How to Fix Fire TV Stuck on Logo

Fire TV is an amazing streaming device that allows you to explore a wide range of video content online. With this device, you just can’t run out of content. Unfortunately, as great as the Fire TV is, it is just like any other electronic device that can malfunction at any time. 

One of the problems users of Fire Tv often complain about is that Fire TV is stuck on the logo.  It is normal for you to be confounded when you experience this. Do not fret. You are not alone. We will explain some quick fixes you can adopt to get your Fire TV working again. 

Fire TV Stuck on Logo?

Try out any of the troubleshooting options to resolve any startup problem on your Fire TV. 

Reboot The Fire Tv

When you notice that your Fire TV device is stuck on the logo, the first thing you should do is reboot the streaming device. Many times when Fire TV develops start-up problems, it is usually caused by minor bugs. And this is something that can be fixed by a quick rebooting of the device. 

When trying to reboot the device, be sure to know that the Fire TV doesn’t have a specific button design for a reboot. You may have to power cycle the streaming device by unplugging it completely from the power source and the television. After this, give it some time to cool off before you connect it again. 

Everything should return to normal if the problem is minor. If not, you may try out other options explained below. 

Use Recommended Adapter or Power Cord For The Fire TV

Sometimes the power cord or adapter you connect the Fire TV to may not be capable of producing sufficient power for the streaming device. That’s why experts advised that it is important to use only the recommended power cord or adapter that came with the streaming device. 

These adapters and power cords are specifically designed for Fire Tv. They ensure that the Fire TV has enough power to run. 

Wait It Out

Another troubleshooting option that works is waiting for the device to cool off before use. You might not need to reboot the device before the startup problem is resolved. Sometimes you just need to exercise more patience. Electronics like this could be affected by anything which could hinder the quick come up of the device. 

Instead of panicking or being drenched by fear, just give the device enough time to come. There have been numerous cases where the device fixes itself when the startup proceeds are not disturbed. 

Try Connecting Directly 

A break in transmission could lead to start-up problems. If you are connected using an HDMI and the problem suffices, try connecting without the HDMI. When there is a problem with the HDMI or the port, it could lead to a start-up problem. 

Also, you may need to remove the adapter used for connection especially if it is not the specific one that came with the Fire TV. Once you remove the adapter, connect the device directly and see if the problem persists. If it does, you can try another option. 

Change The HDMI Cable 

As stated earlier, a faulty HDMI cable can make the Fire TV stuck on the logo. If you have tried all options explained before this, you may consider changing the HDMI cord. Ensure you are connected using a high-speed HDMI cord. 

Also, check the HDMI ports, both the Fire TV and your television. If there are specks of dirt on any surface, clean it gently and reconnect. Additionally, you can use another HDMI port if the problem persists after changing the HDMI cord. 

Check If The TV Supports HDCP

Ensure that your TV is High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) compliant. Most old TVs don’t have this feature. Meanwhile, streaming devices like Fire TV need this feature to run on any television. If your television doesn’t support the use of HDCP, it could hinder the Fire TV from loading beyond the logo. 

If you can, try to get a new Television and ensure it is a Smart TV that is HDCP compliant. This will help you ascertain if the problem is from your old television or if it is the Fire TV that has developed an internal fault. If the problem resolves after changing the TV that means your old TV is not HDCP compliant. 

Reset The Fire Tv

Factory reset is another troubleshooting option that has been known to solve almost any problem on the device. 

We advised that this should be the last troubleshooting option you will consider. This is because this option will have you lose all the files and information that has been saved on the streaming device. All the settings and saved contents will be gone too. So you should know what you are walking into when you decide to reset the device. 

Follow the simple steps below to reset the device. 

Step One: 

Grab the Fire TV remote. You might want to eject expandable storage. Find the back and right sides of the circle. Press and hold it together for about 10 seconds. 

Step Two:

An option will pop up on the screen, it reads Continue or Cancel the factory reset. At this point, you can still decide to stop the process by clicking on Cancel The Factory Reset. If not, click on the Continue option and the system will proceed. 

Note: Do not dally when you get to this option especially if you are not ready to reset the device. If you fail to select an option fast the system will automatically proceed to reset the device without your approval. 

Contact Amazon For Help

If you have tried all the options and nothing is working, the last option is to contact Amazon support for help. They have a team of technocrats highly skilled to take up cases like this. Be sure to inform them of the troubleshooting options you have tried. 

To Conclude

Do not allow Fire TV getting stuck on the logo to ruin your excitement anymore. Try these troubleshooting options to resolve the problem fast.