Where To Put DVD Player With Wall Mount Tv Over Fireplace

More often than not, mounting the TV over the fireplace is a great idea to manage space within the living room. Also, it could be a way to ensure that the furniture arrangements of the living space are not altered.

However, one of the downsides is how to store the DVD player and keep its wires hidden so as not to make a mess of the whole place. If this is a problem that bothers you, worry less, we have the perfect solution for you.

This blog will highlight some ideas on where to put the DVD player without causing a mess with its wires and cables.

Where To Put DVD Player With Wall Mount Tv Over Fireplace

1. Place the DVD player on the mantel

You don’t need to worry about placing the DVD player when your TV is mounted to the wall over the fireplace. You can place it on the mantel if there is enough space for it.

The mantel offers enough space for the storage of some entertainment devices. If your DVD player is not too big for the available space, you can keep it on the mantel. However, if the space on the mantel is not enough to store the DVD player, find other options available in this blog.

2. Place it on a shelf

If the space on the mantel is not sufficient to store the DVD player adequately, you can get a shelf for the DVD player and others entertainment devices you want to store. There are different shelving options available to serve this purpose.

One good thing about this option is that you can position all the entertainment devices in one direction. With this, you can communicate with all with your remote.

Also, placing the DVD player on the shelf helps you tidy the living space and ensure that cables and cords don’t mess up the whole place. You can purchase some wire concealment to keep those eyes away from sight.

3. Put DVD player in another room

Another impressive option available is keeping the DVD player in another room. You can achieve this by getting a box for it and positioning it in another room. With this, both the DVD and its wires will be out of sight, giving you a neater entertainment space.

However, one downside of this option is that you can’t use the DVD player directly from the living room.

4. Hide The DVD player behind the TV

If you don’t mind having your TV shoot out a bit more than usual on the wall, this is a perfect idea for you. Meanwhile, you must be very good with tools as well to achieve this.

Some of the things that would make this option successful are the size of your DVD player, the type of TV mount used, and how good you are with tools. This option is perfect for people whose DVD player is relatively small. It can fit perfectly behind the TV.

Also, you won’t have much problem if you are using a swivel wall mount.

5. Hide it behind decorations

If you fancy the idea of having the DVD player close to the TV but still want it out of sight, it is wise that you hide it behind some decorations. You can safely keep it behind a painting or picture.

It would be best if you were wary of the surface you are setting it on. It must be big enough to accommodate the painting or picture and the DVD player simultaneously.

6. Invest in a streaming service

If you don’t always want to stress figuring out where you can place your DVD player in the house, you can invest in a streaming service. Streaming devices like Roku and Fire Stick are very affordable and so small, that they’re pretty easy to store.

Streaming services grant you access to various shows and programs online. You will never get to see many of these shows or programs using a DVD player.
Steaming services are relatively cheaper than many DVD players. It has eliminated the stress of trying to figure out where you can keep them.

It would be best if you had a smart TV. With a smart TV, you can download the apps directly on your television and begin to enjoy diverse content. However, if you don’t use a smart TV, you may purchase Roku or Firebox to access the streaming platform.

These streaming devices are considerably smaller in size compared to DVD players.