6 Best Fixes For Disney App Not Working

School vacation is no doubt one of the greatest nightmares for parents. Having kids at home every day can be pretty frustrating due to their many disturbances. Thankfully, you would not need to worry much if you have the Disney App to can keep them busy all day.

Disney Plus is an online streaming service that ensures that the television experience is unhindered. With movies and television shows like Raya, Star Wars, and lots more, you are sure to keep your kids busy for some time.

Disney Plus could have hiccups sometimes, but one thing you would never pray happen is that the streaming service stops working on your device when your kids are home on vacation.

Few things could stop Disney Plus from working on any device. Some of which includes but not restricted to:

  • Poor network connection
  • VPN
  • Overload server

Fortunately, whatever is affecting the streaming service from working on your device can be fixed in no time. You need to know what to do and when to do it. When you discover that the Disney Plus Service is not working, try these solutions to fix it.

Disney App Not Working Solutions

1. Reconnect to a Stable Connection

One of the most overlooked factors that could hinder the Disney Plus app from working is the wrong connection network. The Disney Plus app is an online service that requires a solid network connection. If the network connection is not strong enough or it is unstable, the app might not work.

Check the network server you are connected to. If it is not strong enough, try to change it. You need to stop the running app and restart again, but this time with a better network connection.

Ensure that the device you are using to stream is close to the connection network you are connected to. You might need to restart the router and have it connected to the streaming device again. If this solves the problem, that means an unstable network connection caused the fault.

2. Update the App

Regardless of the streaming device that you run the Disney app on, not every user adopts the automatic update of the app when there is one. The Disney Plus app you are using may be outdated, stopping the app from working.

To solve this problem, all that is required is to download an updated version of the app on your streaming device. If you are using an Android phone, you can visit the Play store to download the updated version of the app.

3. Reboot the Streaming Device

Sometimes, the streaming service might perfectly okay, and your connection network might be top-notch as well. However, bugs on the streaming device may be the cause of the problem.

When the streaming device is rebooted, it will help clear some data and temporary cache that may have caused the problem. Once the streaming device comes back on, give it some moments before relaunching the Disney Plus app.

4. Check for System Updates

You might need to do a system update of your streaming device, primarily if you use a television. Frequently, manufacturers of Smart TVs develop new firmware and software for television. This update is to ensure that the television can run some sophisticated applications.

However, when the system of the streaming device is outdated, it could affect the overall functionality of the streaming app. This is because the system of the streaming device may not be compatible with the streaming app; a simple system update would fix the problem.

5. Clear App Cache & Relaunch

Information overload could hinder the Disney Plus app from running effectively. Open the streaming app, scroll to info; you would see cache data, ensure you clear everything.

It is, however, essential to note that this solution method can only be done when you are using an Android device. If you are running the streaming app on your television, you might not be able to do this.

6. Re-install the App

If you have tried all the solution methods listed above and nothing is working, you might need to reinstall the Disney Plus app on your device. This is because the app might have temporary problems.

Uninstall the app on your device and download a new one from the app store. This means you have to resupply your login details, ensure you write down your login info before you uninstall the app.

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