Dish Tailgater Problems and Solutions

Dish tailgater allows you to see the best entertainment programs on your dish satellite even while traveling on the road. The device ensures you don’t miss any entertainment even as you go camping, RVing, and Tailgating.

Dish Tailgater

Nothing is more devastating than have a faulty dish tailgater. Different problems affect dish tailgater. In this article, we will highlight those problems and solution methods to counter those problems.

Using this information, we believe you will have a smooth user experience and never miss any bit of entertainment when you are not within the four walls of your home.

Dish Tailgater Connection Problem

The purpose of installing a dish tailgater is to establish a connection that will allow you to access the satellite network. However, instead of having a good connection, you might discover that it is fluffy and unstable. It won’t show any channel except the error that is displayed on the screen.

You would not know how disappointing this is until it happens when you are in the middle of your favorite entertainment show. Most times, the fault is caused by a loose connection. You will also experience this if you have not connected the dish to 110 volts of power.

How To Solve This

When you have a connection problem with your dish tailgater, it could result from a loose connection. Open the carrying box that is used to cover the dish tailgater. Inside the box, you will see different parts that are connected with screws and metal locks.

Get a tightener to tighten all the metal locks. Ensure you pull all metals to avoid loose connection. Check to see if this worked by starting the device. If this doesn’t work, check if the tailgater is appropriately connected to a 110-volt power supply. If the volt is less than 110-volt, ensure you change the power supply.

Power Problem

Another problem that dish tailgater could have is power. If you have checked for a connection problem and it’s cleared, that means it’s probably a connection problem. If the dish tailgater should have a power problem, the device won’t start.

Before you start cursing the device’s manufacturer, thinking you have gotten a fake, there is something you can do to salvage the situation. Because there’s a high probability that you missed out on some basic instructions while setting up, and that’s causing the problem.

If you can’t turn on the dish tailgater due to a power issue, here is what to do.

How To Solve Power Problem

Check if the dish tailgater is mounted on an unstable or rough surface. If the tailgater keeps shifting due to the surface that it is mounted on, there is a probability that it will not turn on. To solve this, change the position of the tailgater.

Ensure that it is placed on a smooth surface to stop it from irregular movement. Also, you must ensure that it is mounted in a position that you won’t need to be moving it now and then.

The direction where the dish tailgater will face also matters a lot. You must ensure that it is facing the southern sky. It is one of the requirements that is provided in the manual.

If your dish tailgater is not facing the right direction, you might need to adjust its direction to have a smooth user experience.

Dish Tailgater Display Problem

Finally, you decided to follow the trend of entertainment lovers by getting a dish tailgate to enable you to view your favorite show even while you are away. You have done the set-up, and everything was beautiful until you tried seeing some shows on the device.

Unfortunately, the TV’s poor display and sound output won’t allow you to enjoy your favorite entertainment show. This will watch down every positive review you have read and kept in mind about the device. This problem is often not from the manufacturer, and it happens when there is an alternation during the set-up.

When the central hose connecting the tailgater to the device is loose, you will always have a blurry display.

How To Solve The Problem

Knowing that the problem is caused by a loosed hose connecting the device to the television, all you need to do is get a hose clamp. With this, you can tighten the hose, and the issue will be resolved.

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