Enable Bluetooth on Your Samsung Smart TV: Step-by-Step Guide

Samsung TVs have Bluetooth connectivity that allows them to link wirelessly to speakers, headphones, and other devices. Link your Tv via Bluetooth to get the most out of your favorite movie or connect wireless headphones for a more intimate viewing experience.

You can also connect to a Bluetooth keyboard or controller to make finding movies and shows even more straightforward.

The ability to connect to other devices through Bluetooth is one of the most versatile features of a modern Samsung smart TV. However, knowing how to connect additional devices is not always straightforward.

The methods to navigate vary from Samsung TV model to model. Here’s how to see if your Samsung TV supports Bluetooth and, if it does, how to connect to most devices.

Note that the visual and acoustic performance of a TV can be significantly boosted by using Bluetooth support. The technology eliminates the need for wires and also makes it simple to link several other gadgets to the TV. 

The majority of current Samsung TVs should support Bluetooth. While this may not be the case for some older models, a simple search of the settings will reveal whether Bluetooth is supported.

The navigation can vary slightly depending on the model, but to see if your Samsung TV supports Bluetooth, follow the steps given below.

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How to know if your Samsung Smart TV supports Bluetooth?

If your TV operates on a Smart Remote, it supports Bluetooth because that’s how it links to the TV.

You can check whether your TV’s remote is Bluetooth compliant in the settings menu, irrespective of which remote came with it. 

Step 1: Select Sound

Menu on Samsung smart TV
Press Menu to go to settings.
Sound on Samsung smart TV

Step 2: Then select Sound Output from the Settings menu. If the Bluetooth Speaker List option appears, your TV is Bluetooth compatible. You can always crosscheck your user manual if this doesn’t fit with your TV and you’re still not sure.

Sound Output on Samsung smart TV

Pairing it with an input device 

The mechanism is slightly different if the interface is an input device, such as a controller or keyboard.

Step 1: To find the Bluetooth Device List, go to “General,”

Step 2: Select “External Device Manager,” 

Step 3: Select “Input Device Manager.” 

Older models can take a different path, such as “System” followed by “Input Device Manager” and then “Device Manager,” after this, click on “Bluetooth Gamepad Settings.”

How to Activate Bluetooth on the TV

In general, there isn’t much to do to activate Bluetooth on a Samsung smart TV, though linking a smartphone to the TV does need a few steps. Furthermore, regardless of the unit, these steps do not vary too much.

Step 1: Ensure that the computer connected to the TV is in pairing mode. This enables the computer to communicate with the TV and the Bluetooth link to be established.

Many devices may have a dedicated Bluetooth pairing button, but others will allow you to press or hold those buttons for a certain amount of time to activate pairing mode. 

 Step 2: When the system is in pairing mode, the user must go into the settings and then to the Bluetooth list section to create a Bluetooth link with Samsung Smart TV.

Devices already in pairing mode and compatible with the TV should appear on the list once you get there. 

Step 3: After selecting the unit, the TV will prompt you to “Pair and link,” If you accept, the TV will begin the Bluetooth pairing process to create a connection.

Some devices, however, can enable the user to validate the incoming link request on the device once more.

As a side note,

Users should be aware that they can only connect a limited number of Bluetooth devices simultaneously. This too varies depending on the system. When attaching Bluetooth headphones to a Samsung smart TV, only one pair of headphones will connect at a time.