Step-by-Step Guide to Installing Disney+ on Vizio Smart TVs

Although Vizio Tvs are great, not all models allow you to easily download Disney Plus, especially on smart Vizio Tvs.

Disney Plus is an online streaming service that competes with the likes of Netflix, YouTube TV, HBO, and many others. This streaming site allows users to view interesting movies like Disney, PIXAR, The Lion King, Cinderella, and many other blockbuster movies.

Interestingly, like other streaming sites, proud Smart TV owners can also stream movies on Disney plus.

Unfortunately, when Disney plus was launched, it didn’t allow Vizio Smart TV owners to stream movies on its platform. This was a significant concern for most Vizio Smart TV owners. However, Vizio Smart TV’s latest improvement affords users the opportunity to stream directly from their Vizio Smart TV without stress.

If you are a Cinephilia, we will review how you can stream movies on Disney plus with your Vizio Smart TV.

How to Download Disney Plus on Vizio Smart Tv

For Vizio Smart TV owners, there are two ways to enjoy Disney Plus on your Smart TV. You can either download the app or you the Smartcast built-in feature to stream directly from your phone.

To download the Disney Plus App on the television, you must ensure you get the Vizio Internet Apps TV. This model of television is designed with a pre-installed play store where users can download desired applications directly into their television.

If you can’t download apps on your Smart TV, your best bet is to use the built-in Chromecast option to stream from your phone and project on the television.

How to download Disney Plus on Vizio Internet Apps Tv

Vizio Internet App (VIA) is the best option for those that love to stream from Disney Plus without stress. With this, you can download the streaming app on your Smart TV and stream from the television. Let’s teach you step by step how to get this done.

Step One

Switch on the Vizio Smart television and ensure that it is connected to an active network. It is important to note that the tv will not work unless connected to an active network because it is needed to access the web.

Step Two

Locate the pre-installed Google play store on the television. Once you find the app store, click on the Open button. You can also achieve this by clicking on the V or Input button on the remote. After this, select the Smartcast

Vizio Smart TV remote

Step Three

From the opened app store, locate the Disney plus application. At this stage, you will need the arrow keys displaying on the screen. You can move this arrow key around to find the Disney plus app in the midst of applications on the store.

Step Four

Once you locate the Disney Plus app on the store, click on the OK button to download the application.

Step Five

At this point, you have to exercise patience for the downloading application to be completed. If your network has not been compromised, this process should not take up to 3 mins to complete. After the app has been successfully downloaded, it will be displayed on the television’s My Apps section.

Step Six

You have successfully downloaded the Disney plus application. Launch the app on your television; if you have an existing Disney plus subscribed account, supply your details and click on login. However, if you don’t have a current Disney plus account, you can open one.

How To Stream From Disney Plus With Android Phone

If you are using the old model of Vizio Smart TV, you might encounter problems downloading the Disney plus app on your television. This means your best, and the only bet is to stream from your phone and mirror/cast on your magnificent television screen. Let’s run you through the process of streaming Disney plus on Vizio Smartcast television.

Step One

Download the Disney plus application on your mobile phone. If you are an android user, you just need to visit the Google play store on your mobile device, search for Disney plus app and download it.

Step Two

Once the Disney Plus app has been downloaded on your mobile phone, open it and search for the cast option. It is usually around the top corner of the screen when the application is opened.

Step Three

Connect your Vizio Smart TV and your mobile phone through the cast option. After you have clicked on the cast option from your mobile phone, it will search and show your Vizio Smart Television. Do not hesitate to click on it to establish the casting connection between the mobile phone and Vizio Smart television.

Disney Plus App

Step Four

Once the connection has been established, play any video of your choice on the Disney plus app from your mobile phone, and it will be projected on your Vizio Smart television screen.