Fix Disney Plus Stuck on Loading Screen

Video streaming is one of the most popular ways to get access to your favorite movies and TV shows these days. Disney Plus is one streaming service that offers lots of exclusive content on the network, for example, Marvel TV shows and movies and Pixar animations.

You might be trying to unwind by watching your favorite show, only to see your Disney Plus stuck on the loading screen. Here are some causes and how to fix them!

Why is Disney Plus Stuck On Loading Screen? How to Fix it

Let’s look at some things that can cause you to have your Disney Plus stuck on the loading screen and what we can do to fix the issues:

1. Internet Connection Issues

Disney Plus is a streaming service, which means a good internet connection is required if you’ll enjoy using it. Many times, the first culprit when Disney Plus is stuck on loading screen is your internet connection.

The recommended internet speed to enjoy a perfect streaming experience on Disney Plus is 5.0 Mbps for High Definition content and 25.0 Mbps for 4K UHD content. 

You can do the following to detect and fix internet connection issues:

  • Ensure you have an active internet subscription with your ISP and that access to Disney Plus is not blocked by them.
  • Power cycle your router/modem by unplugging it from a power source for about 10 seconds, plugging it back in, and switching it on.
  • Adjust your streaming device or router to ensure they are within close range of each other.
  • Check your internet speed on websites like Fast.
  • If possible, switch to a wired connection for better internet speed.

2. IPV6 Compatibility 

Since IPV6’s launch in 2012, not many ISPs and developers have switched to the DNS pattern, causing issues with routers set to only IPV6 protocol. It seems Disney Plus is among the service providers that haven’t made the switch yet.

There has been no overt statement from Disney Plus regarding this issue; however, many users with IPV6 turned on have seen the app/website malfunction.

To fix this, switch your device’s APN Protocol from IPV6 to IPV4.

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3. VPN And Ad Blockers

If Disney Plus isn’t available in your part of the world, or you want to access location-specific content, using a VPN is the way to go.

However, the issue with many VPN services (especially the free ones) is that they compromise your internet speed; as a result, you would find Disney Plus stuck on the loading screen.

Also, if Disney Plus detects that you’re using a VPN, they would deny you access to the site; fix this by closing the app, restarting the VPN, and opening the app again.

Also, many users have complained that using ad blockers in their browsers has prevented Disney Plus from moving past the loading screen. Fix this issue by disabling any ad blockers that might be active on your browser.

4. Corrupted Data Or Cache

If there is corrupted data or cache from the app on your device, it can cause Disney Plus to get stuck on the loading screen. Fix this issue by clearing the app cache on your device or your browser cache if you’re accessing it on a browser.

If clearing the cache doesn’t work on the app, try clearing the app’s data on your device. Note that clearing the app data would clear all the app’s settings and information on your device.

5. Update or Re-install App

If the version of the Disney Plus app you have on your device is an outdated one, the app might not function properly. Fix this issue by going to your device’s app store and checking for updates to your app; if there’s any available, download and install it.

Sometimes, you’re better off installing the app afresh by uninstalling it and installing a new version from your official app store.

You might also need to update your device.

6. Device Issues

Because of an issue with your device, Disney Plus can get stuck on the loading screen. If you’re using a device with low memory storage, the app might not function properly; try to delete some files to make space on your device.

Also, if the processor or RAM of your device is clogged, the app might not function well; giving your device a restart can fix this issue.

7. Disney Plus Server Outage

When Disney Plus is still stuck on the loading screen despite all the fixes you’ve tried, the problem might not be from your end. It’s not often that Disney Plus servers go down; however, there’s a fair chance it could happen on movie night.

When this happens, they usually release a statement on social media informing users; in this instance, there isn’t anything you can do but wait for a restoration of service.