7 Best External Speakers for TV

Do you need a more vibrant, excellent audio quality for your TV? You’re not alone, and you have come to the right place. While most television sets come with built-in speakers, these speakers cannot provide you with the sound quality you want. That’s why external speakers for tv come in handy.

Speakers are, in general, a must-have accessory for today’s sophisticated televisions. This is because there is less room for built-in TV speakers as the latest and finest TVs get slimmer and slimmer. So, the TV might look fantastic, but we can’t say the same about their sound quality. 

This means that if you want a strong cinematic sound, you need to get extra speakers.

Because the market is saturated with speakers today, there are many options for choosing the best external speakers for a TV. However, we’ve taken the time to review the top ones we think would be a suitable fit for your television. Let’s get started!

Best External Speakers for Television

1. Kanto TUK Powered Speakers For TV 

This is one of our top recommendations for the best external TV speaker. These speakers are worthwhile if you have a reasonable budget. These speakers are ideal for watching TV because they have an integrated amplifier, many connection choices, and Bluetooth compatibility.

These are bookshelf speakers very similar in size to compact speakers, making them easy to fit into any corner, even if your room is tiny.

Unlike some other bookshelf speakers, these speakers feature excellent sound quality, with deep bass and distortion-free sound.

There is a port for connecting the subwoofer. When you add a subwoofer, these speakers become ideal for playing music at your desired volume.

Optical, RCA, and Bluetooth connections make it easy to connect modern and older televisions.

As you can see in the image above, the design is quite lovely. A design like this is rare to come by. It’s beautiful, and there’s no doubt that it will enhance the elegance of the room.

Finally, if you can afford it, you should get this fantastic external speaker. However, if these are out of your price range, there are alternative solutions on this list that you can consider.

2. Klipsch Reference RSB-11 Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer

Klipsch’s RSB-11 Bluetooth soundbar is an excellent wireless speaker for people seeking a robust 135-watt raw audio output.

The speaker is compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices and produces a powerful sound that fills the room. The elegant and small design of this two-way soundbar weighs only seven pounds.

The Klipsch RSB-11 wireless speaker uses Dolby Digital decoder technology to deliver precise sound when it comes to sound quality.

The RSB-11 soundbar also has an 8-inch side-firing subwoofer designed to boost and deliver bass appropriate for your environment. Even better, the subwoofer is housed in a durable cabinet, and the sound quality will significantly improve your viewing pleasure.

3. Acoustic Audio AA5172 700W Bluetooth Home Theater 5.1 Speaker 

Although they are small speakers, their 700 watts of power, wifi, and other connectivity options, and affordable prices make them ideal external speakers for your television.

The subwoofer, with the five speakers, creates a full sound system for your television. It’s also an excellent sound system for a tiny space.

You may operate them via a remote control, as well as controls on the subwoofer’s front panel.

In comparison to the other similar speakers listed here, the Acoustic Audio AA5172 offers more outstanding features. Despite these features and substantial power, the pricing is not outrageously expensive.

It would be a fantastic choice for you, especially if you are getting external TV speakers for the first time because it does not require a substantial financial investment. If you choose, you can later upgrade to larger speakers with a separate or built-in amplifier to produce better quality sound.

4. Klipsch Reference 5.1 Surround Sound System 

Klipsch is one of our favorite brands.

The sound quality of this small set of 5.1 surround speakers is impressive. The subwoofer provides a lot of power for low-frequency coverage, and it’s wireless for easy connection to your TV if your TV supports it.

The sound quality is excellent, but it pales compared to more prominent speakers that provide a cinematic experience.

Although four satellite speakers are small, their combined sound is sufficient for small and medium-sized rooms.

Even though it is simply a 5.1 surround sound system, it can assist you in getting the most out of your television. You can have a great sound system in a tiny space with these speakers.

The wireless subwoofer features a built-in amplifier and a down-firing speaker that covers low-frequency sounds for distortion-free music.

5. Audiogine A5+  

Audioengine’s A5+ is a fantastic powered stereo system. The speakers work beautifully, have excellent build quality, and sound even better. And the speakers are Bluetooth-enabled and exceptionally adaptable. 

Black, white, and bamboo are the three colors available for the speakers. They come with a 4-button remote, RCA and AUX audio connections, speaker wire (to link the slave speaker to the master speaker), banana plugs (already mounted), removable Bluetooth antenna, manual, and a 3-year guarantee.

The speakers have a minimal design that is nonetheless appealing. They feature excellent rounded edges and an appealing finish. The speakers don’t come with grilles, but that’s okay because they look fabulous without them. The main speaker is the one on the left. The “slave” is the one to the right.

The main speaker has a volume knob, power button, and an IR sensor on the front panel. Three analog inputs (RCA x2 and one 3.5mm audio input) are placed on the back, along with a Bluetooth antenna, two 5-way binding posts (for attaching the other speaker), a power button, voltage selector fuse, and power input.

There are no physical, digital inputs (TOSLINK/coax), which may cause issues if your TV only has digital outs; you can find only a set of binding posts on the rear of the right speaker.

A 5′′ aramid fiber woofer and a 0.75′′ silk-dome tweeter are used in each speaker. The cabinets are airtight. The total RMS power output is 100 watts (the peak is 150W).

6. ELAC Uni-Fi 2.0 UB52 Bookshelf Speakers  

Regardless of whether your TV is in a small, medium, or large room, these speakers, when paired with a decent amplifier, can generate rich, bass-heavy sound.

These are three-way speakers featuring a tweeter, midrange driver, and bass driver on each side. The bass and sound are crystal clear and distortion-free.

The driver speakers are 4.25″ and 1″ wide-roll surround tweeters. Because these are bookshelf speakers, you may put them on a bookcase shelf or a table in front of your television.

For safe and better sound quality, the sensitivity is 85 dB, and each channel should be provided power ranging from 40 to 140 watts.

If you have a large budget for external speakers, you should choose these speakers because you will also have to buy an amplifier if you do not already have one.

7. Jamo S 807

The S 807 floor standing speakers from Jamo will take up more space than our other TV speaker selections, but they have many advantages.

The passive floor-standing speakers feature two giant woofers and a tweeter, resulting in a booming, well-balanced sound (not too much bass or treble). If you’re setting up a Dolby Atmos system, these are standard stereo speakers designed to connect to a pair of upward-firing “height” speakers.

Because of the S 807’s passive speakers, you’ll need to provide your A/V receiver, allowing you to customize your TV audio system to your specific requirements. Using these speakers instead of the ones built into your TV, however, will be one of the best decisions you make.

Jamo’s S 807s can produce cinema-quality TV speakers if you have space.


How can I Connect Speakers to my TV?

Look for the appropriate audio connectors, connect them with an audio cable, pick the audio output in the audio settings, and enjoy. If there are no suitable connections, a DAC may be required. You’ll need an amplifier or a receiver if the speakers are passive.

How can I Connect Bluetooth Speakers to my TV?

Go to the Bluetooth settings on your TV and turn on the Bluetooth transmitter. Start the pairing process on your Bluetooth speaker and wait for it to complete. Check the list of accessible Bluetooth devices on your TV if they don’t link automatically (press search or something like that). When your Bluetooth speaker displays, press the pair button and wait a few moments.

Final Thoughts

That concludes our list of the best external speakers for your TV. With so many cutting-edge speakers to choose from, you’re sure to find one here that meets your requirements.

It is best practice to pick a product that matches your TV in terms of appearance and performance. You’ll also want one that provides excellent sound quality when you’re watching movies or listening to music.

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