How To Disable Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application

Do you know that you can always watch videos on digital cable channels right from your computer? It is what a digital TV tuner device registration application does.

It is technologically modified to allow computers receive and display digital signals. With this, you don’t have to constantly worry about moving your cable TV wherever you go; you only need to ensure you have your PC right next to you.

The digital TV turner is a component of the Windows media center on the PC that allows you to access cable TV channels without stress. However, as good as this seems, it also has a record of slowing down the computer’s performance when it is used.

For context, the software is also known as the ehprivjob.exe process. When you install and run any application on the PC, this software stores the data in the computer’s storage.

It works with an automated process that starts the digital TV tuner once you run the Windows media center on the PC, slowing down the computer’s performance. To stop your computer from becoming incompetent, you must know how to stop the digital TV tuner.

We will highlight three ways to solve the digital TV tuner problem on your computer.

Do I Need Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application?

The answer really depends on how you use your device. If you use your PC as a TV and watch TV channels on it, removing the Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application will disable this feature.

However, if the Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application is slowing down your PC, it is completely safe to remove it.

Three Ways to Disable Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application

  • Switch it off using Built-in Windows features
  • Use Resource Monitor To Stop This Error
  • Uninstall Digital TV Tuner Registration Application

Switch It Off Using Built-in Windows Features

Step One

Click on the windows button to open the control panel. When the control panel is opened, find Programs and Features, click on it once it is found.

Step Two

After this, click on the option that allows the window feature to be turned on or off. Navigate down to locate Media Features. Once you find it, tap the + sign button to expand its options.

Step Three

Click on the windows media center and untick the box next to it. After this, click on the Ok icon to enact the changes. Once this is done, you should restart your PC.

Use Resource Monitor To Stop

Step One

Open the Task Manager by a click on Ctrl + Shift + Esc. Locate the performance tab right inside the Task Manager.

Step Two

Look beneath the Performance Tab, click on the Open Resource Monitor button. After this, you need to look at the CPU, Memory carefully, and Disk corner, find ehprivjob.exe and stop the process from running.

Step Three

Once you find the ehprivjob.exe, click on the End Process option to stop it from running. 

Uninstall It Completely

Step One

Tap the Windows button to open the Control Panel. Select the Programs and Features options right inside the Control Panel.

Step Two

Check the list of apps that are installed on your PC, locate the digital TV tuner. Click on it once it is found. Check the upper region of the screen; you will find the uninstall icon, click on it.

Step Three

Follow the process to uninstall the software from your system and wait for the process to be completed. Once it is completed, scroll to the Registry Editor. You can do this by pressing the Windows key + R.

Step Four

After this, type Regedit in the dialogue box provided for it. Right inside the Registry Editor window, scroll to this address (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\). Search for the folder that houses the digital TV tuner. Delete it once you see it.

Step Five

Once the deleting process is completed, find this address (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Run\eg UI). Ensure you delete all the entries on it once you find it.

Step Six

Once this process is completed, restart your computer.

Take away

While keeping this app on your computer might be an entirely fruitless endeavour because it slows down the computer’s performance, you might not fancy its removal as well, primarily if you use your computer as a TV.

Without this app, you won’t be able to use your computer as a TV and also won’t be able to access digital cable channels through your PC.

If you fancy using your PC as a TV, you might need to switch off the app using the modalities explained in this blog. Nonetheless, don’t hesitate to uninstall it entirely if you find no use for it.

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