handy. A DirecTV functions by attaching it to a DirecTV device. 

You can also download an app and install it on a smart TV. You can play the sound through external speakers or the speakers built into the TV. However, the sound might sometimes not function because of a problem with the TV or any device. Learn handy ways to rectify a DirecTV sound fault.

DIY Methods To Fix DirecTV Sound

Fix DIRECTV Sound Not Working
Source: @Timothy Timati

Cancel your plans with a technician and learn these easy-to-grasp methods of rectifying a DirecTV sound malfunction. They include:

Inspect Audio Cords

To discover the source of a sound problem, inspect the audio cords used for the connection. Make sure the audio cords are in good shape. If you connect the television to the receiver by way of an intermediary device such as a stereo or sound system, proceed as follows:

Make sure that the TV and other devices connected to it is on

Click the TV INPUT icon on your remote to allow you to cycle through the various inputs, like HDMI and HDMI3. 

You might want to program the remote control if the above doesn’t solve the problem. You can try hooking the receiver to the television if the issue continues. After doing this, you should begin to hear the sound.

If that solves the problem, the component connecting the TV and receiver was the issue. The manual attached to the device can find information on adjusting audio inputs and configurations. 

Switch Off Dolby Audio 

You can disable Dolby Digital audio entirely with a feature in the DirecTV menu. Disabling Dolby digital audio can be the solution to the audio problems that are occurring. You can access this setting by bringing up a menu by pressing the “Menu” button located on the remote control for your DirecTV box. 

Scroll over to the ‘Settings’ option on the left-hand navigation bar, then swipe across or down until you locate the ‘Audio’ option. If you select this, additional choices will become available to you. To disable Dolby Audio, go to the “Dolby Audio” menu and click the “Off” button if it was previously active.

Reinstall DirecTV App – Applicable To Smart TVs

Using the DirectTV app, you can resolve a sound issue by performing a reset on your DirecTV app. You can accomplish this action by deleting and then reinstalling the software. The way you perform this action varies according to your operating system.

However, the process that works for several operating systems is navigating to the home screen and positioning the cursor over the DirecTV app. Afterward, you need to press and hold the middle button or the select icon for a prolonged period to bring up some extra options.

Either “uninstall” or “delete” will be one of the options. After uninstalling the app, you must go back to the app store and download it again. You can skip this entire process if you watch DirecTV with a device hooked into your television and provided by DirecTV.

Increase Volume

You may have been drawn away and forgot to increase the volume button. If the volume is low, increase the volume by pressing the UP button on the remote control. You may need to program the remote control if the volume does not respond.

Inspect Your Surround Sound System

Make sure that the surround sound system is responsible for the fault. To find out if the issue was triggered by the surround sound system or the TV speakers alone, try playing the audio through the TV.

If the problem is from your surround sound system, you should fix it at your disposal. You can consult the manual if you need assistance troubleshooting your surround sound system.

How Do I Adjust The Volume For Surround Sound Using DirecTV Remote? 

DirecTV Remote
Source: @Timothy Timati

You can easily program a surround sound system to work with a DirecTV remote control. If you have the necessary programming code for your DirecTV remote control, you may use it to adjust the volume of the surround sound system. Follow the guide below for the setup.

  • Locate the model number on the back of your DirecTV remote
  • You can find the model number inscribed in the top left corner of the remote control.
  • On the Remote Control Code Lookup page of DirecTV, enter your remote control’s model number. There is a link to the website in the section titled Resources. You should click on the model number of your remote control as soon as you locate it on the page. There will be a transition to a different web page.
  • Click the audio link on the page that pops up
  • Input the model and brand in the corresponding fields on the page and select. There will be a display of a five-digit programming code.
  • Select the first code that appears. More than one code could pop up and if the initial code you attempt is unsuccessful, proceed to click other codes.
  • On the DirecTV remote control, please navigate to the mode Switch menu and set it to AV 2. After doing this, You will prepare your control to add the five-digit programming code.
  • While holding down the remote control’s “Mute” and “Select” buttons, wait for the light-emitting diode to blink twice.
  • To complete the programming, enter the five-digit code.
  • Test the configuration


Try a different programming code if you find it difficult to change the surround sound system’s volume using the DirecTV receiver’s remote control. On your DirecTV remote control, navigate to the “Mode Switch” menu and set it to AV 2. While holding down both the “Mute” command and the “Select” button, wait for the LED to blink twice before proceeding. Type in the following five-digit programming code that is on your list. Continue testing until you find a configuration that works.