How to Fix an Element TV that Keeps Turning Off

Element TV has proven to be one of the most reliable TVs. While it provides the best viewing experience, it is also liable to develop faults. Such problems can be your TV constantly turning off.

Element TV turning off

Several reasons for your Element TV turning off include a problem with the internal memory, the TV driver, etc. You do not have to fret when you experience this fault. In this guide, you will learn the reasons for this and troubleshooting techniques that will assist you in resolving this problem. 

Easy Fixes For Element TV Turning Off

If you do not know the reason your Element TV keeps turning off, find out the reasons below:

Issues with Power Supply

You might be able to determine what causes your Element TV to turn off by examining the TV’s power supply. Check if the extension cord is firmly attached to the wall outlet. It is vital to check the cable because a loose connection or a faulty power supply cord has the potential to cause your TV to turn off abruptly.

Hence, ensure that the plug and socket are in sound technical condition. Also, a power surge can be a culprit. A power surge or peak voltage can cause the television to turn on; this is especially true if the power supply capacitors are old or damaged.

Faulty TV Driver

A problem with the Element TV driver can be a possible reason which causes your TV to keep turning off. If you have an older version of Element TV, there is a possibility that the drivers have become obsolete and require an update. Additionally, the TV driver might have become corrupted, which would explain why the device turns off as soon as you turn on your Element TV.


TV sets can experience overheating issues. When Element TV happens to overheat, the TV will likely keep turning off. Since it is possible for TV sets to overheat, the manufacturers of TVs include safety procedures to limit the risk of an explosion or fire.

To test if your Element TV is overheating, put your finger on the TV panel to test whether or not it is hot. If it happens to be hot, you might be experiencing overheating problems. A specialist will be able to verify whether or not your TV suffers from an overheating problem. They can also check to determine whether you are dealing with more severe issues on the inside.

How To Fix Element TV Turning Off

Fixing the problem of your Element TV turning off is not a difficult process. Try out the following solutions to return your Element TV to its regular operation:

Change Sleep Time

You might be having this issue because the sleep time settings on your Element TV are incorrect. A change in sleep time might explain the sporadic turning off of your television.

You will have to adjust the sleep time settings if you have any reason to believe that sleep time impacts your Element TV. This is especially true if the remote for your Element TV has a Sleep time button. You may have unknowingly clicked the sleep time button on your remote, causing the problem. 

If this is the case, finding a solution to the problem is not too difficult. Locate your remote and check to see if the button for the sleep timer is pushed. It would help if you repeatedly pressed the sleep button until the “sleep window” displayed on your TV disappeared. After that, switch it off, then turn it back on to check whether or not the problem is still there. 

Replace HDMI Cable

An issue with your input cords may be causing your Element TV to keep switching off. HDMI cables and any other cords inserted into the back of the TV are considered input cords.

The power problem you are experiencing with your TV may result from damaged HDMI ports. You might also try moving the HDMI cable to a different port on the device to see if it helps. Using a different port, you can try switching from HDMI 1 to HDMI 2. You can also consider using a different HDMI cable and see if this solves the problem.

Connection Problem

An issue with the connection may be the primary cause of your Element TV turning itself off at random intervals. Therefore, the most crucial thing you should do is verify your internet connection and ensure everything is in order.

If you check your router and notice that the lights are not flashing, you may have an issue with your internet connection. Checking the router will let you discover the source of the problem. Simply rebooting your router should resolve this issue for the Element TV.

Fix Driver Problem

You may need to update the TV driver or reinstall it if the issue is related to the TV driver. To accomplish this, navigate to the manufacturer’s website and download the most recent driver for the model of your Element TV.

After successfully downloading the driver to your computer, you must install it before connecting the TV to the computer via a USB cable. After installing the driver, you should attempt to turn on the TV again and check if the problem persists.

Reset Element TV

Resetting your TV comes in handy when your device keeps turning off. Performing the reset action would not take much of your time. If you see the need to reset your TV, follow the directions below: 

  • Press the Home button on the remote. This will display the home screen.
  • Select Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Select System. 
  • Select Advanced System Settings.
  • Choose Factory Reset. 

Alternatively, you can use the Reset button on the TV. The button resembles a pinhole at the back of the TV right above the HDMI port. To reset the TV using this option, use a pin to push and hold the Reset button for thirty to sixty seconds.

Fix Your TV 

If you implement most of the solutions described above and still face the issue, you may have to resort to more extreme solutions. If no solution above fixes the problem, you must take your TV to professional repair service.

If you resort to taking your Element TV for repairs to remedy the situation, you should still be sure to seek the assistance of a professional. It would help if you did not trust anyone else to fix your device other than experts.

You can contact the Element TV customer service team in your area to find out if they can fix or recommend any reliable specialist for repairing their devices in your region.

Most importantly, you should check the device’s warranty before taking your TV in for repairs. It will significantly ease your stress by reviewing the warranty that comes with your Element TV.

If it turns out that the manufacturer’s warranty still covers your TV, you will not need to take it to an expert to fix it. You can return it to the shop where you originally purchased it, and they will work on it or replace the TV if a replacement is an ultimate solution.