How to Fix DVD Not Playing on Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player, abbreviated as WMP, is a video player that comes pre-installed on all Windows PCs. It plays videos, audio, CDs, DVDs and also displays pictures. However, there have been complaints about Windows Media Players not playing DVDs. If you find yourself having this problem, this article covers possible reasons why DVDs don’t work on your WMP.

WMP is free and easy to use. Since it is a built-in bandage, it does not require purchase or download. It’s a great choice if you are looking for something simple to play your DVD.

Windows Media Player and DVDs

Videos are possibly the most consumed type of content today, whether streaming online or watching offline on your computer or device. Over the years, WMP has enabled its users to create and watch DVD videos on their computers.

Possible Reasons Why Windows Media Player Is Not Playing DVDs

Your WMP is supposed to play DVDs by default, but if it doesn’t, there are factors involved, which include:

It does not have a DVD decoder installed.

If you’ve tried to use your default movie player to watch a DVD, and it’s not playing, one of the possible causes is that you do not have a DVD decoder installed on your PC.

You need to install a compatible DVD decoder before you can play a DVD file on Windows Media Player.

A DVD decoder is a plug-in that enables the program to read DVDs. If Windows Media Player still doesn’t play DVDs on your computer after installing a DVD decoder plug-in, you need to look for a plug-in that suits your PC or contact Windows support.

Your disc is dirty.

If a DVD file refuses to play on your Windows Media Player, it could result from a dirty or corrupted disc. If this is the case, you will receive a notification telling you that there is no disc inserted or disc error. If you see any of these notifications, there is a problem with the disc you are trying to play.

Dirt can make it difficult or impossible for your DVD to read or adequately work on a Windows Media Player. You cannot play a dirty DVD, no matter how hard you try.

If the WMP is not playing your DVD, check the disc surface to ensure it is free from dirt and scratches.

There is corruption in the DVD

Another possible reason your DVD is not playing on WMP could be the corruption of the DVD files.

When you insert a DVD into your Windows Media Player and see a black screen or an error message, it can only mean one thing: the data in the disc has a fault.

A corrupt DVD can be due to format changes, corrupted code, virus attacks, bad sectors in the drive, or read/write errors.

A break or interruption while transferring data can also corrupt the disc. This is slightly different from the above ones, and it is also a problem that causes the Windows Media Player not to play DVDs.

Suppose you insert your DVD into the Windows Media Player, and your WMP screen continuously shows black without showing any content – this indicates that your DVD is faulty or there is no data inside the disc.

Digital copy-protection Issues 

Once you see this notification, “This DVD will not play on WMP because there is a problem with the digital copy protection between your decoder, DVD drive, and video card,” it means two things. You might not have a DVD decoder installed, a tool processing program that converts the data from a DVD into a pattern that the WMP can read, or your decoder software might need to be updated.

If it’s not one of the two above, it’s likely affected by the digital copy protection from commercial DVDs, like the error 0xc80086287 caused by the region. If this is the case, the problem is with the disc, not your PC or video player. If you want to watch the disc’s content, shop for a different one.

Incompatible Software Ruins WMP Performance

Another possible reason your DVD will not play on your default media player is that you have installed new software recently, which might be incompatible with your Windows Media Player.

Software incompatibility means a specific software cannot perform well because another incompatible software is in the system.

Some systems can cooperatively or independently operate. File format incompatibility can also make your video unplayable on a Windows Media Player. Generally, antivirus programs and some PC management tools would conflict with your WMP.

The solution here is to look for the incompatible software, uninstall it, and try again.

Incorrect Proxy Settings

Our Windows Media Player is utilized by default when we try to play a DVD file. Incorrect proxy settings can alter the smooth functionality of the Windows Media Player.

If this is the situation, you will get a pop-up error message on your screen related to the proxy server, which indicates that your proxy settings are incorrect.

In some cases, the DVD might be playing, but you will not be able to see or hear anything from your Windows Media Player.

Not being able to play your DVD because of a proxy server error can be caused by several reasons. Some possible causes are; if there is a third-party proxy program installed that might cause malfunction, wrong settings, or your antivirus is blocking your access to the proxy server.

Wrong proxy settings can also prevent your WMP from accessing the DVD’s content.

The system (WMP) has malware.

If your system has malware, you will see a “DVD not playing on Windows Media Player” error notification.

Malware, also known as malicious software, is a program designed to damage your equipment and data. The types of malware that can affect the Windows Media Player when playing DVD files are trojans, viruses, ransomware, and spyware.

Malware can destroy the quality of Windows Media Players, delete the programs and files stored on a DVD, and affect your system settings.

A malware infection can cause many difficulties that affect the operation and the long-term service of your Windows Media Player or DVD.

You can avoid this by using powerful antivirus software to combat viruses. But if your system is already infected, there are vital antivirus programs that will help.

Faulty Lens

If your PC’s lens is faulty, it won’t be able to read the disc. Lens are sensitive; if you expose them, they quickly develop faults. If you suspect that the problem might be from your lens, try playing another DVD. If it still doesn’t work, take the PC for repairs.


Although streaming services have taken over, many people still use DVDs to enjoy their favorite videos. If you fall under the second category, I am sure that you want to enjoy an uninterrupted viewing experience on your PC.

This article lists some possible reasons why your DVD won’t play on Windows Media Player. Most of the causes are essential requirements for any DVD to play on any Windows Media Player.

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