4 Fixes For Dish Remote That Isn’t Working

A remote device of any electronic is the control panel. Without the remote, controlling electronic devices would be a significant problem. Dish Remote allows you as a user to control the dish network.

It will also enable you to control all other devices that are connected to the remote. With the remote, you have access to manage your dish network and every other home entertainment device connected to the remote.

So what happens when the Dish remote won’t work? There are times that the remote will suddenly become unresponsive when you want to use it. It could stop working for a particular device connected to or stop working for all the devices used to control.

Let’s tell you what happens. The essential thing most dish owners do is to get another remote. They forget that the new remote can also be faced with the minor technical issue that caused them to abandon the old remote.

If you are a savvy owner of a dish network and your remote suddenly stop working, there are quick fixes you can do to restore to normal working condition. To know some of the solution methods, you can adopt to get your Dish remote working again, read this article to the end.

How to Fix Dish Remote That isn’t Working

1. Get New Batteries

One of the major things that causes a dish remote to stop working is a faulty battery. When you discover that the Dish remote is not working anymore or not working for some of the devices connected to it, you should get new batteries.

There is a high probability that dead or bad batteries cause the problem. Change the batteries and try using them again; if it is still not working, try other solution methods explained below.

2. Use Function Mode Button

You should adopt this solution method if the remote still won’t work after changing the batteries. For instance, if you can no longer control your television with the Dish remote, try this method.

Locate the function mode at the top of the Dish remote, click on it. The function mode button is the one that connects to the device that you can no longer control with the dish remote.

For the television, click on the TV button on the dish remote. This will set the dish remote into Tv-control mode. Any function key that is pressed on the Dish remote will reflect on the television system.

Try to perform a task on the television, using the Dish remote to ascertain if the problem has been resolved. If you can’t still use the Dish remote, try the next solution option.

3. Reprogram The Dish Remote To The Device

Reprogram the Dish remote to the device you can no longer control with the remote. There is a tendency that the Dish remote can no longer recognize the device. That’s why it can no longer control it.

The process of reprogramming the Dish remote is quite different. It depends on the type or model of dish remote you are using. Usually, for virtually all Dish IR(Infrared) remotes, press down the function button that connects to the device you can no longer control. This means you have to press down the TV button on the Dish remote, hold it for few seconds. Release it the light of other function buttons are on and go dark.

Provide the 3-digit code that connects the remote and the device you are trying to control. If you don’t know the code, check Resources. Click on the pound key. You will know if the Dish remote recognizes the device if all function buttons flash once.

Try if this method worked by controlling the television with the dish remote. You can click on the power button; if the tv goes off, that means it worked. If not, you have to try another method.

4. Contact the Dish Network

If you have tried all the solution methods listed above, but the problem persists. You have no choice but to contact Dish Network. Your dish remote may have developed a technical problem that only professionals can handle. They will give the best professional advice on what to do. And if the only option is to get a new dish remote, they will help.

5. Get a Universal Dish Remote

If you’ve tried everything and nothing’s working, it could be an irreparable fault with the remote. Dish remotes are pretty affordable so it might be time for a new remote. We recommend that you get a universal dish remote that works with virtually all brands and supports DISH TV receivers, TV1 and TV2 locations.

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